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The inexpensive stainless cleaver option I have been using for almost 40 years is:   http://www.amazon.com/Dexter-Russell-Chinese-Chefs-Knife/dp/B00CHU2P7C   There are good reviews that explain blade thickness, etc. I've found it easy to sharpen and keep sharp.   By the way, I'm quite curious about those really inexpensive Wok Shoppe carbon steel cleavers.  How easy were they to sharpen and how bad was the F&F?
Oh dear... I guess if one is hungry enough they'll eat them and write a review like those reviews. 
how about if we stop obfuscating other folks threads. Let's start our own to bicker; okay? Or use PMs. Or just call; I'm sure a chat over a nice cup of tea would soothe sore feelings. vinnie asked for opinions. I gave mine and you gave yours. Let's both be happy and hopefully Vinnie will be happy too. Peace out.
There are certain magazines I won't buy because that reaction happens too frequently. That recipe doesn't sound appetizing at all.
I have no regrets. I did find another very affordable option though. And feel free to ignore me; I won't be offended. But do you really think that sharpening might not be a valid issue... That thinning alone or buying another knife is the only way to solve the poor guys problem?
So you want me to go away; is that how to read your rather offensive posts of recent? I too share info to help, not to bully or swagger. Your opinions tend to be he extreme and supported by about two other experts. Hardly a majority but a very passionate minority. I'm ok with that.
Where are we going again? Discussing different experiences with knives? Shuns work well for me and a lot of others. So do Forge craft. But I think you may be stretching my statement just a bit that they are better. I don't remember saying that but I do say that Forgies are wicked sharp and a whole lot cheaper. Shun (and any VG10 I've used) are hard to sharpen. That makes them hard to sharpen not bad knives. The OP may need to worry about sharpening skills and then worry...
Mustard is a classic seasoning. Think Welsch Rabbit. For a real classic mix some cubed ham into the Mac & cheese. A taste sensation Other popular add-ins are lobster and pulled pork Onion would be good but I'm not too sure about ground beef, but if you like why not.
You guys might be right about some thickness behind the edge, but the more significant issue could be the sharpening technique.  KitchenIQ are inexpensive pull-through and powered sharpeners.  I suspect that sharpening technique may be more of the issue than thickness, especially for the Shun being discussed above.
New Posts  All Forums: