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I cook thin pork chops on one side only. Or braise in kraut.
Yummy looking!
Chef writer' s posting is exactly my experience with homemade cold brew coffee... right down to not knowing the maximum holding time because mine gets drunk soon after brewing too. The type of bean has a big impact on the final product so try different beans to find what you like best.
4. Mayonnaise
4. Caramel sauce.
5. Langers deli number 19.
4. Katchup.
A new law was passed in the Untied States state of Maine: Food Sovereignty... reducing red tape (and state inspections) on small food producers selling to home consumers. On the surface it seems like a good thing. Is it, or is there a hidden danger lurking?
The hot temp explains the short cook time. Thanks. 1 lb per person is what I plan for bone-in butt or shoulder. I rarely complain about leftovers. We are big eaters so a lot gets eaten. But 15 lb is a lot of leftovers. So your 35 diners ate 30 lb (raw weight) of meat. Sounds about right.
Koukouvagia...I still don't know how that works. I occasionally do shoulder in oven - 225 degF and it takes overnight to 12 hours to pulling temp. Dry rub and roasted open. I suppose if you crank the heat it would take less time, or maybe if foil wrapped...
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