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Great looking... congrats!
Beautiful... but, goodness gracious... put that lid back on.. you may have just added 30 more minutes to the cooking time.  Whenever you eat, enjoy!
Given my druthers I'd probably opt for another one that is easier to work with... but this one works fine so why change.  Some of the Brinkman mods are, in my experience and opinion, un-necessary.  The only one I think is really needed is the charcoal pan vent or the "chicken wire" mod.  [ref, for example: http://www.smoking-meat.com/modify-brinkmann-ecb-smoker ] So I use a spoon to adjust the hot coals above the ash rather than buying some chicken wire.  In my experience...
I've read such things too.  Often seems to me that the people suggesting pulling early, foiling, and oven finishing are either in a rush and like the "steamed effect" of the foil... or are trying to limit the smokiness.  In fact, I recall someone (and it may have been on TV, like ATK, but I can't really recall the exact specifics at the moment) suggest smoking for only a couple of hours and then foiling and oven finishing to 190 degF.  I agree... seems odd to me but there...
I smoke with a Brinkman and have good success.  Either a big butt or brisket takes a full charcoal pan and 14 hours.  Ribs take a lot less time.   I have not had much success with big cuts of meat in a Weber kettle... no matter how many times I watch Steven R. succeed.   As you probably already know, control of the amount of smokiness can be controlled by type and amount of wood.  I add wood early in the cooking.  Pork generally gets hickory with a bit of apple or...
Ed... your "Baked marshmallow-sweetpotato Alaska" is making my fillings hurt... but I'll bet my clan would go ga-ga over it.  What a great idea!  I might try that, but maybe I'll torch the marshmallow as part of the process.
For aftermarket bigger-holed plates than KitchenAid provides (and kidney plate and sharper knife) check this out (bottom of page 2):   http://www.butcher-baker.com/servlet/the-Meat-Grinder-Plates/s/101/Categories   I bought a set of the larger plates and they are really nice.  Soon I'll be trying their "improved" knife.  I bought via ebay but buying direct seems a good option too.  Twice I have had great service and really fast shipping from these folks.
Don't boil them.  Please.  A lot of flavor will be going down the drain.  Cooking them the way I (ATK, really) suggests keeps all of the flavor in the pot.  The first time I tried it I was uncertain and was tempted to boil firt... but have faith.  Try it this way; you won't regret it.  I promise... really!
If you like mashed sweet potato there is a technique I learned from America's Test Kitchen:  Slice and put into a pot with a couple TBSP butter and about 1/4 - 1/2 C cream.  Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally (especially near the end to keep it from scorching) until soft.  Then beat with a spoon until smooth.  This makes the best and most flavorful mashed sewwt potato I've ever tasted.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allium_tuberosum   they grow like weeds -- LITERALLY -- in my garden.  I appreciate learning another way to consume them!
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