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How does your husband feel today? I'm really worried about him.
#1 is for short cure like bacon or corned beef. #2 is for fermented sausage, like salami. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curing_salt Ask your butcher. If it is pink it is likely #1. But you need to know for sure before using.
... as for me... it's just not worth it anymore.
If you decide on Shun classic, the 3-piece set worked well for me. And if it's on sale all the better for you and BF. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/shun-classic-3-piece-knife-starter-set/?pkey=cshun-classic&isx=0.0.1313
Your approach with roll out cookie dough is good. Only other option is a more powerful mixer. Pie dough is best made by hand or using a food processor. You'll be disappointed if you use a mixer for that.
If that plate has been "styled" for the photograph, as opposed to a real plate of actual edible food, the dust could be anything... including powdered food color or paint pigment.
What cookie dough are you working with? For large quantities of dough with high proportion of nuts, chocolate bits, and/or nuts I've done exactly what you are contemplating with good results. Same approach works for mixing meat loaf or meat balls with a mixer.
That was my initial thought. But after 3/4 of that Old Fashioned I would have been happy cutting the steak with whatever they had. Dinner was great, BTW.
This makes me happy. From a silverware perspective. Mortons Steakhouse.
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