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At this point your only solution is to boil some rice.
What rib? I treat pork rib almost exactly as you wrote (but I will put a bit of brown sugar in the rub) and never mop them.
You might be trying to turn it out too quickly. After cooling they like to rest in the refrigerator for a while (overnight) for the caramel to continue liquefying.
Xanthan gum is a great product but must be used properly. Too much and you get not just too thick, but slimy. It also needs to be convinced not to clump - blender is best but whisk will do. I only use in cold applications so can't say about heat stability, but it is part of the "flour" mixture for gluten-free baking so there may be some hope for heat stability.
... As is garlic!
Second best answer: do some market research. There are both large and small companies that does this so investigate the competitions product and pricing. It's also good to have a realistic understanding of the potential client base and their current school meal plans, as well as any non-compete attitudes the local schools may have based on current lunch service agreements.
... Or a tiny bit of xantham gum.
Convince me Chef. Send me a piece. I'll eat it and give you my completely unbiased opinion. I'll gladly be your test Guinea pig! I need to be brought into this new era of savory sweets and sweet savories somehow, right?
If you blend it in all the way I believe you! But them why not go basic and just use lemon zest and juice? The added steps of making a curd seem wasted if not used as a swirl.Regarding pepper... Forgive me and my classic taste buds but "no", just no. In a savory cheesecake maybe. But in a dessert it would only be successful if the words "innovative flavor profile" is said often enough and in a hypnotic tone of voice.
I doubt that many would consider gelatin to be a "chemical", let alone a "heavy or harsh chemical".
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