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I'm planning ahead to New Year Day. Often I make the French-Canadian pork pie, Tourtiere, but thinking of the British version this year. I've seen it made as loaf in English markets whee it is sold in slices. They always looked good to me but like a fool all I ever did was look at it. So mow I'll be making it without ever knowing what it should taste like. I like the look of individual pies. Looking around the internet it seems as thou 3" diameter is considered "large"...
Raised pork pies, AKA Melton Mowbray   https://www.google.com/#q=hand+raised+pork+pies   Never ate one and never really paid attention to them, but now interested and thinking about making some. But what size?  What is typical and what serves one person with a fairly good appetite?   Any and all wisdom will be welcomed.
I completely agree with Millions. For the task and the issues expressed either a Chinese cleaver or any decent knife and a bench scraper might be more effective. I run into the same concern (mostly when shredding cabbage for sauerkraut making) I use one of those options. The most useless (for me) knife buys I ever made was a "usaba/nakiri" style knife: too short and not enough carrying capacity when lifting food off the board and into the bowl.
Here is one of many interesting internet sites with description of the myriad knife steel: http://www.bladehq.com/cat--Steel-Types--332
That would be a great touch to make the occasion special. Pine, fir or spruce tree scent would be apropos. Cinnamon, clove and warm spice scent too. But so would the scent of chocolate chip cookies being baked... especially if warm cookies are offered. The trick may be making the scent pronounced enough without being offensive. The elderly often have diminished taste and smell capabilities.
I leave the lid loose on anything I freeze in glass until it is completely frozen. Reduces the risk of breakage from expansion.
Bake the cookies with lattice pattern and call them Picnic Baskets.
Since it's a duo, make that plural: Picnic Treats.
Those last two recipes look more correct.
The amount of gelatin on the ratio you ask about is completely dependent upon the volume of product and the amount of "set" desired. There is no single answer. If you google around there are a couple of good sites that discuss this, as well as the relationship between powder and sheet gelatin. Substitution isn't as straightforward as one would hope. David Lebovitz has good info as does Jacob Burton at Stella...
New Posts  All Forums: