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We always used ice and salt to clean the glass coffee carafes
I'm the embarrassment of my family.  In almost three score years of life I think I've eaten less than a dozen of those cookies. 
I grew up in that era (at least I assume we are talking about the same era - the 1960's) and I wouldn't travel back in time no matter what.  They were good days to grow up in but the food sucked.  My family did not eat a lot of those processed items that you describe but when we did I generally went to bed hungry.  I would sit at the table and defiantly not eat a bite... until I was the only one left at the table... and the food was cold... and the food was a congealed...
Without more details there can only be a lot of "it depends" in an answer.  But let me try.   I'm assuming a home kitchen environment.   First, your oven takes longer than 10 minutes to really stabilize.  The burner may cycle off for the first time after 10 minutes but that is because the air has reached temp and the rest of the oven generally requires longer to catch up.   Second, the amount of insulation in your oven and the time your oven door is open has a lot to...
What the heck... Ruhlman doesn't have a ratio for "gravy base".  What was that man thinking????   BTW, I had hopes that Bob would come around.  It never hurts to have another character in the group... and he was quite a character.  I miss him already.
Can you give us an example of a cook.com recipe that you intend to scale up to commercial quantities?   I'm tempted to say that you are trying to do something that just may not be worthwhile.  I'm also wondering if you have both the skillset and the right attitude.  Two concerns I had:  there are enough commercial-quantity recipes (and high-quality mixes) in existence that are know not work that may more easily replicate a cook.com recipe than what you intend to do; and...
Ahhh, you mean oeufs avec du fromage et de bacon lardon of course. 😀 Hope your recovery goes smooth, Mary!
Rick, engineering isn't much different in that regard. Especially when it come to summaries in the popular press.
How can we really be critical of the research when mostly we are seeing just a report about it in the popular press, but more so what we are seeing is a bunch of ads.  I'd enjoy reading the research before casting judgment.  Even though the conclusion may be somewhat intuitive, in general more data is good for learning because it leads better understanding... or if nothing else, validation that the intuitive knowledge is worthy of being intuitive knowledge.
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