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Oh dear God... Thanks spelling corrector and my failure to proof read. That should be " beat the pants". But now that we're talking, neither seems to have anything I injoy doing or seeing!
Yes, language is a challenge in many ethnic shops. Indian stores because of language diversity. That is especially evident when buying spices. I often hang around until a younger person is seen, even a customer, to ask. Often they are more multi- lingual. Organic is nonexistent in many ethnic for store my experience. I think it is due in part by the history of eating for survival than eating healthy.
I buy in a local Indian food and grocery store. I haven't checked the price lately but in The past it always eat the pants if anyone else.
alternatives? Realistic ones, I mean. Some avoidance is possible, but this issue is so pervasive throughout most consumer goods
Mine is similar but for me there is no recipe, only general guidelines. I use olive oil in addition to lemon juice and never use just one type of alive, though. Mix of black olives, mix of green olives, or both. And no anchovy for me. And often some ground chile pepper too. Also tend to adapt the texture - as a spread I like it fine chopped but on pasta or sandwiches I like it coarse.
Perhaps. But when caught in a lie there can be consequences. Ask the seafood restaurant in San Diego that lied to me about their "halibut" last summer to find out what kind of grief bad press will bring. I heartily praise good food/service... And even mediocre food/service... But lies and fraud can incite great wrath. I know I'm not alone. And think about what it says about the liars. Who wants to live like that?
You really don't want to do that. It is appalling that you even thought it out loud.
Rustic breads are generally baked in a very hot oven: 450 degF. Try that, plus a spritz of water early in the bake to get the humidity in the oven higher.
That's great; what a concept. Thanks for sharing that Panini. Like all free seminars it is a door opener for services-for-fee, which is fine. I always wonder what the unique angle is to the services and if they can support the claim of 27% increases.
Pan roasted filet mignon and asparagus with lemon dill sauce. Red wine. No bread, unfortunately. And no pics either.
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