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Some of the bigger supermarkets in my area still have seedless raspberry but it takes some time to shop around and find it.   What seems totally missing, though, is currant jelly.  No Cumberland Sauce with the ham this year due to lack of currant jelly.   Oh... and prepared minced meat.  When it is on the shelf it is dusty.  Don't get me going...
I'm a bit surprised that nobody has mentioned Martha White yet.   (But for Yankee-style cornbread, Jiffy is very inexpensive option that actually isn't as bad a some might think.  Best if batter is made and then left to sit/hydrate for a while before baking.)
Without knowing what the recipe intends to make it is difficult to do more than guess... but perhaps curd refers to paneer (fresh cheese curd)
From USDA regarding labeling of turkeys:   [quote] What Does "Fresh" or "Frozen" Mean on a Turkey Label? The term "fresh" may ONLY be placed on raw poultry that has never been below 26 °F. Poultry held at 0 °F or below must be labeled "frozen" or "previously frozen." No specific labeling is required on poultry between 0 and 26 °F. This poultry label rule addresses a truth-in-labeling issue, not food safety, because most pathogenic bacteria do not multiply or multiply...
The specified temp for frozen meat is well below the temp for frozen water.  So for a fresh turkey there will likely be some frozen water inside.  Ask Alton Brown - he did a TV show that explains the details, I believe in Series 1.
Is this a haunting by the ghost of BdL?
Perhaps this is proof that the "rules" are quite flexible, and the difference between ideal and good-enough can be quite large. Some cooking rules are more forgiving to alteration than others.
Your manager is right: that approach will likely offend more than it pleases and could be perceived as discriminatory sales practices. A special that is a limited offer (only n available tonight) may be a better approach. Secret menus are cute but making it available to only some customers is not.
Very interesting picture Ziggy.  I'd give you 4 cents for that if I could; Thanks.   I've seem several pics of chipped edges and often wondered if it was really a result of metallurgy or heavy use/abuse.
Perhaps you should be asking the Chinese people what they use at home.  How wrong can a billion Wongs be?   I use a round bottom like your first option (the un-numbered option), but with the loop handles.  It works just fine on gas.  All of the rest look to expensive, but I haven't clicked all the links to do that homework.
New Posts  All Forums: