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Jacque Pepin has a foolproof baba in his book Complete Techniques.
Like kaneohegirlinaz, I freeze and re-freeze pastry with no ill effects.  I always ensure that it is double-wrapped to avoid any freezer-related dehydration.
IDK - gremlins is a better answer than I would have proposed.   But pizza dough with out salt could be very bland.  I (or my kitchen gremlins) always put some salt into the dough.   If you don't mind me asking a personal question... but are you taking any medications that may be altering your taste buds?  That happened to a friend of mine once.
Interesting question.  There is a role for both, but I find myself "googling" information a lot more than before.    Cookbooks have two things going for them: credibility of author, and content focus.  For example, most of the cookbooks I own/use are from authors who I know and can trust for reliable recipes.  In terms of content focus, if I want to bake bread I know I can reach for Bernard Clayton's bread book and have a lot of bread recipes to choose from.   There...
No, I simply expressed my experience.  Notice, I never disagreed with you except for MY preference for a round stone vs a rectangular based on MY experience.  But since you have decided to go public with your eye-poking... you seem to be the one who gets argumentative more than most others onthis forum.  What a joke you can be at times.  Take your own advise and "move on".  I have no problem with you, your opinions, or your postings.  Move on.
Wonderful... so we agree.  Circulation in the oven is important.  That's great!  You use rectangle; I use round... whatever works for each of us is all that really matters.   I know the Fibrament line of products quite well.  I also know the OldStone line, and the Forno Bravo products.  There are many good options for baking stones.   Re: the topic of the thread... I've found that 50-50 whole and white flour can make a fluffy loaf but it is rarely as fluffy as 100?...
Well, here's how it worked. For me; your experience seems different. Gas oven. Gas needs air to burn properly. Small oven with big rectangle stone smothered the gas flame. Inadequate heating and carbom monoxide from bad burnis not good. Smaller rectangle stone might have been as food as smaller rectangle stone but I chose round. Not much of a difference to me. I don't need 25 pct more stone floor. Let's not get emotional or dismissive about it... We have different...
Disagree all you'd like... but what are you disagreeing with?  I gave my opinion based on my experience.  You can't tell me that I'm wrong.  Rectangle is good for you and your oven; I'm happy.  It wasn't for me and the additional baking surface is not an issue for me.  I'm simply pointing out that other folks should think of htat consideration prior to choosing a baking stone.
One consideration on stones is to ensure that sufficient circulation still occurs in the oven.  I opted for a round stone since it allows better circulation than rectangular stone.
Fresh onionis even easier to get and use.  If you have a Trader Joe's nearby they have frozen pearl onion (already peeled) that would go into a stew quite nicely.
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