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That.  Plus I let my wife handle the conversational lulls, as well as the times when I need to be cooking or cleaning up.  She talks enough for both of us, and is twice as interesting as me.
corn or flour?  Or are you referring to Spanish tortilla?
Two words: Supply and Demand.   And maybe one more from the buyer's perspective:  Desire.
Mine needed nothing more than a good recipe. Use metal candy bars for forming - 1 inch sq mild steel from local metal vendor. Don't cut on it with a knife.
Unless there is rust under the "crud" I'd leave it alone and use the pan.  That's Grandma's crud, after all, so it's sure to be good crud.
I've also had reasonable success with the KitchenAid attachment, but also have to admit that it loves to get jammed up on sinew.  Makes prepping the meat a bit more intensive exercise... but it's not a real inconvenience for use at home.   Has anyone ever tried sharpening the stock blade, or using one of the aftermarket blades?
p.s.  You may need to adopt a "go big or go home" attitude.  There is a small town in my area that has been through the situation you describe three times.  The original part of the town was superseded by the west side of town when the railroad built their station there.  The original part of town died and the new downtown was quaint but vibrant.  Then the highway was built and a newer downtown was built.  Business boomed on the highway.  The old downtown survived but...
Suggestions:   1.  Don't post identical requests in multiple places. 2.  Use a better title than "Suggestions anyone?" 3.  You may need to be a little more up-front: what small town or more about it... it may make a difference in suggestions offered. 4.  Read Recky's response... that is much of what I was going to offer.   Study your enemy: the big mall developer used urban planners and politics to move the business out of your downtown.  They had government help...
I don't like the texture of cheese when using a Cusiinart grater disk and doubt that the KitchenAid attachment would be much better.  For half pound I'd continue to continue to use a hand grater or microplane.  8 oz really doesn't take long to shred.
Rick,  I am blessed to see a lot of professional chefs in action... frequently.  I haven't been keeping count but I would not characterize the market quite the same as you do.  Certainly there are pro chefs who are "Japanese Knife" enthusiast and who sing the praises of lasers, but just as many who are using Shun... and even some old dogs using German knives.  If I were to put numbers on it I would guess more Western Chefs using non-laser Japanese knives, and many of them...
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