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I agree... the top picture and the pepper on the left is a Cubanelle. Sweet with no heat. Treat as an Italian Roasting Pepper... or pickle. Roast and put on an Italian sausage sandwich!   The other two (dark green to the center and right) are Polbano/Pasilla (depending on where you live.  Great for relleno or green chile stew,
also remember that even well-seasoned cast iron isn't non-stick, per se, in the literal sense, as one would experience with Teflon... but is less prone to sticking... and sometimes close to what we know in modern non-stick cookware.   For a goo lesson in cast iron cookery it is good to check out Chef Walter Staib. Notice that he starts almost every pot and pan with a healthy amount of fat. Part of that may be his German tradition and part of that may be the way colonial...
... or this: https://www.google.com/#q=traditional+french+recipe
Have you considered buying a copy of larousse gastronomique? It would be a good investment. Or perhaps the local library has a copy.
Are you sure you are heating it up enough before starting to cook? Cooking in a cold pan...
Are you sure your letting the food cook long enough? Trying to turn too early will guarantee sticking.
Roast and top a burger.
Welcome! Corn or flour?
,,, or roast clean and freeze until you figure out what to make.
What a great gift. My last visit to the store resulted in me giving a gift - I forgot a case of bottled water under the shopping cart in the parking lot.
New Posts  All Forums: