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Don't feel stupid; it was interesting!
Egg separator.
Glad that you got that off your chest. Hope your not planning on a second date. Ha ha ha.
... And often it is necessary to wait between pizza for the tiles to get back to temperature. Good looking pie! I had a visceral reaction to your cheese blend, though. In my house there is great debate about cheddar on a pizza. I'm against but everyone else is for.
... Or start using it and let a natural patina supplement what you now have.
It's never too late, unless you procrastinate for an eternity
I'm confused. You say you like German profile but 2 of the 3 you show are not.    If you are considering the Shun Premier I can vouch for it. I use that knife and a Classic on a day-to-day basis in a home kitchen. Been using them for many years. The Premier has both a nicer look and a more comfortable handle than the Classic. Both cut basically the same. The mixed press is something to consider to determine if there are aspects of the knife that would make this knife...
I would suggest a gift certificate or permission for him to buy the gift he would like you to give him.
I completely understand that frustration. I'm never sure if that situation is the end-product of a blatant lie or a creative decision. But what really sets me off is the thought that the menu wasn't fully disclosing the truth and neither was the server.   But did it taste good?
The boards with grooves are mostly for meat carving. Not so much for general cutting IMO.
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