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It's always good to clarify terms so the discussion isn't "apples and oranges". Seems to me more clarification than policing. BTW, BBQ (smoke or cook low-and-slow) a bone-in pork butt or shoulder one day. The amount of collegen from the bone/skin will surprise you and make the meat much more moist than with boneless pork.
Hi. Welcome to the forum. Can't help with any advice or comments, though.
Is that also where Italians sends folks who put cream in their carbonara? Ha ha.
I have no answer, but I've wondered the same. The price difference, however, ends the similarity!
If you like the Shun take a look at the Premiere line. Handles are symmetrical and fit left handed quite nicely.
You may want to slow your roll, FP... Nobody said that wood boards don't need to be sanitized. There are enough caveats in the discussion to indicate wood boards are primarily applicable as home use rather than commercial. Many home users of wood boards quite successfully have avoided food poisoning by washing with hot water and dish washing soap/detergent... As the UC Davis paper recommends. They did not invent that method but simply repeating what their grandma taught...
Yippee! So how did you serve it? Sauce? Doing it again? I use that overnight technique a lot, for both brisket and pork shoulder/butt. Sometimes even in the oven @250 when completely lazy. Not really smoking at that point but a lot of folks like pulled pork sans smoke it seems.
Purge that paranoia! You'll be fine. No need to do anything except salt, pepper, smoke, and time.
I do what you say: subdivide into flat and point cuts, point on upper rack and flat on lower rack. Both will be yummy. Moistness will be different, naturally, due to their different physiology.
try This typical all- butter crust recipe: http://m.joyofbaking.com/PiesAndTarts/ApplePie.html
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