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Lardo is cured and may be herb/spice flavored.  Lard used in pastry generally is not.
I've tried both and have seen no difference I the end product.
The one I've seen, Pates and Terrines, is really informative.  A lot of "bang for the buck".  I paid $3 + $4 shipping.  But that's the only one I've ever pursued buying.
Old eggs boil better... or at least they peel better.  Your eggs were probably a bit too fresh.
Mario Batali told me to simmer a long time with a wine cork.  It works.  Apparently this is an old Italian/Greek tradition.  I haven't tried simmering a long time without a wine cork so I don't really know if this is an old wive's tale or not.
[deleted]   Nevermind... not worth getting further involved.
What a shame.  Sad news.
Another example of a Father Sauce is Ketchup.  From it you can make Catsup.
I have two quotes from former professors of mine to share with you: 1. When you become either the teacher or boss then you can do anything you want, until then... 2. If you think the other students have attitudes, maybe it's time to look into a mirror with a very detached and open mind. 3. Your job is to do wherver it takes to get to #1 and perhaps the best way to start is with #2.
OK, I'll retract my suggestion that you diversify.  Maybe it is I who should.  My only foreign travels have been a couple of miles into Canada and Mexico, the UK and one terrifying week in Germany where I proved to myself that when people say "everyone in Germany speaks English" that doesn't mean that they want to or will speak English.  I much prefer experiencing the ethic diversity of my neighborhood (Vietnamese, Pilipino, Armenian, Mexican, various other Central...
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