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Google "Zankou chicken sauce".
I like turkey also but can stomach only the main meal and one leftover meal. That's why we strive to get a small bird for the family feast. We had leftovers last night; It was great but I'm done for another year.
With VG10 what may be make-or-break for most folks will be sharpening. Not easy. I send them out for sharpening as often as I do it myself.
Oh... two more thoughts. Yes, the Shun and many other knives will get dirty when used. It's just going to happen. But it cleans up easily.   And regarding discomfort using a German profile blade when dicing onion (or celery, or carrot, or shallot...) a lot of the discomfort seems to be the result of elementary geometry. Think of the total system - knife form, board size, board height, and cook height. Often I find that a decent board on a normal height counter can make...
Okay, now that we have "an understanding" I think I can comment.   First, I actually like Shun and find them a fine option. It's not that they are without fault, but for many the "faults" are quite acceptable. Every cook needs to make up their own mind. What I do bash (if you want to call it that) is the continual drone of bashing as if there is only one or two knives in all of existence that are worthy. If that were true, then German knife forms would have died out long...
... Or chocolate lava cake with a rassburry puree
I'm still composing my thoughts. And please get it right, I don't Shun bash. 😄
I always roast cut side up. Always happy with the results.
If you want to bake, however... Go to joyofbaking.com Their recipes are foolproof.
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