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My experience is a bit different: 2 days, maybe 3, is fine; five is pushing it.
It comes right off with 00 steel wool.
Any brewed coffee I save goes cloudy after a day. Even if it tastes good the appearance is less than when fresh. Maybe cold brewed is an option for you to explore. Outrageously great/strong flavor and crystal clear appearance. Not sure how long it holds, though.
Other method: gat a lemon squeezing machine and make it completely fresh in front of customers. Sweeten with simple syrup so you don't have to fiddle with crystal sugar. Don't store the simple syrup beyond what you use in a day.
Like the lemonade... if you don't want to serve fresh and quality product them maybe you should rethink the whole idea. Sorry if I come off as rude.. not my intent.
Make less. It might keep 2 days but not very well. When I make espresso martini I brew Around noon and chill in an ice bath. Drink from 5 till 2 AM. If any left over I might use it for lunch the following day but it's never as good. Only reason to drink leftovers like that is pure laziness... to which I occasionally succumb.
Your not exactly making a concentrate but making and chilling lemonade. If the juice is fresh then it's an okay method. Make smaller amounts. Throw out what doesn't sell after a few hours and make smaller batches. You'll soon figure out how much your selling. It makes no sense to make so much that you need to store from day to day. It will go bad.
Thanks for clarifying your point. I missed it but now get it.
For me there is a step 3a: cover.  I would love to hear @Someday's method too.
... or rub with oil/shortening/lard (very very very thin layer) and bake upside down at 350 for a few hours to build up the start of your pan's seasoning.
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