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The "SPOCK" technique also works on the quiet passive-aggressive types also. The key is to stay calm, professional, and provide them the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot. By keeping the focus on the customer, the aggressive/passive-aggressive hostility just makes them look like buffoons... and soon enough management will notice what is going on. p.s. Bubba... you have my mouth salivating also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canned - because of the work associated with canning and the convenience to the end user.Fresh - because they are perishable and don't store wellDried - because of the extra work required to dehydrate and because they comprise more mushroom per unit weight than freshSpecialty types - because not a general production cropRare types - because they are rare and may require harvesting in a non-farm environmentALL - because folks will pay for them.
Have you ever considered getting a job there? That would be one way to find out. 
If LV is like LA, head to the nearest Philipino (or other asuian) market.
I'd be more concerned about the ethics of the situation more than anything. The "client" is most likely perceived by the restaurant owner as a client of the restaurant, not a client of the chef. Not coordinating the outside relationship with the owner could very well be perceived as client theft, and cause not just a conflict of interest but rightful grounds for termination.
I've never ground pork loin - it is too lean and too expensive for being ground up. Shoulder/butt has the perfect fat to lean ratio for grinding and use in sausage/meatloaf... plus it is a lot more affordable.
Perhaps you could all it a "timbale" of sorts, but "concoction" may be the more descriptive name. Picture????
Nice find at a great price. I would not sand that board though. Doesn't really look like it needs to be taken down to raw wood to me. I'd rub with mineral oil but never found it necessary to soak in too much. One application is all I've ever gave mine and they last forever.
I've heard them mentioned often with regard to straight razor sharpening. Seem preferred by many for that application.
This can happen... ask me how I know. I have 4 Henkels 4-star paring knives that got re-profiled that way. But I don't think it matters if the knife is carbon or German steel... the most important thing is to do the homework on the principles of sharpening and start with a knife that is relatively expendable, just in case.
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