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I have little intentional interaction with your community but I've seen how difficult a "lifestyle" it can be. Sorry, that isn't the best choice of words but it's the best I can do. Good luck to you and best wishes on accomplishing all that you desire.
Henckels, circa 1980.
Well at least you didn't forget the answer! Roux. And a ratio of 3 cups cheese sauce to 1 pound elbow pasta.
Well, not exactly. Maybe that's what some folks are discussing but the OP asked a different question - basically what MORE will I get from a more expensive or technologically advanced knife.... so I can make a value judgment on whether it is worth it TO ME. There's a subtle but important distinction between the two questions. 
There's truth on both ends of the extremes. The reason these conversations get so heated is that there is no definition of "good enough" that we can all agree.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_is_the_enemy_of_good   Whatever works...
That looks yummy.  I think the difference between that sauce and avgolemono is just the language. I would consider it so. Although avgolemono might have a bit more pronounce lemon... but I might be wrong on that.
That is likely how many working knives get sharpened... and there is nothing wrong with that if it meets the needs of the user.
My suggestion is that you just start cooking. Cook some bacon and make a BLT or two for lunch.  Don't make seasoning a science experiement... these little things will work themselves out over time as the seasoning really gets good.
If you are uncertain you should seriously consider hiring a plumber with gas certifications to do the work for you. But my experience is that there should be a shutoff valve at each gas connection. Turn it off, even if you know the gas has been turned off or capped elsewhere. Then use a proper fitting wrench to disconnect so you don't deform the fittings. Resist any temptation to use vice grips, channel lock pliers, or most adjustable wrenches... Including pipe wrenches.
New Posts  All Forums: