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Disagree all you'd like... but what are you disagreeing with?  I gave my opinion based on my experience.  You can't tell me that I'm wrong.  Rectangle is good for you and your oven; I'm happy.  It wasn't for me and the additional baking surface is not an issue for me.  I'm simply pointing out that other folks should think of htat consideration prior to choosing a baking stone.
One consideration on stones is to ensure that sufficient circulation still occurs in the oven.  I opted for a round stone since it allows better circulation than rectangular stone.
Fresh onionis even easier to get and use.  If you have a Trader Joe's nearby they have frozen pearl onion (already peeled) that would go into a stew quite nicely.
About 3 hours sounds about right.  Cook until done.  Temp should be no less than 180 when finished; many people like higher temp like 190 - 200 for falling apart meat.  As for browning... not sure what you mean but think you might be talking about browning the finished product like one browns BBB.  If that is what you mean, then no.
Nice looking menu.  I could be happy even after many visits.  But we probably wouldn't visit more than once because of the meager children's menu.  My kids would be miserable - they are bored with kids menus that only offer chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, and buttered noodles.  I'm sure your nuggets will be very good, but many kids like both variety and slightly more "adult" offerings -- just smaller portions and a bit less "exotic".  I'm always on the prowl for something...
My Grandmothers always rolled it out, brushed with butter and smothered in cinnimon sugar to make us tasty treats.  I do it too.  Yummy.   I also use it to cut into fanciful shapes to decorate the pie/tart.  Generally re-rolling leads to a lower quality shell.
OMG... that is not "inexperienced", that is BRILLIANT.  Now you have the makings of:   Hash, with a perfectly poached egg. Fritatta. Pasta - ollive oil with the roasted veg (pick out the kielbasa) Pasta - tomate sauce with the roasted veg (pick out the kielbasa) Lasagna - (pick out the kielbasa) Submarine sandwich - bind it all together with melted provolone Mexican Torta - bind it together with Oaxacan cheese Enchiladas - especially with a chile verde...
I didn't have time ot responde earlier int he day, but my response was going to be almost exactly what phatch said.  Only additional thought is -- slow cooker, why not?  Use low setting and give it a try; let us know.  I'll bet that you will be successful.  The difference between high and low settings will be the cook time.  So plan for more cook time with low, and if you're in a hurry use high.  No matter, you'll have to figure out the timing on the fly for the first...
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