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That is my favorite combination.  On it I tend to do two types of sauce:   1.  A ranch dressing with lots of cracked pepper, and my latest fascination, 2.  Michael Symon's LOLA Spicy Ketchup, but with about 50% less cumin than his recipe specifies.   But one can never go wrong with a really good Thousand Island dressing.
When making tea, never re-boil water.  the first boil is said to take the oxygen out of the water so the subsequent boils makes the water taste flat.  For anything else I suppose re-boiling is OK.
Iron Chef Michael Symon has made public his recipe for spicy ketchup.  It is a hit in my household.  I have modified it with 50% less cumin and it is even more popular.  The recipe is in several sites on the internet, and in his book too.
Wow, i didn't realize the amount of religious fervor associated with home fries.  :)   I generally par-boil starchy potatos in salted (not acidulated) water for home fries.  The salt helps the taste and the par-boil helps speed up the frying and ensure that the crust doesn't burn before the interior is cooked through.  Lately, though I have been steaming and actually like htat better.  I find it easier to keep them from overcooking and getting soggy.  When steaming I...
It's about BOTH.  Interestingly, sandwiches with Pannini lines taste different (lgihter and more sophisticated) than flat grilled sandwiches.
Interesting idea.  First you need to define "cuisine" and then "master".  I suspect that you may need many years to do this... so get started now!
If you take care of your knife as you describe it will take care of you over the long haul.  But it will stain and gain a patina over time.  It is inevitable.  Think performance over appearance.  If you want a shiny bright knife, then stainless is the way to go.  If you want blazing sharp, then learn to love the patina of a well used carbon blade.   Pardon the low quality photography... but here are my 3 non-Japanese carbon steel blades.
Don't be tempted.  Read between the lines (which really isn't between the lines, but at the end of their statement)... bla bla bla but wash them by hand.  It really is a silly warning!
Yes, of course. For me it is a matter of the impression a surcharge gives more than the money amount.
Yes, I know.  But the proprietor seems to think that all he needs to generate is that additional 1%.  That is why I addressed only the 1% surcharge.  Read the words.  Presumably he is willing to eat the rest of the associated costs... IDK. 
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