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I've never experienced wedging as a significant problem with a paring knife used as intended. If wedging is an issue a larger knife should have been used.
Nice knife; fascinating story too.
I would make what Laurenlulu suggested. A cherry version of tiramisu. Maybe with just regular pastry cream, though. And I'd also make sure that the top layer was meringue so I could hit it with a blowtorch.
Bob, I'm afraid to say that you are inventing things to worry about. Everybody I know washes their knife between sharpening and eating with it. Novaculite is natural stone. The sellers either say so or assume the buyer has the wherewithal to do a quick Google search.
Check this out. In my experience they are a good company to deal with if you want natural Arkansas stones: http://www.naturalwhetstone.com/productssharpening.htm
Maybe TheSpit works at those places???
In all circumstances I find salsa tastes better when the components are cleanly cut. You can't get a clean cut using a tool like that, or a food processor, or a blender.   I've used such tools for fries, and tomato slicers for tomato slices, in the past. Good enough for production work when speed and quantity is needed but always at a quality cost. The quality is always mediocre at best.
Good luck with your quest, Nicole.
My wife says that also. We always have both since half the family is Best Foods and the other half is MW.
I would hope no reputable place would do that intentionally because it is a disreputable practice. Did the just trim the cap off and serve a low grade tough piece o meat, perhaps? I was reading Yelp about a steak place that seems to make mistakes often enough that several Yelpers wondered if it was intentional.
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