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braise braise braise   a lot can be done in terms of doing dishes "en croute".  as opposed to the normal pastie or meat pie, try just wrapping in puff pastry.    we have an irish/scottish gastropub.  we have some of the regular staples (fish n chips, etc.)  but we have gotten our name by modern twists on old favorites, and just making really good simple dishes out of traditional ingredients as opposed to the dishes themselves.    
we go through about 200lbs of fries per week.   cut fries into 5g buckets fill with water, swirl, drain.  3 times fill bucket with hot water and 1/4c white vinegar. (delays Malliard sp? reaction) let soak for 2 hours MINIMUM blanch in fryer at 260. fry for service at 350.  
yes hours are ver long, stress is very high, but thats why we do what we do.   at the end of the night tired and sweaty knowing that your dining room is full of happy customers, full bellys, and the satisfaction of knowing that you and your crew slammed through everything and produced A+ product.    i think all the negatives that we complain about on here are (for the most part) are actually what keeps us going.   i love my crew.  we are a very small kitchen...
did a spicy bacon broth with green curry and basil.  steeped 4lbs of maple bacon for about 6 hours.  added green curry paste.  topped with mushrooms and chiffonade of basil.   we called it "crouching mushroom, hidden bacon".   one of those dishes where you taste it and just start laughing.    sold very well too.
i have the most understanding and patient girfriend in the world.   she's also a FOH manager at a restaurant downtown.  so we both have horrible schedules.   the one thing that we've vowed to hold sacred is our day off: monday.   no work talk, get stuff done for the house (groceries, errands, bills, etc.) then we always go out to eat and spend the rest of the night at home.  employees, co-workers, partners all know not to call on a monday unless something is...
im nothing without my crew.    
Chef/co-owner Avg: 95-100 hours a week tues-wed 9am-8pm:12am-230, thurs 9am-430am (closing our late night spot after the restaurant closes) fri sat 9am-530am (late night spot), sun 10am-9pm:12am-230  hrs of operation: tues-fri 11am-130am, Sat-Sun 12pm-130am     i have a very understanding girlfriend...      
i personally count all product.  on a rare instance my sous will do it if i cannot be there....but that is after i trained him how to count my way.   never had an issue.  of course ive known the guy for 14 years.
we're a small pub, 10 tables and 10 stools at the bar.   with the exception of fridays and saturdays, i now work the kitchen solo to save labor.   we have notified customers regarding the price/availability of tomato, cucumber, etc.    i know its hard on my kitchen guys getting their hours slashed, and its rough working open to close by myself, but it beats the alternative.     what would be the best way to budget labor if not from a % of sales?  thats...
i have an employee menu.  easy stuff, inexpensive stuff. burgers, chicken sandwich, salad, etc
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