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Read, practice, and eat a lot. One of the secrets to cooking skill improvement.
Back in my distant youth I built a couple of knives and always drilled a hole for an "epoxy rivet" if not using real rivets. I'd rather do that than risk epoxy failure by trying to glue to just steel, but honestly I never tried that so maybe it's just neurotic worry on my part.
The concept is interesting, a and any time I've seen the likes the food looked yummy... But it makes me wretch just thinking about it from the POV of your question. No matter how traditional it may be my stomach just isn't up to the risks involved. I'd guess that the residue gets burned off, but nonetheless...
I thought you were over lasers. Ha ha. How much are you thinking of thinning? I only think about polishing mine a bit and sharpening. Doing too much to the patina worries me since patina takes a long to rebuild.
BTW, I was going to recommend entertaining a potential client in a neutral environment rather than at home (too many chances of mixed signals) and seek a good cookbook... But you might consider that an inadequate response so I refrained.
Yes, you helped and, no, you're not gullible. But to challenge someone else's posting because you don't think it is unique or helpful enough is just rude. The full moon was last week I believe. Have a nice day!
OMG... I'm in love!
You should be flattered rather than offensive.
How much flour in that pate? But more than that, it looks that the oven temp was way too low and they weren't in the oven long enough.
Nice handles. I hope to rescale mine in fancy wood someday. So far my total investment in that project is $75.
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