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Welcome! Corn or flour?
,,, or roast clean and freeze until you figure out what to make.
What a great gift. My last visit to the store resulted in me giving a gift - I forgot a case of bottled water under the shopping cart in the parking lot.
Roast, seed and fill with a picadillo
Roast, seed, and cut into strips and use in taco with queso fresco.
Chile verde - stew with pork and eat with rice, or roll int burrito. Too bad she didn't also give you some tomatillos!
I suspect that is true too. It's not far fetched that one of the ways they keep their costs/ prices under control is by never evolving their product line. At our county fair there are 3 large Cutco booths. There seems to be sufficient interest and sales to have made that possible year after year after year.
Bravo, and thanks for your service.
Ditto. Maggi too sometimes.
Please don't make things personal in public Rick. It's really bad form.
New Posts  All Forums: