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Good for you for making crumpets.  One of my favorite bread-like oods.   How did you measure - with a tablespoon or with a scale?  If yo used a scale it should have worked out OK.  If you used a measuring spoon the amount of table salt should have been closer to 1 or 1-1/2 tsp.   I'd throw them out and try again.  But if you insist on eating, hide the saltiness by smothering them with sloppy joe or BBQ shredded pork.  :)
Me neither, exactly.  I was almost afraid to ask.  But the mention of "popcorn salt" leads me to believe that the popcorn is getting blitzed until it is fine particles and then dusted on food products.
I'd be proud to own that pan.  It has finally lost its factory virginity and is starting to look like a real experienced piece of cookware.  Sincere congratulations - that is not a problem but more a badge of honour.  Keep using it and it will improve even more!
I'm beginning to question your sincerity.  If all you intend to do is salted popcorn, then the most reasonable answer to your question is to pair it with canned beer.   But for a sweet treat, why not caramelize some sugar to drizzle over the salted popcorn, form it into a ball with a fruit center.  Make them bite-sized and serve with shaved melon that has been anointed with a squidge of lemon juice.   For a savory treat, do the same but anoint the popping oil with...
I'm assuming that you are interested in savory flavor profiles.  No matter what they may be, please ensure that the husks are effectively dealt with.  There would be nothing more annoying than to enjoy a popcorn-based amuse bouche and then be tormented by pocorn husk between the teeth/gums for the remaineder of the dinner.
That logic might be backward. Suggest you reconsider the basic importance of meat browning as a FUNDEMENTAL flavor element.
I've done it both ways, but I swear that panini with lines taste better than panini without lines.  Without lines htey are just a fancy grilled cheese sammy.  ;)
Ahhh, that helps understand.  I was about to ssuggest that you cut your butt into smaller pieces.  But you know that trick already.  Have you experimented with needling your butt too?   Rather than give up on smoke flavor, try varying the amount and brand of liquid smoke.  I use Wrights when deperate but only in very small amounts.  There are other brands with a variety of smoke flavors.  If you really want smoke flavor, that is.   If I were you (or if I had the time)...
Welcome to the real world.  It ain't fair and at times it ain't even fun.  But it is what you make of it.  You might get along with it better if you calm down a bit and clean up your language... unless you are a sailor, in which case I would say "carry on".
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