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Me too. Rolling is nice but doesn't seem to add anything special to the taste.
Wow, very lean too!
Eggs - in Butter - in and out (un-used sticks are in and butter dish is out) Peanut Butter - out Vegetables - in and out (leafy greens and most veg are in but potatoes, onion, garlic are out) Fruits - in (except for bananas and dried fruit) Condiments - in (when opened) Bread - out   Nuts - in (frozen) unless in a can or are peanuts... then out.
Try this: http://joyofbaking.com/cakes/SimpleChocolateCake.html
true If the dressing needs to be thicker, I'd be considering some Xanthan gum to tighten it up
Good information nonetheless
Looks yummy. So where you get your malt syrup - home beer making supplier?
Good luck. What are you making?
I've also substiuted with piloncillo if you can get that in your area. Grating it is a pain but the flavor is about right.
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