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That could be a reference to the old barber trick of using shaving lather on the honing stone. I never tried that, though.
Benuser's tongue was in his/her cheek. I hope yours was also
If using a blade knife it is better to have one that rocks than a flat blade.
Heat won't be the problem. Lack of length may be, though. Roller cutter or a 12 - 14" chef knife works good
I wouldn't have been able to let that deal go past me... Dinner plans or not!
still relevant after all these years. (A phrase I'm trying to sell to Paul Simon for use as a song title)
Yup. The issue is exaggerated when an extreme position or outrageous reaction accompanies an opinion. Truffle oil and white button mushrooms have a time and place. So do real truffles and chanterelles. If only that was how the opinion was phrased, but that wouldn't make an interesting tv show I suppose.
I just wish he was more consistent. I've heard and seen him crucify people over the use of truffle oil. Then on HK he tells one of the cooks to put more truffle oil on the fries. And in Kitchen Knightmares he crucified folks for not serving real chips with fish & chips... But at GR Pub in Laa Vegas he serves fries with his own fish & chips. And not to mention the bland mash on the shepards pie. GR Steak and BurGR are much more true to his standards. He's a great chef and a...
Well, buddy, I'll leave that to "et al". I looked around for the last half hour. Interesting discussions but too slow for me... And too many ads in very obtrusive places. Didn't see any parody or criticism of any other site. We must be reading different threads.
Now that I've poked around that site just a bit, it looks reasonable to me. I didn't see any threads bashing this site. It would not surprise me if some members post the same at different sites. That happens all the time. If nothing else, thanks for bringing that site to my/our attention.
New Posts  All Forums: