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My HD 240 gyuto is stainless for all practical purposes. I'm not meticulous with washing and drying immediately after using it, but do wipe it down while using it, as would any cook.   If anyone is interested, mine is for sale with a custom handle.
The Konosuke HD is one of those rare knives that is both a laser and a workhorse. I intern as a prep cook once a week at a fine dining place and that's my primary knife. The weight, ability to take a very sharp edge and profile make it ideal for fine precise cuts that are demanded at the restaurant. I have a Zakuri blue #1 (carbon) as a backup for really tough work and I think I only used it a few times.   The Hono HD holds a very good edge. Food release is good, but I've...
The Tojiro DP honesuki is one of the best values out there at $80. Folks with expensive custom gyutos and yanagibas use them because they get the job done. I've broken down and deboned countless chickens and ducks,  squared off racks of ribs, and Frenched racks of lambs with mine.
What about talking directly to the employee about it? Remind him of why he's been promoted and how much you need him, and that his giving one week leaves you in the lurch. Tell him you'd like him to put the start of the new place another week out. The worse that'll happen is he says no, but you've gotten your point across.    If he's been great 99% of the time that's probably his true character. Get pissed but no need to get even.
I'm looking for the best thickness -3.5 mil vs.5 mil for vacuum sealer bags to be used to freeze food, not sous vide.   Links to recommended bulk bags would be appreciated, as well.
When we have dinner parties at home my wife has given toasts to the restaurant I intern at for teaching me to clean up as I cook. 
It seems every break resistant wine glass on line has at least a few people complaining how easily they break. Any recommendations for something nice looking, large 20 oz. or more and affordable? The Ion Strong at Korin is way outta my league. http://korin.com/Ion-Strong_setsof6
I have Shapton glass stones 1K and 4K and both do a very good job.  I'm thinking of selling them only to try soakers, but these are really convenient and easy to transport.
Begin by learning the meaning of cutlery.   Are you selling commercial dinner ware?
At the restaurant I'm at the sous who does several large fish a day uses a Misono UX10 240 mm suji. He used it when working for Morimoto for several years instead of a deba.
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