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  Thanks for the review 4wheel. Your comments pretty much mirror mine in that the XV gets the knives pretty darn sharp and wow is it ever convienant.  I keep mine in my lazy susan and it literally only takes 10 seconds setup or put away.   Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried pulling your knives through stage 3 stropping a whole bunch of times and would you say that increases the polish?  I ask this because the manual says to make 3 pairs of pulls through stage 3...
I'm a member at audiocircle and audioholics too.  I liked AVS the best because I ended up meeting and hanging out with about 6-7 guys from there on a bunch of occasions.  If you ever saw pictures or reviews from "SE Wisconsin" shootouts, subwoofer GTG's, etc... I was probably at those (from the past couple years anyways).  I've been slowing down on the A/V stuff lately though because I'm not in a shopping mode (for that stuff).
  Ahhhh, fun stuff!!! All's good.  I won't chew up more board space with audio geek talk, we could go to AVS for that (at least that's where I go). All's good bro.
Phaedrus...  I'm kind of... put off by your last sentence.  But I'm going to get over it and not take it too personal.   First, I changed my tag for you.  I have 10 years cooking experience in a family restaurant and a hotel/restaurant.  Nothing too fancy, preparing meals from start to finish breakfast, lunch and dinner, but certainly much more than a "team member" at chile's.  I selected the tag I did, "retired chef", moreso based on the word "retired" rather than...
I have a few hobbies outside of cooking (music, golf, snowboarding...) and it's been my experience that when people are really passionate about things they can kind of get out there in left field a bit.  The comparison to music/high end audio, would probably be the best comparison.  I've seen people spend fortunes, buy ridiculously price wiring, rearrange their house and hang "wall treatments" all over the place, etc... to try to reach the pinnacle of perfect sound.  And...
That's interesting, especially considered the original thread is 4 months old. I'd contact MAC and see if they can remedy the situation.  I personally would be really frustrated if I spent that much money on a knife and it had that type of fit/finish.   
I'd guess your husband only wants/needs one nakiri.   And if he wants a nakiri, get him a nakiri.  And if he wants a shun, get him a shun.  Love mine.
You're on the right path with an 8" chef's, 5-6 inch utility and 3-4 inch paring knife.   That is the basic 3 piece starter set.  Those 3 knives will cover most all of his daily cooking needs.   From there he would just need to see if he wants to add a specialty knife or two like a bread knife or a long slicing knife.   Excellent choices though on those 3 pieces to start off a set (might be all he needs too).
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