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Definitely consider metal pans. Much easier to bake in. Light and dark metal bake slightly different but either is better than Pyrex.
All of that and maybe more.  It also may also have something to do with the customer base - folks who buy Japanese knives are more likely to spend more money on them.
Suggest you review a few of the many similar posts by folks in similar situation and needs as are you.
For chopping you may want to consider a Chinese cleaver.
If not bake, then steam and rice But I'm with Phatch - there is a lot of good pre-made out there.
Good for you Cal. Hope you enjoy them.
I seem to get sensitive above 6 grams of lactose. Below that I can deal with the situation.
I freeze in canning jars but fill them, chill them, and then freeze with top off or loose. Once frozen I tighten lids. That allows expansion. Only once had a broken jar it think it hit a counter hard when freezer was being reorganized.
There is an interaction between stone grit and blade angle. It's not one or the other in terms of importance per se. But in general I see the same as Atax where smaller angle seems sharper than finely honed bigger angle.
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