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For clams, if in Boston... go North to Cape Ann. Ipswich (any one of the three clam restaurants) or a bit further North to Essex for The Clam Box.
I generally eat light when traveling in car or airplane. I have a bit of a public bathroom phobia. But that Cracker Barrel dinner sure looks tempting to me! Enjoy your time in Boston. It's one of the worlds greatest cities.
Well, okay... if you won't go there I guess I will: Smooshed up pinto beans on tacos????????
Mine too. 12 inch yields too thin of an ommolett
"One tool that does it all". That would be the pastry bag. Couplers and tips are completely optional for squirting beans and sour cream on taco shells, and the like. Besides... you need tips and dies for the cookie press so there's a lot of parts with that solution too.
Pastry bag?
Coarser steel wool cuts. Fine steel wool polishes. Any steel wool not used correctly rubs metal into the wood. Sometimes there is a tendency to use steel wool beyond the point it should be replaced. Wood should not be scrubbed with steel wool because it tends to leave steel shards that can later rust, or steel smearing as you seem to have experienced. I was writing in the ironic style. But in general I don't use 0000 steel wool for anything more than polishing metal or a...
Egg age as a factor in ease of peeling hard boiled eggs is a rather well established bit of knowledge.
You may be misinterpreting the situation on sharpening. The difference between "maintaining" and "sharpening" is not cleanly differentiated. If you can do one you can do the other. Suggest you give more attention to accepting the need to learn to sharpen unless you know there is a competent professional who can take care of that for you. But in general, my suggestion is getting comfortable with the idea of sharpening yourself. The worst that can happen (save spending too...
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