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Ok. Good point.
Wow.PS. Have you considered Rice Krispy treats? Everyone loves them, they can be creatively molded, and dressed up in an unlimited number of ways. Plus the require almost no equipment and limited ingredients.
Sure, but it's an alternative. Jacob Burton's podcasts, for instance, are quite good. not sure if you've checked them out or not. He addresses technique, science, tools, and recipes too. Do we really need to be so literal as to not mention other learning media?
Also, Google "Stella culinary school" and/or "Jacob Burton". He has an online series of videos that will cover almost everything in those books. It might be a more digestible way to learn.
Get a copy of Pepin's techniques book. Start cooking! Follow the recipes until you are comfortable, then start making small changes until it's your own. Repetition and practice is the key. Don't be embarrassed about following recipes. They were written so cooks will succeed. Focus initially on combining recipes into a meal plan.
Not intending to usurp the thread, but... What do you cut meat on?I use one of my boards for meat and the other for veg. My third board has two side that are marked meat and veg.
Really; I wouldn't tell you a lie! 😊Yes, that could be true that the issue is in the boards you buy or how you treat them. What kind if boards are you using? How do you treat them?The only board I've ever had split is the bread board that was part of the kitchen cabinet. I think it is made of softwood.
I wash mine with hot water, scrub as required with sponge or non-metallic scrubbie, dry immediately and store on thrir side in an open area with decent airflow.
My oldest beard is a small edge grain that came from some discount store. It must have been cheap because I bought it when I was broke. That was about 1982 and it is still in daily use. Another end grain (Boos?) is from about 1990 and still in use. I have a 5 year old JK Adams (one of their less expensive thin boards) that gives no trouble. I've only oiled these boards once, about 6 months ago.
Never had a problem with either Boos or JK Adams boards... Edge or end grain. On a tight budget you may not find an end- grain of adequate size. Don't fear edge grain. Adams has a 2-sided board that is quality and affordable. https://www.jkadams.com/collection-79
New Posts  All Forums: