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Hello, and welcome
The only thing I've ever seen that wood used for is furniture. Like at Pier 1 or world market. Not used much in Western world furniture that I know of.
Martha sells them I like end grain maple too and never chipped a vg- ten on one.
That, plus salt & pepper.
Rick has a profound opinion that is based on his experience. I can't validate that and know of many others who can't either. Shun is a fine product. No, I don't get anything from them or anyone else for saying that. Use your own judgement.
Serving size is ten? I hope that's ten big fat ones or I'd still be very hungry.
Very cool. I never would have guessed that was you. Ha I spent an afternoon with Martin Yan a few years ago. Another cleaver master.
Me too, but we had a great meal and dining experience.
Wow. Fascinating. I didn't want it to end!
So, in closing, may I ask the OP, Josh71... do you get the answer to your question?
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