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Soft or hard, I've used a steel on 4-star blades since about 1980. Mostly with a ridged steel but now with ceramic and a smooth packing steel. Both of the latter are better than ridged steel. Don't know what "necessary" is intended to mean but a steel is one way used for generations to touch up a blade. They all can't have been wrong for so long can they?
R U talkin' about Amy's Bakery?  If so, that had nothing to do with answering Yelpers... that had everything to do with a maniacal/hormonal owner/chef who probably couldn't control her vitriol even when speaking with her mother.    
For a pasta dish with 1 lb of pasta, no matter if it is a hot dish or a cold salad, I would only use oil packed.  Or rehydrate dried and marinade in oil for a few days as someone previously posted many years ago.  For quantity I would suggest 6 to 8 tomatoes, cut into strips or diced, with adjustments made based on how much the people eating the dish like sun-dried tomato.  That quantity is probably about a 4 oz bottle of pre-made oil-packed dried tomato.   "two...
That's great; hilarious!
Sure you can, but you can do that just as good calling yourself Taylor Frost, Manager, just as well and avoid any potential risk of being accused of deception by using the owners name. Trust between owner and employee representative isn't the issue. The NYC shops I mentioned earlier refer to their hired gun as "ambassador" and they are extremely effective a creating positive customer relationships even in very difficult conditions.
Interesting:  "Yelp claims Yelp Director undermines its integrity by allowing restaurants to post fake positive reviews and bury negative ones." indicts some restaurateurs as the villain.  Maybe it's not completely the fault of Yelp, which is characterized by this article as " largely unregulated, crawling with people full of malcontent with free rein to share their opinions", and the Yelp reviewers.   I have to admit that sometimes there are some real bozos posting...
Tomato water.
Exactly.  People act on behalf of other all the time; it is nothing new.  As Darbi said, few have the time to do everything for themselves. "We" clearly denotes a clear corporate relationship and can never be misleading, whereas someone else saying "I'm (insert name here) and I ..." is misleading.  The disclaimer is fine, and probably one step beyond what most people who use this technique do. BTW, there are two companies in NYC that tends to get very bipolar reviews that...
In response to a very odd-reading 3-star review that cropped up amongst a rich history of 4- and 5-star reviews: "Comment from Darbi. of ******** Business Owner 6/29/2014 Brock I am truly sorry for experience and even more sorry I didn't come out and speak with you… Brock I am truly sorry for experience and even more sorry I didn't come out and speak with you personally when this happened, I remember it well as your server updated me while I was cooking. Unfortunately she...
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