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In addition to KKs good advise, you can cook and pull shoulders ahead of time. Sauce and reheat on day of event.
We're taking the mothers to a restaurant but I wish I were doing a brunch like you.
Yes, 325. Never had it bog down to the point of smoking. It gets warm when kneading but never smoking hot. Don't think the hook is plastic. It is white and appears to be coated metal
For home use the 5 quart has worked fine for me. No problem with bread dough or meat grinding. Can't imagine a problem with ice cream but don't have that attachment
They get less healthy when covered in brown sugar and marshmallows though.
Yes. They are very healthy.
I was once a college boy and can attest to the voracious appetite they generally exhibit.  In fact, me and my buddies were often asked to leave all-you-can-eat places because we ate too much.  Plan for lots of meat (and lots of leftovers for beg and salad).
Unless you are feeding a village, I'd suggest proving the method on a single cup of rice.   Another thing I find is that rice always cooks better in the smallest possible pot, preferably one that is more high than wide.  Can't explain why, but that's what seems to work best for me.   Oh, one last thought.  The type of rice often makes a big difference.  Unless there is a special need a specific type of rice, the best success I have is with Botani Calrose rice.  Next...
No oil and no stirring.  When it comes to a boil quickly cover and turn down to a very low simmer. Cook 15 minutes and take off the heat for another 15.... then fluff (not stir).
Can't agree more with the conclusion! I've recently stopped using ceramic rod for "everyday steeling" and using a smooth steel.  That seems to be a better solution for my (non-Japanese) carbon steel blades and my (sorry) Shun VG-10s.
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