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That is my experience also. Broad brush comments simply aren't always accurate. In my area there are some commercial sharpening folks that I use (even with VG10 and get excellent results) and some I wouldn't consider using. Not all use stones and hand sharpening, BTW. It is important to discern the difference between a good and bad sharpening firm BEFORE having a knife ruined. But I certainly agree that VG-10 (and almost all good steel) responds best to hand sharpening on...
I never would have thought of using an eponym. What a great idea! Is Ralph a friend of yours, or a culinary hero?
Ya... I've felt that way... on both sides of the fence!
Lots of fat (LARD) is the hallmark of "real" carnitas. The meat must end up with the combination of softness from being cooked confit and the crispness of being deep fried.
I was teasing you, of course... That should be considered a factory defect. Pans should not be leaking at the rivets.
A ladle works just fine and is generally easily available. The conical pestle is just one more thing to wash. It will get right down into the point of the chinoise, but so will the handle of a wooden spoon... of that amount of effort is required.
I hate receiving this kind of answer, and hate giving it too but...   https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=carnitas+recipe   or, see virtually any Mexican cookbook. Rick Bayless is a good author who's recipes are trustworthy.   Or here... a good recipe:   http://www.rickbayless.com/the-pork-carnitas-recipe-youll-treasure-forever/
I despise the "blame game" but will play along.  If this is the first time you've noticed that the pot leaks at the rivets, it is the pots fault. If you've seen this before but the pot refuses to cooperate and stop leaking, then it is your fault.
Oooooh, that hurts. The truth hurts. Ouch.
We good Someday; I'm just having fun too!
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