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Value and investment are interesting terms to consider. A knife is a tool. Some are bad value and, therefore, bad investments. But I've yet to know a knife that appreciates in value at any rate worthy of being considered an investment. 🙂
At some point you'll need to put any knife against a stone. Hones align an edge but stones sharpen. For non-Japanese blades a rather affordable tri-hone works quite well. There are expensive tri-hones and affordable ones. I use an affordable one and find it quite effective. See top item (this is just one of many vendors for similar products. I've done business with them several times with great satisfaction): http://www.naturalwhetstone.com/productssharpening.htm
Patience.... Lots of patience, and a willingness to buy quickly when the right item appears at the right price! I don't recall how much I spent on each, but I'm so thrifty that I assure you it wasn't much! I'm in a dry area so I don't need to know much more than the basics (keep it dry) on rust control. All of those marks are patina not rust. I would not run away from minor rust. It can be brought under control. Deep rust puts are worth running away from, though.
Mmmmmmmm, squid. It's not just bait!
Well that could be but trying to prove molecular failure, especially when it happened after dropping, is nearly impossible. How are you to prove that; through scientific testing? And who are you trying to convince... Generally a clerk-level employee, or if elevated to management perhaps even someone with less knowledge. Moving on is the best idea!
Huh? What do you think I need to learn?
Read the warrantee; generally cover manufacturing defect only.
No, Christ doesn't charge. His services are free to all who believe and desire. But 80 for a consultant isn't very much, if he's any good.
Only affects texture if too much is used. Generally emulsifier is used when making. Maybe will help during rehabilitation but IDK for sure.
I've always just used the dough hook. Why get the paddle dirty? And although I don't have a Hobart, I always knead at slow speed.
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