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But now after thinking about it.... Sure, go ahead. Also tell about chefs who use the term crepe instead of flapjack. I'm polite too and will quietly await your response.
Bob,,, no, not really. Maybe later though.
I always thought using that term made chefs sound French, or Cajun... Or maybe Creole.
That's a pretty knife and an even prettier piece of wood. Should be a beauty when you finish!
Realize one thing. The knife experts on these forums tend to be extremists and zealots. Great guys and really smart and I have a lot of respect for them, but they tend to be on the fringe where surgical capability is the minimum requirement. In practical applications less is possible and sometimes less is more. If Cutco works for you that's great. If you want better, that's great too. Think through your real needs and consider the advise accordingly. I like Henkels 4star...
... So what brand knife and which knives specifically have you been happy with? For chopping smoked pork any big chef knife will work. A Chinese cleaver is good because it has wider Surface for lifting the chopped meat not a plate but that's about the only real benefit. I'd suggest that pulling is better than chopping but I realize the regional opinions prevail so I shall refrain from starting that discussion.
I skimmed your post and left, but eventually came back.  Still here.  :) Advise:  (1) when posting please clarify what exactly the problem is.  I'm not sure if your braising liquid tastes like crap or is too thin/thick.  Too much extraneous words, etc.  (2) roux is 50:50, but the amount of roux needed is dependent upon the amount of liquid you are thickening.  Doing it in the pan like you did is the hard way that works if you have experience and may not if you do not have...
Ditto, except I often use the word "mushy" when describing filet. The only time I've had a really tough rib eye is when I was forced to eat one well done.
A very sad ending for a brilliant chef.  May he rest in peace.   (But can you edit the thread title to add his name, please?)
In my area it is stocked by Smart & Final.
New Posts  All Forums: