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The art director and photographer are probably vegetarians. Hilarious. They probably thought it looked more photographically interesting that way.
I use magnetic wall racks for all except a set of Henkels in block. Magnetic are best. Sometimes the blade drags on the wood when inserting or removing from blocks, dulling the blade faster. The racks millions found are really nice... Nicer than mine. I especially like the way you can hang skillets on them too. All of millions suggestions are endorsed by me too, especially numbers 2 & 3
It looks wicked yummy, and to die for!
It could be an artifact of bargain hunting also. I've noticed that my local ethnic stores (best value) stretch the limits of freshness quite often. I'm very cautious of sale or marinated items. Both seem to be common ways to sell product that is on its last leg, or beyond. I often seem to offend the meat monger by insisting on smelling the meat before it is wrapped, or returning to the store with spoiled product when I didn't inspect. Frozen bulk packs... A crsp shoot...
Take a look around www.joepastry.com Start in the "pastry" folder with the "opera cake" recipe. Both recipe and technique provided.
Since GS seemed to be taking a break, please allow me to comment. When I started cooking long ago I bought an 8-piece set of Henckels 4-star. Added a few pieces since but that set still serves me well. I assume you are looking at the pieces in the set and can figure out if you'll use them or not. I'm not familiar with the original two options you mentioned but have used the Wustof Classic at a friends house. When sharp they are fine tools when dull they are not so good......
Oh, mine did. I wasn't using it on boards but on salad and in brownies. Even stored in the fridge it went rancid. Nut plus, except tung nut seem to go bad.
I've been afraid to say that Kuan. But inspired by this forum I oiled my old boards once earlier this year. I'm not sure it really makes much of a diff.
The micro plane is fast and the resulting zest is ready for immediate use. The zester result may require additional knife work. Not a big deal but one more step. Both are better than Peeling with a knife etc etc... Unless one has a lot of spare time on their hands.
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