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Me too. I find butter makes a tastier cookie and not as flat as same made with margerine
That is best idea; try yourself. I was very happy satisfied with ceramic rod and wished I got one a long time ago
Well I suppose we have had very different experiences
Id delete the middle paragraph But keep the graphic, even a moron can figure out that the result is no longer an Italian Sammie. Hilarious!
In a nonprofessional environment with no need for prep over a sustained period of time that has been a nonissue
Soft or hard, I've used a steel on 4-star blades since about 1980. Mostly with a ridged steel but now with ceramic and a smooth packing steel. Both of the latter are better than ridged steel. Don't know what "necessary" is intended to mean but a steel is one way used for generations to touch up a blade. They all can't have been wrong for so long can they?
R U talkin' about Amy's Bakery?  If so, that had nothing to do with answering Yelpers... that had everything to do with a maniacal/hormonal owner/chef who probably couldn't control her vitriol even when speaking with her mother.    
For a pasta dish with 1 lb of pasta, no matter if it is a hot dish or a cold salad, I would only use oil packed.  Or rehydrate dried and marinade in oil for a few days as someone previously posted many years ago.  For quantity I would suggest 6 to 8 tomatoes, cut into strips or diced, with adjustments made based on how much the people eating the dish like sun-dried tomato.  That quantity is probably about a 4 oz bottle of pre-made oil-packed dried tomato.   "two...
That's great; hilarious!
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