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Got it. Uber-low heating rather than re-cooking.  Makes sense.
Congratulations.  Very nice looking. Very yummy looking.   Question, though: why heat for 2 hours?  I generally heat enough to liquefy and strain. Is there a reason for the extensive heating? Also... water instead of Calvados????????  (that's a joke, not a dig!)
Egg stream lee fun knee!
Quite possibly. And if not that, it may be a whachamacallit.
Regarding heat treatment. Interestingly this was internet discussion based on observation of sharpening and chipping behaviour, not engineering analysis or measurement. Nobody seems to have ever measured hardness or anything else to show that heat treatment was inconsistent. I asked PerfectEdge Sharpening, who was the Kai/Kershaw/Shun sharpening service during that period of time when factory sharpening wasn't available, if inconsistent heat treatment was likely. They saw...
Those symptoms are also related with a failing thermostat and gas valve. They aren't as good as the once were. First the temp goes wonky, then the gas valve fails. I've changed 2 in the past 4 years.
I can help you with spelling that word: B-O-W-L. 
Hey... fellow former altar boy! Maybe.  But I think you may be thinking about the paten, the plate used to catch falling hosts/crumbs (and to tap the adams apple of friends)... which I think are generally flat. I fondly remember those and the altar rail too!  The "good old days". In Roman Catholic tradition the paten must be gold (plated) and the ciborium, the plate/bowl for carrying the communion hosts, must be gold... or at least the interior must be gold. Like the...
Hello, and welcome.
Yes I was. so you read minds as good as you read postings!!!! Both are under appreciated but I agree on their relative importance in the annals of culinary history. Don't forget Mrs Lo too!!!!!
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