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Not. Definitely not.Boston baked beans or British baked beans.
As a straight razor user that not only makes me chuckle... but cringe in anticipatory pain.
That's interesting to read you write that you think egg in pie crust is American. I don't think so. In fact thought it was more British (or French) than anything else. I've done it both ways and with egg the crust is more firm bodied and "cookie like". That is not traditional American pie crust.  :)   For a traditional American apple pie, try this from a very reliable source:   One thing I've noticed amongst beginners who...
Rogan josh (worth considering even if it isn't strictly Indian).
I've been curious about that too but never got an answer. "From our supplier", "off the truck", and "from our warehouse" is the most understandable answer given. Mostly blank stares. I guess I really don't care too much because I look and smell and decide to buy or not. The whole notion of identifying the source down to the farm is a bit ostentatious in my opinion. One thing I've noticed is that there must be a few common sources. From reading the market ads I've often...
Even if the sauce is cooked it should be cold or room temp when put on the raw dough else it will be soggy.
Lucky boy!
Steak from the fifth rib in the chuck. Looks somewhat similar to a rib eye steak, which is from futther back in the cow - the sixth to twelf rib. An economical yet tasty steak.
The first scratch always hurts the most... whether a knife or a car.
in the end, a pot is a pot and it's the ingredients and cook that makes the food good or bad. But a good pot helps in terms of even heating, etc. All-Clad is really good equipment and priced as such. 20 years ago I bought the "low end commercial" all-clad, then known as the Master Chef line, on sale at a commercial cookware store. It cost a lot (less than their fancier lines, though) and I've never regretted it. My wife complains about the weight. But that's the only...
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