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 This is the wisdom that, generally, has been found to be immutable.  If I were to try changing history, though, I'd be experimenting with a complete dry mix (one that includes dried egg) and only needs water/milk to form a batter.
Thanks for the clarification.  You are completely excused - autistic or otherwise.  :)
Oh no, then I've been using my Nakiri for the wrong things. I ONLY use it for veg. What is it supposed to be used for?
It sounds like a failure of the yeast to fully rise.  Not an uncommon problem for beginning yeast bakers.  Knowing how long it takes bread dough to rise is a function of many factors so recipe times sometimes may not be accurate.  After the overnight in the refrigerator the dough needed more time to rise on the counter.  Next time try a more traditional countertop rise rather than the extended refrigerator rise.  That will make it easier for you to get a feel for how much...
Ooooh... that too!  Thanks!
Thanks for the interesting replies, folks.   Rick... I could have left them whole but I can store a lot more in powder form so I opted for grinding.  But  the bushes are still producing so I can also dry them whole.   FFGirl... I hear you.  Same thing here in SoCal.  I gave up on dahlias too.  I know the garden shop sells lots of dahlia bulbs but I haven't a clue who can successfully grow them.  I sure can't.  Hydrangias just made my list of "give ups".   FF... I...
Here is my "go to" pan for omelets (I like the 8 inch the best:   http://www.bakedeco.com/detail.asp?id=8518&categoryid=602#.VD238_ZMuJA
The bread crumbs would stick if there were mustardMustard would be an alternative way to make the bread crumbs stick but, alas... no mustard either.
That must be the diet recipe for folks who want their breading "on the side".
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