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My only comment about bones has nothing to do with knives. The carver himself mentioned the rotary knife blasting through bones. My point on bones in schwarma cones:The bones are a defect in the food product.
Any kind of wrap sandwich.
Poutine. Corn dogs. More not nutritious...
Chile fries. Loaded fries. Carne asada fries. Carne asada nachos. I know, not really nutritious but kids love this stuff.
Macaroni and cheese. Grilled cheese. Tacos. Burritos. All of the above can be made in great variety. Kids will need very mild salsa, if any at all, on the Mex food.
Either really. It doesn't take much more skill to sharpen a curved blade than a straight one, and not much more time to learn either, The scimitar would look really cool... especially if it is big!  But I'd trade the toque for a fez or a taqiyah.   
More professional... No doubt. The price seem to run $100 to $500. Didn't look at the difference between these offerings though. I suppose it depends on budget. The schwarma isn't likely to taste and better cut with expensive knives than it would cut with bargain knives. As long as the food/service quality is high and the knife is sharp enough to cut.
I'm saying electric knive almost never needs sharpening unless blades are abused.
Alleviates the sharpening issue to a large degree. That's all really.
Cordless, Millions!
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