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The MAC Superior is an excellent bread knife, but it never occurred to me to use it on thick skinned fruit. For that, I use a brute gyuto and when carving a pumpkin, the honyaki.   Brute gyuto:   http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/kitchen-knives/zakuri/zakuri-240mm-blue-1-kurouchi-gyuto.html
I've never heard a crustacean scream in pain when I kill them. Silence of the clams. 
A honesuki is great for breaking down birds, ballotines, Frenching and squaring a rack of ribs. People who don't know it's a boning knife reach for mine to use as a petty because it's only 150mm and looks user friendly. One of the best knife bargains out there is the Tojiro DP honesuki at $79 delivered.
A while back I was a partner in a High Performance Work Team consulting firm. The first step was getting clear, committed and quantifiable expectations from the owners. What they're willing to spend, what's flexible and what's written in stone.   Those are shared with the staff along with complete transparency of actual costs, profits/loss customer feedback, and so forth so they can see why improvement is mandated. The next step is to assess to see how the staff is...
Kitten, You can stick to your guns and let the one star roll off your back and it'll eventually be a lone star among the good reviews. Or you can comment on it, explain why you don't carry Bud Lite, and maybe get into a pushing match with the OP and like minded beer drinkers.   Or you can carry BL, PBR, and a few others like them and people will buy them. If you're a good sales person, you can use them as gateway brews to craft beers. Some people will switch,...
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Hi Stephanie, I still have the UX10 sujihiki and UX10 Santuko. I also have a custom handled Konosuke HD 240 gyuto.   Best regards, Craig
My exposure to yelp was from family members who worked for and with yelp. If they're tailoring reviews based on payment it's a scam. The local and regional reps were expected to be aggressive in getting business, so I'm not all that surprised.
Congratulations on your success. Using a really sharp knife is an epiphany, and one that you sharpened is a great feeling.   The fact that the sharp edge will last a relatively short time compared to a knife with harder steel, depends on a few things. The most obvious is how it's used. Also, knives' like yours have a relatively soft steel, so the sharp edge bends with use. Using a steel or strop will straighten it and you're good to go for a while until you steel it...
It's not so much a scam as it is the way yelp makes money by developing "relationships" with business that are rated. The relationships extend to the reviewers, the business and the local yelp representative. They all become friends, or at least feel they have a close acquaintanceship. It fits into the urban lifestyle of people between 18 and early 30's and the places they go.   I'm not a fan.
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