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I suspect that the potato and pan would bond as a single unit when chilled. Plus, it's how I grew up making "potato pancake" and I know it works. The worst kind of surprise you need is to be scraping your stuck on food out of pans while serving.
But I would not pack in pans. I'd peel and cool for refrigeration. Onsite smash and pack room temp potato into pans and cook
Indeed... Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!
That sounds familiar... my family too. That's why I don't make any beef roast at home.
I'm drinking one of my guilty pleasures right now with my beloved bride! Plymouth G&T.
Oh, sorry. I guess I failed to notice that this thread has been closed to further discussion. Merry Christmas!
I'm sure you can, but it may be prudent to try a single batch and make sure it works before making a bigger investment. This applies to cooking as well as most other ventures in life.
Sounds great! There's something very positive to say about old skool throwback menus!
Re: chipping... that plus, perhaps, sharpening to such an acute angle that would only really be suitable for shaving.
I totally admire your dedication but have a suggestion: start with a known recipe and make the two flavor adaptations to get to your goal. Those recipes might not be good and it would be a shame to keep wasting time and money fiddling with them. Try this as a start - a tried and true traditional mousse recipe from a trusted chef, with very reasonable adaptations: Or this from Wolfgang Pucks former (and best)...
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