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If your tempted and have the cash, go for it... and enjoy! Personally, I don't need more knives and can't be tempted by a santoku... I just don't like he feel or work well with them. But i, apparently, am in the minority considering their popularity.
... that and controlling the flex if the fillet knife while sharpening.
I love the bottling date. We celebrating in similar fashion right now! The Glenlivet. But my glass is smaller.
Looks very healthy. Eat like proper ladies and gentlemen - with a knife and fork. Hopefully most of us can do that.
So once they got likkered up what did they say they thought about the theft problem? Still not their problem or do they know who the thief was or do they have a plan to get it under control or...
For me any soaking longer than overnight has been unintentional. Stuff happens; plans change. Once I extended soak as an experiment because I bought some dried beans that were so old they could have been Paleolithic. But I've never known anyone to soak beans for that long on purpose.
My grandmother, who cooked a lot of beans (NewEnglad Baked Beans, primarily) claimed that salt (and molasses to some extent) toughened the bean and should be added late in the bake. But I just read the Serious Eats study that takes your position. I'll have to try it.
Never diced but often used shredded meat. Works great. Diced should work if he dice is small enough. But I'd prob give it a few whirls in a food processor.
I always soak longer than a couple of hours... almost always overnight. My experience with quick-soak or cooking beans from dry is inconsistent results. Maybe, though, I'm just a bit impatient with the longer time required when cooking from dry. In terms of flavor or flatulence, I notice no significant diff between the methods. What seems to drive flavor (and maybe texture) more than anything else is when the salt is added and how much.   Regarding the front page...
Welcome to the forum. Interesting first post - reply to a 2009 thread. In keeping with the intent of the thread... it sounds like German knives are more suitable for your application.
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