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This sounds to me like a situation of either bad sharpening or wrong tool.  Too often it seems that some folks get smitten with Japanese knives with thin edges and acute angles only to find out that they are not durable. That could be your situation. There's a reason why the old-fashioned French/German chef knife (or even less impressive cutlery) still persists in both professional and home kitchens.   If it won't push easily through a tomato skin it is dull.   What...
Heres another option, with a B-I-N price that's exceptionally attractive. I've been quite satisfied with this German steel as a all-round general-purpose knife: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112095476496 Edit: dang, in the 2 minutes it took to post the link it sold. Sorry.
(edit). Nevermind.
As chef writer said, that's a bit if separation. Caused by heat during storage. Not a problem. Please let us know if Duffs mix is a good one! Oh, you threw it out...
Party game, yes. Conversation starter, probably not. Conversation ender, more likely!
I hand massage cabbage when making sauerkraut. Results in a much better product than smashing it with a pestle. Sometimes a gentle hand is better than brute force!
Look int traditional chef knives, like the German Henckels, etc. no shorter than 8 inch. Thet will satisfy all your requirements pus you'll have money to buy a pairing knife and a bread knife.
There is a lot of material available on sharpening, here and elsewhere. Research will be easy for you. For hard Japanese steel most are using water stones. I use natural Arkansas stones and get good edges.
Shun stopped the free sharpening for a while, and then resumed it.
You really need to consider learning how to sharpen. I've not had bad experiences with sharpening services but other have. Rick has a particularly tragic story to tell. In a mayor metropolitan area there are often many options for sharpening. Some good and others not so much. I, personally, have no concern with Shun's free advice except that it is mail order and puts the knife out of service for a week or two. The best sharpening, though, has been Perfect Edge in San...
New Posts  All Forums: