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Hey Vinnie, There was a thread on cleavers recently that talked about options, from hundred dollar (and more, I think) to inexpensive. You should check it out since "Millions" contributed a lot of his knowledge... and he is really smart on cleavers. The Chinese cleaver I've used for 40 years is a Dexter. Amazon or eBay has them at very reasonable prices. I use mostly for veg but have taken apart chickens with it too. Not bashing bones into submission, but separating at...
You really need to try a Chinese Cleaver!
Slim Adam is a lot less interesting that was chubby Adam.
Push, pull, rock... I know I do them all but I never think too hard about which technique to use. I'm generally more focus on cooking and just do what works best. I envy people with enough time on their hands to analyze the minutia of detail regarding "when/how/why/what-if" cutting food for cooking. 
Thanks for that info, Luc.  Great stuff!  I hope others are as interested in the science/engineering aspects of food as I am.  :)
It is always interesting to read blogs and cook via ratios, but sometimes it is much better to start experimenting by following recipes with a high probability of success. I'd recommend starting with Luc's recipe and not deviate from either process or ingredients until success is achieved. Sometimes experimentation and deviations too early in the learning process impede both learning and success.   In particular, I'd caution against substation of gelatin types - it is...
I think the reason you'r mayo doesn't clump is because it's thick. My experience is that thin mayo clumps more than thick.
I'd gladly sip (or shoot) extra virgin olive oil, and even massage my wife's back with it... but ANY mayo made with olive oil tastes nasty.  IMHO.  YMMV.  WWJD.   
With egg or just cream n cheese?
That's how I make it but with less garlic and very little sugar. I prefer a blender since it crushes the mash finer and quicker. I also put vinegar to taste when cooking it down. Mine is a hybrid of siracha and Tabasco.
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