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With all due respect, you really need to do your homework. You keep arguing about why your design should work, even with modifications. If you want to design and sell an expensive aesthetically pleasing but virtually worthless cleaver, fine. But don't ask the opinions of people who know how to cook.
There's a reason why cleavers have essentially the same design for the past 150+ years. The cleaver you're proposing for the home and novice cook is doing them a disservice. Even for light duty your cleaver is poorly designed. It's thick behind the edge and after less than an inch of m metal blade the bamboo will cause impossible wedging. You say it's for people with a "strong desire for designer products which serve a purpose" but there's no real practical purpose to it....
Regardless of what a seller says, kitchen knives directly from the maker are rarely full-potential sharp. The expectation is for the end user to sharpen it to their liking. That includes angles, microbevels and so forth. Once that's done with your knife then you'll decide whether or not you're dissapointed. 
This appears to be an ethical issue and the OP's thread title (Blatant stealing/copying) and their post (I do give them credit for the inspiration) both clarifies and muddies the water. The fact is most restaurant food, as chefross points out, is copying. Or at least derived of something that's already out there. But, in some cases when a chef's work is a new or unique idea that happens to be really good, is it reasonable to expect others not to copy it? Either exactly as...
If not already posted, the SVS Demi is on sale for $199. Ends today.   http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/113530/sousvide-supreme---sous-vide-supreme-demi-immersion-circulator?page=5#comments    coupon code DEMIFOR199 = $199 + free shipping
never mind
mrandersb,   We were in the same situation a few years ago and replaced no fewer than 15 pots and pans with an assortment of induction compatible cookware. Some are expensive (All Clad tri-ply and Le Crueset enameled), most middle-of-the-road (de Buyer, Lodge, Calphalon tri-ply/All Clad lookalikes) and a real cheap piece or two. Two large 20 qt. soup/stock pots were sourced at a restaurant supply store for not much $.   The bottom line is they all function pretty much...
240 Masamoto KS gyuto brand new never used. $285 delivered CONUS.  
Roseanne Roseannadanna: "Never mind!"
 Other than him being a prima donna it sounds like great job. NYC probably has more international celebrity chefs than any city in the world. I’m hard pressed to think of more than a few, no matter where they’re from, acknowledging their staff.  Some of their web sites do identify key staff members and it’s pretty common for those folks to parlay that position into something even better.  It sounds like your guy is walking the talk, putting out excellent food, even though...
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