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... and all that ruckus over a thread that hasn't been posted to since May 2011.  I sure hope the OP is okay!
Awesome looking pickles!
Sadly, no.  But for some kinds of pans/cooking a warp isn't really a problem.
I've always hand grated the cucumber and squeezed the water out.  But I really like the look of your processed cucumber.  I'll definitely try it that way next time.  Thanks!
Great point.  I use paste a lot to make a quick dinner.  Another great paste (my favorite, in fact) is Rogelio Bueno. Sometimes I even make mole to put on french fries.  Yummy!
Nice picture but not enough sauce to make a nice dinner.  Mole can be a complicated sauce (or not, depending on which mole one makes)... but here is how I would get started:   https://www.google.com/#q=zarela+martinez's+cookbook+oaxaca   or:   http://www.kitchenmonki.com/recipe/Rick_Baylesss_Oaxacan_Black_Mole_with_Braised_Chicken
Spam, Wednesday night Prince spaghetti, mashed potato with ever meal (except spaghetti)   But as a suggestion for what to bring to the birthday pot luck:  Tuna casserole would be great, as wood a nice big chef salad.
>>   I wasn't referring to you, specifically, Dilbert. 
Sounds like an interesting business opportunity for someone in the insurance industry! Maybe there should also be a policy available for intolerant old folks so if they are annoyed by other diners, or can't chew their steak, or get constipated the next day... they can get their money back.
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