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You really need to consider learning how to sharpen. I've not had bad experiences with sharpening services but other have. Rick has a particularly tragic story to tell. In a mayor metropolitan area there are often many options for sharpening. Some good and others not so much. I, personally, have no concern with Shun's free advice except that it is mail order and puts the knife out of service for a week or two. The best sharpening, though, has been Perfect Edge in San...
Too bad you didn't sue prior to the PayPal resolution ... That would be a very interesting case for Judge Judy or The Peoples Court and you would surely prevail. Glad you got satisfaction of some kind. Mail order can be a dicey proposition at times. PayPal has done more things right than wrong !
And if you live in a major metropolitan area, seek out a Retailer of other Japanes knife brands. You never know, they may be of interest and if nothing else at least you'd know what those products are like.
Just in case they aren't ready for your visit, bring a potato and carrot or two!
Thanks for the lead. Not easy to find since those words on google bring up all sorts of stuff. Here is a link for them: http://www.octopusgardeninc.com/home.html
P.s. I have no personal experience with either of these two knife series but have a close friend who uses the Shun Kaji knives and holds a very positive opinion of then. I use two other models of Shun. The fit-and-finish is exceptional and I've found them to be excellent knives. That's my experience over the past 8 years or more. Sure, they cost some money but I consider them a good investment if one cares for them and uses them right. I always suggest finding a way to...
Hi Kevin, The "bang for your buck" critique seems to be based on two things: 1. If you shop around one can always find a cheaper option that may have the same or similar steel and may perform similarly. 2. A general dislike by some of larger corporate manufacturers with large advertising budgets and market networking in place. 3. And sometimes it seems... Any item that is not sold by one of the "darlings" of the Japanese knife retailers. These opinions are written with...
Fermented hot sauce. Think "Tabasco" but with a very unique pepper.
Is this intended for decoration or for eating? Why dry in oven versus frying? Scales are not generally very eatable. Uneatable decoration is often frowned upon. Why don't you try it both ways and find out which works best in your intended application.
BDL is no longer here, Nic. You missed him by a couple of years. Read around the numerous threads asking the same question and you will see a rather interesting diversity of opinion and experience.
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