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Hi. Welcome to the forum. You'll get plenty of advise from the Japanese knife aficionados here. But I'd like to make an observation: you may be freaking yourself out unnecessarily. Cut up your food and get cooking - that will best let you experience the capabilities and limitations of any of your knives. Be careful and not intentionally abusive - that will keep you from damaging you knives and cutting boards. Go slow and focus on the standard technique and knife cuts. As...
Consider poached eggs as the default. Pre-cook and hold. Warm to serve.   While crusty corned beef hash is the ideal, heat and serve out of a roasting pan (with whatever crust you can get that way). Focus on good taste rather than the crust.   Be prepared to entertain exceptions,... there is always someone who will prefer their egg scrambled or hard fried.   How about buttered toast?????
Before deciding what to bring home check your country's rules, regulations, and laws. Some items cannot be imported even for personal use. For example, last time I traveled internationally meat products had to be declared upon entry to US and they were confiscated by the USDA inspector.
So what, exactly, did the roommates do today????? I'll let the others advise you on how to spend your money but will suggest one thing: protect your knive with more than threats. Keep them out of sight and out of mind. I have a couple of knives I prefer the family not use so I keep them in knife guards, a knife tote and put away until I take them out for me to use. I think my investment in guards and a cheap tote was about $25, but the value is priceless.
Farmers markets are much like outlet stores... At least in my region. They aren't what they once were and say little about what they really are to create an impression based on most folks recollection of what they once were. This article didn't form my opinion (I spend enough time at both farmers markets and outlets to have formed an independent opinion) but is well-written and worth reading: http://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/wellbeing/6-farmers-market-scams But there's...
Me too Koukouvagia! Personally speaking I couldn't care less if they are authentic or not.
Last night - a Negroni (double), a movie, and finished it all off with a bit of really fine Bristol Sherry. Okay, more than just a bit... Maybe two or three bits. It was a hard day! No pictures since my eyes weren't focusing well and my hands were shaky. My typing was a bit slurred too but this is my recollection. I wish I had some evidence!
You may be confusing baking powder with baking soda.
But now that has me thinking... Is white sauce really white? Don't discuss... Please Just think about it with me.
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