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No doubt and in full agreement.  BTW, that is 1/3 cup.  Ha ha ha.  With pastry all measures are relatively approximate for a successful pate so, fortunately for all of us, that level of accuracy/precision is not required.  But in general I agree with weight measures and often annotate my volume-based recipes with the equivelent weights.
Whether weight or volume measurement, multiplication of all ingredients is the answer to the original question.
Unfortunately I've seen worst.  Similar kind of place and while using the men's room I saw a cook leave the stall and walk straight into the kitchen.  He even looked into the mirror to tidy his hair but never even thought about washing his hands.  I left and never returned again.  If I had seen the spoon re-use I'd probably have left that place too.  I worry that unsanitary behavior may be more commonplace than we are aware.
Thanks very much. I found that entire series of booklets yesterday.  Great reading, but it did dissuade me a  bit from thinking about canning anything requiring pressure sterilization (I don't have a pressure cooker and wouldn't know where to store a large one anyway). I was thinking the same about pre-sterilizing the jars.  Seems like a potentially extra step if everything gets sterilized during the waterbath processing.  The dishwasher seems like a very reasonable way to...
Thanks; a lot of good information to consider!
So this I exactly the transition I'm making.  I generally would hot-pack into clean (not necessarily sterile, though) jars and cap with sealing lids.  Then cool and the lids would "pop".  But then I'd refrigerate or freeze for storage since I was concerned about food safety. Now I'm more interested in shelf storage. I asked my mother-in-law about her canning history and she took the first approach, shelf stored, and was happy to report that nobody ever got sick eating her...
Thanks for that good advice, Mary.  Before getting too far into my adventure I read the USDA booklets on canning and the material provided at the Ball web site.   Interestingly, Ball does not even recommend simmering lids anymore.  So I wiped them off and put them onto the jars after filling and processed in water bath.  It all worked great.  Now I have 4 pints of zucchini relish and I'm ready to make something else soon with my new-learned skills.
Right!  That is what I'm doing at this moment.  I was wondering and then remembered (after reading a USDA brochure on canning) that hot jars are better to pack hot contents into.  Duh... what I've done in the past is hot pack acidic items but not water bath process since the lids sealed OK.  Then I was refrigerating but now I want to be sure that they will be 'shelf stable".  Thanks very much.   Also I've been noting that the recommendations for processing have changed a...
I've always wanted to can things but never did it the right way.  Now is the time to get things right.  But a couple of questions:   1.  When sterilizing lids, is it also necessary to sterilize the rings?  I know they must be in place before water-bath processing but do they need to be sterile since they never touch the food?   2.  I'll be boiling jars this time, but what about other sterilization methods such as iodine sterilization used for beer bottles?  Is this a...
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