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I'd guess it serves 6 to 8... depending on how hungry and what else is served with it. More beans would make it more beany. Some folks feel that beans shouldn't be in chile. But if they fit in the pot what the heck. But beans are so cheap that you'll not be out much even if you throw the excess away. I'd boil the excess and use later on salad or whatever. They'll store in the fridge for a while. Be careful as to not overload that kind of a cooker.
Some old habits die hard! Or do I mean some old habits are hard to kill.
Oh... review please. How is that??? Looks promising!!!
150 is perfect.
Next time try better wine. Or maybe just one fewer glasses. Ha ha ha. That sounds great! For us it was a stiff Manhattannfollowed by roasted garlic chicken and steamed broccoli. I think there was rice too but my memories are vague. My guilty pleasure has become Manhattans served in a Margarita glass. That way the cherry survives all the way to the, albeit, too short-lived but bitter end.
A food chemist may be able to double-check me on this, but I always thought the cream of tartar and/or fruit acid was to induce the convention of regular sugar to invert sugar during the cooking of the candy... as opposed to being some other sort of anti-crystallization agent. As opposed to a lot of invert sugar in the ingredients. Also one of my beliefs in candy making is that careful control of stray sugar crystals and temperature measurement are two other of the...
No matter how yummy the food may be... I wouldn't eat there. That's what I make of it.
Maybe one needs to be logged on to see it, but to the right of the voting bottoms is a gray "report review" button that allows reporting based on 8 possible violations.But it might not be on the mobile app. I saw it on the full version.
Yelp seems to have some processes in place to trap and isolate "illegal" reviews. But it's far from perfect. One thing I know is that they investigate and quickly respond to reviews that are reported. I've seen them cancel both retaliatory and non-personal experience and obviously bought reviews. Reporting them is easy and I feel a valid part of participating in Yelp community. But if one wants to just watch from the sidelines then they need to realize that your...
Unfortunately there is sometimes a difference between "standard operating procedure" and "best practice". Especially when different folks are evaluating which is which. I hate the early dish clearing process but even many fine dining establishments do it. As a SLOW eater I'm always feeling rushed.
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