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Ditto, except I often use the word "mushy" when describing filet. The only time I've had a really tough rib eye is when I was forced to eat one well done.
A very sad ending for a brilliant chef.  May he rest in peace.   (But can you edit the thread title to add his name, please?)
In my area it is stocked by Smart & Final.
And work out an arrangement with you uncle too.
It does seem like an infomercial at times. Good observation
Being an expert is really challenging, especially when constantly trying to maintain that status online. It's no wonder he burned out.
Not a simple question. Read a few threads here and clarify your needs and goals.
You may want to seek out a local knife sharpening service... To get you by until you know your next step.
Mineral oil doesn't go rancid like nut oils, which makes it better for wood applications.
Anyone willing to take food safety risks probably never. Had a case of real food poisoning.
New Posts  All Forums: