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If the desire is for a savory side dish rather than app or cheese course I never shy away from a well-made mac&cheese, or potato au gratin, or a basic cheese sauce to slather over vegetable. One of my families favorites is when I steam a whole cauliflower and engulf it in a cheese sauce or mustard sauce - neither being much more than a basic bechamel with a goodly amount of cheese and onion or mustard and onion. A very simple family-style side dish that tastes Good, and...
Primarily on a Carr's Water Cracker. Rarely on other crackers. Cheeses in the Blue family occasionally on a thin slice of ripe pair or tart apple. Brie family on lightly toasted baguette... But sometimes on a piece of ripe tomato.... And sometimes all 3 combined into a sandwich.
Some of us are lucky enough to live in relatively affluent urban areas and have access to one or more local shops for gourmet items. Buying in bulk is seldom necessary. I wasn't always blessed with that opportunity and, then, found myself more oriented toward the local fare(all the while trying to stay at the upper extremes of the local offerings) and not even trying to procure the gourmet ingredients from afar. First, it was very costly; Second, it often arrived in poor...
I'll trust you on that!
I'm not sure what to think... I'm exhausted and have a headache. But if you really want to quit you should do so; give notice and stick to it. If they don't find a replacement that is their fault and not your problem.
Another question or two. Did the nasty smell happen when the soup was fresh, or after being cooled and stored? What did you cook the soup and what did you store in? Cooking in cast iron can give off flavored as can storing in some plastics.
Nope, too much onion is quite unlikely to be the problem. Seek out a good recipe or two and follow them. Also, please don't succumb to the "arrogance of youth"... Tumors can happen at any age. There really could be a reason why you continually think you smell vomit.
Are you following a recipe or improvising? If the latter I'd suggest the former since your results are consistently unsuccessful. Soup should not taste like vomit. Perhaps you should also consider a medical exam... Brain tumors can cause phantom smells of feces and maybe vomit too.
I worked in Texas for a summer, at a remote Navy landing field. At the end of the day someone had to walk the runways and it was that persons responsibility to catch and dispatch all rattlesnakes found. On Friday the fire department ran a BBQ at which the rattler was the primary protein. Even though folks always say it tastes like chicken all it ever tasted to me was BBQ sauce and smoke.
I don't like chocolate pound cake, but here is the adaptation specified by Michael Suas (in Bakrrs percentage): Reduce flour to 75% Increase cocoa powder to 25% Add baking powder 2%
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