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I'll make this suggestion before our resident Greek chimes in - try a 50-50 blend of lamb and beef. And if a resident English -person chimes in I'm probably left with no credibility at all.  :)
Good clarification. I understood you completely. ūüôā
Before quitting, try this line: "Will I be on the roster next week?" or "Is there a reason why I haven't been on the roster for a couple of weeks?"   Clearing out your stuff and returning the key because you are assuming that you were fired is called "quitting". Don't assume... they owe you either an explanation or clear direction.
That would be interesting to find out, indeed.  My experience is that most folks, in general, have the same kind of nationalist attitude - "we don't export our best stuff; what you get is our junk."  My first experience with that attitude was regarding beer in Canada, Germany, and England... only to find out that they were enjoying "the finest imported American beer" like Budweiser and Coors. I don't know who was laughing at each other or sneering more - them or us. ...
Understood. I travel with others, too, for business. Those are the times when there is almost no opportunity for personal shopping, etc unless they are also like-minded... which isn't often. And its sometimes even worse when travelling with family on pleasure! Perhaps you should be focused on finding the knife of your dreams from a seller who will ship to your home. I have no idea what knife/cookery shops are like in Japan but when I've been buying specialty cooking...
If it tasted good then you are more than halfway there!   I rarely make deep-dish (I'm quite prejudiced to thin crust) but when I have I prefer a straight-sided tin. Try that next.
... and as an alternative approach... state your destinations in Japan and ask if anyone knows of good knife/cookery shops in those cities/towns. It might end up being a better experience if you are a bit open-minded.
So what's your better choice?
Fiddle heads. More nuts: walnut or pecan.
Awesome. Thanks!
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