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Regarding timing - plan for 9 to 12 hours.  So putting it in oven at bedtime and checking first thing in the AM works... even for folks like me who need a full night sleep. I open roast rather than cover with foil. Foil will accelerate cooking so my time may not be correct in that situation. A timer with an alarm... what a great idea; I'll have to get one of those!
I've done that too. If crock pot is too small the meat will stew more than roast but if the rub is applied liberally then the flavor will really permeate the meat. The only issue I have with crock pot method is that there isn't a chance of even a faux-bark like one can (sort of) get when oven roasting. But the convenience is a major factor that keeps me doing it on occasion.
Salary discussions, in any professional endeavor, is a scary thing. If the promise was made then you need to address it with management in a forthright and professional manner. Waiting for them to bring it up will just frustrate you , and discussing the issue casualty could be misconstrued as lack of professionalism. Let management know that you want to talk and what you want to talk about. This will give them the opportunity to plan either an instant reply or some other...
225 all night is ok. I like to start with meet that is close to room temp rather that right out of the fridge.
That's as good of a reason as any!
Yes, that's it... HALL sharpening stones. Thanks for resurrecting an old memory.   http://www.hallsharpstones.com/shop/accessories/arkansas-tri-hones/arkansas-tri-hone.html   This, however, is the place I knew and probably bought from:   http://www.naturalwhetstone.com/productssharpening.htm   I was unaware of fabricated stones but find that no surprise.
Well... send us samples and we'll tell you if we'd buy them.
This is similar/same as what I use.  Inexpensive ($25 - starting bid but I never checked the completed so don't know what the final prices are like) but shipping to you is about $50 on top of that.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arkansas-Tri-Stone-3-sided-Oil-Sharpening-Stone-Worlds-Finest-and-Rarest-/331580804074?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d33c18bea   I bought mine from the guys who make them in Arkansas a long time ago.  This one is 8 inch and mine is 10.  Can't...
Perhaps.  But he asked what I used not what I think he should get. I assume he knows his wallet better than do we.  :) I totally agree with the notion of using what one already has if it will work.  One comment, though, on ceramic hone. I've not found it very useful for VG10 and prefer to straighten an edge with fine stone or smooth steel. Maybe I'm not using ceramic hone correctly but it seems to lead to a very short-lived result.
Natural Arkansas stones: Coarse (500#), medium (700#), fine (900#) and finer (3000# - I think) Ribbed steels seem to do more harm than good but smooth steel seems to help. As I said, a gentle touch with the steel is all it takes. I cringe when I see folks rapidly smashing their blades on steels in a frantic uncontrolled manner... what a waste of time.
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