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That is a rather unique perspective. I don't totally disagree with it but only when the requirements or "desirements" are well understood. When uncertain of those requirements trying a variety of options is invaluable.
It's not easy to see very clearly, but that sure looks like stress fracture to me.
I'm one of the few around here that seems to like both the German profile and my Shun knives. No problems with sharpness, chipping, or bad looking clad after years of fairly intense home use. I did drop one onto tile and it chipped and the tip bent. Other than that I've been quite satisfied. Suggest you try and decide for yourself. There are plenty of shops that will let you try before you buy.
Yes. Annually, actually
King Arthur has a dough conditioner that they sell in retail quantities.  That might be a good substitute???
Not a good source for supplies for the non-commercial baker, but here is softex (read down near the bottom of the list):   http://www.bakemark.co.uk/site/products/default.asp?cat=3
Strong flour is the British term for a high-gluten flour, or what we call "bread flour" here in the US   Softex sounds like some sort of a conditioning additive for texture.  Maybe something that makes the rolls similar to Wonder bread?  But never heard of that and googling didn't help since that name is associated with a Greek paper towel company.  I don't think that is what the recipe author intended.
That looks just like a Sunday cook-out at Uncle Bill's house.    With a fanciful name it could become the rage of food trucks all across the globe!
I can't help but wonder what the rest of the story is.  Seems like a lot of damage to the knife for just that little amount of corrosion or food crud (whichever it is) and slicing a roast beef... unless it got twisted between the ribs and the ribs were still on the cow.
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