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Hi Roberto I recommend that you put the information up front instead of PM asking for an email. Like Chris, I'd appreciate it too. Maybe if I like what I see is be willing to consider your offer.
It's an Anerican book written by an American, but I highly recommend to you: https://www.amazon.com/Jacques-P%C3%A9pins-Complete-Techniques-P%C3%A9pin/dp/1579121659
How about Carvel ice cream cakes?
Yay, MaryB. Those look great! My most recent batch of kraut became kraut dogs, kraut and ribs, and (my favorite) Transylvanian Goulash. I let mine ferment about 4 weeks, though, before refrigerating. The thought of a good Ruben has my mouth watering!!!
Really! Get thee to 60 School Street in Boston and eat the original! Get thee there ASAP or you might get deported!
It does in Boston! But everywhere else it is often just the butt of the joke about a cake that pretends to be a pie. Now I'm hungry for one... The essence of my childhood; the nectar of the gods; the cake of kakes and the pie of pi!!!!!
Why not. Seems unjust to slur a vendor without providing a a rationale.
Time is just an estimate, but it really depends on too many factors to be taken literally. Power tools and copper bowls tend to make egg white whipping go faster. As you have done, judge based on the product rather than worry the time it took. If you continue too long you will over-whip the whites and get a bad result.
I can relate to that scenario! I make the stew and pot it without a bottom crust. Then make the pastry but refrigerate it unrolled. On the day of eating, I roll the pastry while the oven is heating and the pot of stew is coming to room temp, then top, wash, and bake. I've been known to "cheat" with store puff also. A top-crust pot pie isn't totally satisfying but quicker and easier on those nights where time is of the essence
New Posts  All Forums: