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Thats a new one on me. I can't imagine.
An Italuan classic. ChefBubba's looks yummy. It sound a bit weird but a very good dish. Definitely not Kosher.
But in general: 80/20 Chuck, double ground, no spices, salt & pepper as they grill. If holding raw more than a day, freezing is a good thing to do. After cooking, eat or toss.
What kind of place are you cooking at - restaurant or home?
What do you call these in the UK?http://www.charbroil.com/parts/grates-and-grids
Me too. The novelty and surprise was better than any amount. I often got odd foreign coins for teeth. Where and when I grew up the tooth fairy wasn't rich, nor were my parents.
1 golden dollar coin in our house.
What temp is the food before going into the oven? Some recipe writers make assumptions like meat will be room temp, etc. when stating a cooking time. Sometimes (often, perhaps) they don't state the assumptions on that aspect. It sounds like your bird is cold and taking a bit longer than expected to heat up.   Another thing to consider is how you load your oven. The door should be opened only as long as it takes to slide the food in and out. (I don't intend to be...
That is a very informational TV show. I was amazed too when I started watching it.   It is interesting how benign some of the food preservation additives are, yet how much bad press they get. I enjoy 'real food" made with "whole food" or "organic" ingredients but necessity requires subsistence off of prepared food items at times. Unfortunately for me that is more often than I'd prefer. I don't worry about getting cancer from most prepared products because of additives,...
Welcome to the forum. Since you have been reading the forum for a while you already know that there are many opinions, some very loud, about knives.  :)   One thing that might help get folks going is to understand your priorities. What exactly do you mean by "art piece" and is appearance more or less important than performance? Where does comfort or traditionalism fit into your priorities.   It also might help if you give a bit more information on the knives you...
New Posts  All Forums: