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I feel the same about the Henkels 4-star I bought in that same timeframe.  Still in use and I'm still happy with them.  But I'm also still happy with the much-despised Japanese knife brand that I bought much more recently.  :)
Slide some of those truffles (or the truffle butter) under the skin of a whole chicken, then roast it. Yummy.
Kiss the neighbor. Then make risotto with shaved truffle.
Truer words have never been written/spoken, Robertoo!   And not to beat a dead horse (because he's not dead, just feeling a bit ill)...   I saw this guy using Shun knives.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Bartolotta  Not the kind of guy I'd consider a "home cook" or a knife nOOb.  :)
Thanks... that clarification helps.  Even though there are several models of electric knife currently available, some very affordable, and a strong endorsement by Alton Brown... I still don't have one and really don't think I'd seriously consider one.  Even if one were given to me for free I might graciously decline.  But maybe if you ask again after I fail to get really pretty turkey breast slices on Thanskgiving I'd reconsider.  :) One of the features I've hated about...
What are the design factors you would like to address.  So far all of the questions/answers are addressing preference... which is good discussion but mroe focused on a marketing study rather than a design study.
Something to consider:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvPuc8s-LR8
+1. During that boil it is important to control the salt and acid content.  Both tend to "toughen" the bean.  Soft boil is all that is required and the timing is the trick - based mostly on the bean's age (which most of us rarely know) and the size of the bean.  The other trick is balancing the salt.  Add too late and the bean is underseasoned; add too soon and the bean is tough.
Not intending to get in the middle of a cutting board war... but I have a end-grain, running brick board with stick-on feet that has been in residential use for almost 20 years.  Used frequently and washed in the sink... never oiled either.  One of the feet finally fell off yesterday.  I have always been amazed that those feet stayed on so long.  I cleaned up the board/foot and reattached it with Duco cement and all looks good.  Hopefully for another 20 years.
It has been called to my attention that I "called someone out" in this message.  I apologize if it was taken that way. Let me expand and be more clear.  My experience does not support the implication that Shun knives are not used in professional kitchens.  While others may not have ever seen one in use; I have... that was my intended message but it was not very well stated.  Whether they are common or a rarity I can't say, but I can say that I've seen them used by very...
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