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That logic might be backward. Suggest you reconsider the basic importance of meat browning as a FUNDEMENTAL flavor element.
I've done it both ways, but I swear that panini with lines taste better than panini without lines.  Without lines htey are just a fancy grilled cheese sammy.  ;)
Ahhh, that helps understand.  I was about to ssuggest that you cut your butt into smaller pieces.  But you know that trick already.  Have you experimented with needling your butt too?   Rather than give up on smoke flavor, try varying the amount and brand of liquid smoke.  I use Wrights when deperate but only in very small amounts.  There are other brands with a variety of smoke flavors.  If you really want smoke flavor, that is.   If I were you (or if I had the time)...
Welcome to the real world.  It ain't fair and at times it ain't even fun.  But it is what you make of it.  You might get along with it better if you calm down a bit and clean up your language... unless you are a sailor, in which case I would say "carry on".
So you've tried a bunch of different flavor elements.  OK, that's fine... but what is the "science" aspect?  What are the variations in pressure-cooking methods?  What else have you tried toreduce the cooking time?  I'm not understanding the goal of the "science" part of your question.   At this point I can suggest that the best way to get BBQ that fast is to order take-out or delivery from a good BBQ restaurant.  :)
So what independent variables have you manipulated in your 38 trials thus far?
This is a wonderful obsevation and question.   I would answer mostly affirmative but the hestation is that we all have criteria for (1) what brings us pleasure (2) what we feel comfortable with (3) what unites "noble materials, beauty and functionality" (4) what brings pleasure.  So answer is quite individual. Most of my knives far exceed the "junk knife" category and meet my criteria for all 4 issues listed above.  But somebody could beg to differ and claim that my...
I feel the same about the Henkels 4-star I bought in that same timeframe.  Still in use and I'm still happy with them.  But I'm also still happy with the much-despised Japanese knife brand that I bought much more recently.  :)
Slide some of those truffles (or the truffle butter) under the skin of a whole chicken, then roast it. Yummy.
Kiss the neighbor. Then make risotto with shaved truffle.
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