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Thanks! It was my husband's favorite sandwich and he won't eat anything he has trouble pronouncing. (listening to him say prosciutto is funny) THIS sounds AMAZING!! YUMMM!!!  
well, we are fixing to start on week 2 with no multi-grain bread and no croissants from EI. Thank god we stocked up on baguettes when they were on sale! Apparently last week their freezer in Dallas went out and they lost everything. But according to our delivery guy he has been delivering croissants and bread to other restaurants on his route all this week. Believe me, we have shouted our way up the ladder. The president of the company gets cc'd on all emails. Our...
Oh don't get me started on the suppliers! European Imports has sent me 2 times now the SAME case of mini salamis that expired over a month ago. I have ordered multi-grain bread 3 times from them and I still haven't received it. That screw up from them has caused us to have to go to Sam's club and get a substitute which of course screws with our costs, and just plain pisses me off.   I was not a happy girl last week.
This was a lunch special I did for a while: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54440767@N03/5611213077/in/set-72157626479251778/   Toasted baguette, drizzled lightly with basil infused olive oil, thin sliced prosciutto de parma, fresh buffalo mozz and a fresh basil leaf. We served it with a simple spring greens salad topped with a tomato balsamic vinaigrette.   It was very popular. Only reason we stopped serving it was because our supplier wouldn't stop sending us...
Oh gosh, I worked as a chef in a breakfast/lunch place when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. I was literally throwing up in the kitchen, (well not IN the kitchen, I had a bucket out the back door that I would run to) I had horrible morning sickness that lasted almost my entire pregnancy. It wasn't the food so much that bothered me, it was the smell of coffee that had me running for my bucket. LOL   I did end up having to quit, I was hospitalized and almost...
I wear black pants and a white chef's jacket with a tank top underneath it, some funky colored socks and my black crocs.   I too have considered going to a black chef's jacket since my white ones are starting to not be so "white" (despite the clorox soak), however, when I cut up my handmade marshmallows I tend to get the dusting powder all over and I don't think that would look so good for a chef to be wearing a black jacket with white powder all over the front....
  You know what they say about big feet........ Big shoes   I have a pair of crocs & I love them. They are comfy, stay on when I run and super EASY to clean. Of course they are hideously ugly, and I wear them no ware else, but for me in the kitchen they are perfect. I got them from the Croc's outlet, cost less than $50.    
Right up there with the vegans that came into the STEAK HOUSE restaurant I used to work at. Salad with oil and vinegar, that'll be $15 please.
I just watched an old episode of Julia Child where she made Gateau St Honore. That would be a good dessert, easy to add your own special touches to.
Congrats! That is awesome!
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