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@ Jelly I used Toll House.   @ Dobzre I will try a different brand on the next try.   @ Chefross thanks I will try this as well.
Hello gang, I have tried recently adding chocolate chips to my cake batter but the finished result is no chips or chips that he melted into the batter completely.   How are chip cakes done?   Thanks for your time.
I agree with this totally!  
This recipe is the one recipe that got my creative juices flowing.   I have tweaked this recipe to make chocolate cake, apple cinnamon cake with a caramel icing, coconut cake and lemon cake with coconut icing.   My family never buys a box mix ever anymore, in fact my family is so large that I get tired of being the one to have to make the cake!   Thanks OP
I don't know what recipe you are using or I don't know if we have the same problem but icing recipes that I have used usually required melting the butter and in the begining I would try to pipe it on and even on cold cupcakes the icing would run then I just exercised a little patience and let the icing sit to room temp or slighty lower by putting in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes stiffened up the butter and piped better.        
Well I finally got around to making a stir fry, "beef broccoli"   Using the advice and feedback I got, I used my new wok, I pounded the beef almost paper thin, used smokin hot oil and was amazed how fast it seared (within seconds) removed from heat and did my veg then added back my beef for about 30 seconds.    The whole thing took me about 3 or 4 minutes most of wich was veg time, in comparison to this dish taking me about 10 minutes previously.   The...
Ok gang, I omitted the baking powder and used the baking soda.   Also added 1/4 c flour to the original recipe and the cookies have come out perfect, the have a nice chewy texture and are not flat and thin.   I wish I can share them with you or at least had my camera right now because they are great.   Thanks again for your time and feedback.
No panini that wasn't too much info, and thank you for setting my technique straight.  I was actually thinking of adding 1/4 cup extra flour and maybe rolling the dough up in wax paper and chilling it before cutting it as you would with the store bought stuff.   Granny thank your for your feedback as well, and clearing up whether or not is was soda or powder. I am gonna start with 1/4 extra flour to see how that goes and if they still come out thin I'll increase...
Hey gang I was watching a tv show and got this recipe for these white chocolate chip chocolate cookies.   Here is the recipe wich I am unsure of one of the ingredients. (baking soda or powder)   1/2 lb butter 1c brown sugar 1c sugar 2/3c cocoa 2c flour 1tsp salt 1tsp baking soda or baking powder, (NOT SURE WICH) 2 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 1 bag white chocolate chips   Ok so I creamed my butter and sugars, then added flour, cocoa, salt, baking soda...
Thanks for the tip.
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