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You should get a nice knife. There are many options. If you live in a major metropolitan area suggest you find a well-stocked knife or kitchen shop and put as many as you can in your hand before making final decision. But don't wait to get mom's knife sharpened.
Ghee. Don't forget that... For more than seafood dipping. 😀
Kramer's video is one of my favorites. He is not only informative in a convincing way, but he is completely realistic and practical. I don't bother with horizontal onion cuts either. They only affect the end (side) slices and there are better ways to get them to dice. I think more people cut themselves with the horizontal onion cut than anything else.
Start cooking. The coating will sort itself out over time.
The foam is the solids that is removed to make clarified butter. Clarified butter looks like oil. It should be clear yellowish.
Whole butter is burnt when the milk solids are dark and bitter. Clarified butter is hard to burn. If either is smoking or in flames your in trouble.
Things for you to consider: 1. Sharpen moms knife. Be a good son 2. Read the many posts that read just like yours. This is a weekly question and good answers are there for anodyne with a little incentive. 3. Opinions are like a- holes. Everyone has one and some stink. 4. Did you learn to drive a car using a Ferrari or a Ford?
"Don't worry about shaving." I'm so glad you said it first; that was my thought but I'm not in the mood for public shaming or humiliation today. Ha ha.
Flipping eggs is like cracking eggs one-handed... It takes practice and eggs are going to die in the process.
Indeed. There are times when it's worth considering an employees personal issues, and working with them as best one can. And then there are times when it's clear that the are hopeless.
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