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Roman.Water: tap, still, or sparkling?
You can do either. For holiday I love to roast the whole: salt, pepper, garlic, and herb d'provence. If the chine bone isn't removed already that is worth doing. It makes carving much easier. Sometimes, though, I'll cut the meat off the bone and tie it back on before roasting. Another way to make carving easier but not as nice as having bone on each piece.
Boxers or briefs?????
Animal style In-and-Out or Fat Burger
Coke.... only Coke (the real thing) Apples: red or green?
Smoked (although fresh can be quite a treat). Healthy or good-tasting?
Here's how I do it...   Works great...   p.s.  I'm not advocating this source. I don't know them nor have I traded with them ever. Just showing an example of the tool.   I've used Jake's method before to shape uniform patties but find the disher scoop to be even faster. For production I use a scooper to portion and a "hamburger smasher" to form patties with paper...
Ooops. I didn't see the last one.Corn.Martini (compound question): gin or vodka; shaken or stirred.
ShortMartini: shaken or stirred.
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