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I just saw a cooking show where Harrison Fords son who is a very good chef made a whole suckling pig confit with goose fat.  It looked marvelous.  Anthony Bourdain had it on one of his show.  I liked it and it was done the traditional way.  Slow and steady.  Real nice.   Chagal
If as I said the person in question washes thouroughly the watch when showering every night, there should be no accumulated junk.  I've had the health inspector walk into my kitchen while I was wearing a watch and he didn't freak out.  In fact he didn't even notice.  Jeesh, if you're going to get up to your elbows in stuffing, or egg salad or tuna, the prudent thing is to take the thing off.  The question was why the watch stank.  We all know what sanitation requirements...
Mario Batalis' dad has opened two new places.  One in Seattle, and one in Portland called Salumi.  Try there.  As for artisinal cheese makers, they are all over the place.  Google Works!
It's really simple.  First of all by taking time to talk with this bimbo about how you responded you are taking time not paying attention to your job.  The only response that is appropriate is  "Talk to the chef" period.  I never allowed service personnel to interact with my people, and if they gave any attitude to my cooks they were banned from the kitchen.  Whoever is in charge of the line on any given night is the go to person.  Period.  This eliminates giving her an...
A dirty griddle is never acceptable.  Sorry, that's just the way it is.  I don't like using chemicals on the griddle.  I found that while the griddle is still warm a douching with seltzer water does a nice job of picking up all the crud.  Brush, rinse with vinegar wipe down with a little oil and your good to go.   Chagal
So big deal you wear a watch.  Personal preference.  If as you say it's waterproof, when you get in the shower at the end of the day wash it down like it's part of your body.  End of story.  The only opinion about this is yours.  Wear it don't wear it, but keep it clean.  All this other stuff is just a bunch of blah blah blah.   Chagal
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