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Generic 250 flattening plate Beston 500 Bester 1200 Suehiro Rika 5000   I like the last two better than the 1k and 4k shapton glass stones I had because they give better feedback. Don't know if they get the knives any sharper, though.
I recently heard an NPR segment on servers and based on scientific research, tips increased by up to 30% if the server: introduced themselves by name crouched -eye level- by the table to take the order  touched -on the shoulder, arm or hand- one or more people at the table Wrote "Thank you" and signed their name on the check.   It seems those were signs that you liked the customers and people want to be liked. They gave bigger tips.
Give Jon Broida at Japanese Knife Importers a call on Monday. He'll take the time to learn what is best for you. Jon doesn't upsell -he's talked me out of more knives I thought I needed, than knives I actually bought. If he doesn't have what you need, he'll direct you to another merchant.   FWIW, he's a former chef and sells to a lot of people in the restaurant business.
We coat catfish fillets in an egg wash, seasoned panko, place them on a lightly oiled pan and stick them in the oven at 400 until done. Had them just last night with good results. Crispy on the outside moist on the inside.   You can substitute bread crumbs for panko.
It is available.
Interesting read:
The MAC Superior is an excellent bread knife, but it never occurred to me to use it on thick skinned fruit. For that, I use a brute gyuto and when carving a pumpkin, the honyaki.   Brute gyuto:
I've never heard a crustacean scream in pain when I kill them. Silence of the clams. 
A honesuki is great for breaking down birds, ballotines, Frenching and squaring a rack of ribs. People who don't know it's a boning knife reach for mine to use as a petty because it's only 150mm and looks user friendly. One of the best knife bargains out there is the Tojiro DP honesuki at $79 delivered.
A while back I was a partner in a High Performance Work Team consulting firm. The first step was getting clear, committed and quantifiable expectations from the owners. What they're willing to spend, what's flexible and what's written in stone.   Those are shared with the staff along with complete transparency of actual costs, profits/loss customer feedback, and so forth so they can see why improvement is mandated. The next step is to assess to see how the staff is...
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