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     Thanks,,,, qahtan
 you mean like this. qahtan   open   bread  
 Is this what you were looking for.. I got this pan/pans last sunday, good scrub and sanititize in dishasher and heres my first bake.... qahtan   open   bread    
 I have PM you my address etc.... thanks.. qahtan
 Thanks,,,, ;-)   qahtan
Do you wanna sell them to me..                                 luvvy,,,;-)))))) qahtan
 this is the pan a kind soul sent me, also picture of loaf I baked in it and the loaf sliced.....   qahtan 
A kind soul on another sight sent me this form, as you can see I /it made a super round loaf.. it's a pyrex mold. qahtan
Thanks for the info on the tins on ebay..... yes that one would be nice, but I don't have an e bay what ever account. this tin actually weighs about 10 pound plus. so I think loaded with dough and I wouldn't be able to get it into the oven .;-((((( I was really after the single pan, but thanks any way..... qahtan
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