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Interesting.  I'm trying to picture the results but not very successfully.  Is it more of a risotto like product, or more like a Mexican Picadillo.
I don't like bananas.  It's not the taste as much as it is the shape and the mushy texture.  I make the same kind of dish with apples.  Apples Foster???
Yes, seen it; No, it did not work in their favor.  They are doing well, though, once they got past the embarrassment of being "outed" for trading food for positive reviews.  To me it seemed desperate at the time and now that they have successfully survived their start-up, the headaches associated with that fiasco seem totally un-necessary.
Corned beef, cabbage, potato and turnip.  Probably with green beer as a starter.  (sorry about that, and apologies to all who are offended by it... but it is fun so....) Might go English with dessert and do a steamed pudding.  Definitely end the evening with an Irish coffee if still standing upright enough to make it.
At one time back in the prehistoric days we had a small diner in our town that specialized in burritos.  Burritos were the only menu item.  The place was mobbed almost all day long.  The owner was known as the "Burrito Nazi" and had a "my way or the highway" attitude.  Owner had a choice of 5 different burritos.  Modifications were verboten (or however that is said in Spanish) and customers were regularly asked to leave if they complained about that attitude.  If someone...
What a great mind you have!  I second the recommendation.  And may I also ask, Oceanclouds... how old are your brothers?  At one time (in their teen years) mine  would have said such things just to give me grief.
Without a doubt!
What about "Italian" roast beef. Cook ahead and slice. Warm to order in hot au jus. Braised rib is yummy but might overwhelm an oyster. Personally, I'd rather just have the oysters... And lots of them.
When abroad, including some parts of USA also, I find flour differences to give me fits and require altering technique. Are you sure yeast is OK; that would be first thing I'd check. What about temperature of room where you are riding the bread?
Start with toll house cookies using the recipe on the yellow chocolate chip bag.
New Posts  All Forums: