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Get two... makes "march chopping" much easier. I agree with the cleaver vs nakiri comment also.  Maybe it's just me, but nikiri gives me blisters for some reason.  Cleaver doesn't. But a traditional 10-inch chef knife and a big board also make vegetable chopping quite easy.
Very sad news, indeed.  I never knew him except for his influence on this forum.  I hope he knew that his willingness to share his wisdom had a profound influence on many of us, and how much will will remember and respect his contributions.  He will be remembered with great fondness and gratitude.
Trendy yuppie sandwich shop.  Or is there a more modern term than 'yuppie'?
In the end decency on both sides prevails.  That's wonderful and quite reassuring in this era of immediate gratification, self-centeredness, and public complaining/shaming.  Good for both of you!  And thanks for the update... many of use were wondering how this situation would turn out.
There really is only one solution:  Practice, practice, practice.
I make butter on a fairly frequent basis -- seems like every holiday leaves me with a lot of extra cream that is seeking to become something.  I've found that the easiest way is to make butter is to use a KitchenAid with wisk attachment.  Start slow to keep the splattering under control and gradually increase the speed as the cream whips and eventually breaks.  It is fun and a good science experience for kids (or anyone else who doesn't know where butter comes from).  In...
If used excessively, texture will suffer.
The time to get thrifty is after dating a while, or after getting married.  A real man should treat a girl he's head-over-heals in love with with dignity and purpose.  Dropping a vague "maybe we should get lunch sometime" could be interpreted as "let's go dutch"... and surely implies only mild interest.  "Why don't you stop over at my place" is even worse since it transfers all of the active participation to her.  The approach suggested in the OP will not only appear...
I, personally, would never date a girl from work (I married one so I should know why and why-not)... and I always keep my personal life separate from work life.  Too much can go wrong.  But whatever you choose to do, good luck!
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