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I'll bet that it really isn't more complex than perfectly made risotto using a perfectly made oxtail broth. And then the perfectly cut garnishes. You can do it! The mystery is how it turned out so white. May have been a thin soup stock. I can imagine how that would have appealed to the audience more than a really beefy soup stock.
Hosogai Oxtail royale and tartare toast Oxtail red wine stew Oxtail soup with gyoza Oxtail risotto Shochu sorbet   Sakai Oxtail jelly and broad bean mousse with oxtail Oxtail foie gras croquette Oxtail red wine stew Risotto with oxtail, ginger, bamboo shoot, enoki   You might be referring to the last item.  "Rice in soup".   I could deal with the bone marrow, but might have to forgoe Hosokai's horsemane fat tartare. (where's the puking emoji???)
bone marrow and tea.  and red wine.   Chef Sakai, however, made more of a stew than a soup.   If memory serves...     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dezEmcrHswQ
A dozen cooks in what kind of environment? My former church would do similar but every cook would prepare the pasta at home in smaller quantities and bring it in hotel pans for service. Consistency was a real problem, both because each "mom-chef" seemed to have different idea of al dente and the transportation from home to church varied too. Sauce was a lot easier to get consistency (or at least to combine for a single taste). Once the church acquired better facilities and...
Warpage would immediately make me suspicious of overheating. Does it have blue color to the metal also?   I have some older stainless steel pans (made in Canada) that started out flat (to the best of my distant recollection) but developed a bit of a domed bottom. That is a bit of a problem because sautéing is difficult. But for boiling, stewing, or steaming it really doesn't matter much.   Neither warps nor dings necessarily makes the pan unusable.   As Mimi said, a...
Dropping the pan or setting it down hard on a hard surface tends to do that.
I spent years baking and adapting Peter Reinhardt's recipe... But there still isn't anything better than a fresh warm cinnabon!
Funny, that. I don't disagree. Google search engine treats the two words as synonyms. Odd or not?
The Sri Lankans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamomum_verum  
I'm not going to pile onto the other comments because I just googled both "pan seasoning" and "pan curing"... and both chefs are correct. Took me less than 2 minutes to find the info. Reading it might take longer but...   The history is a different issue. I have never seen much on the history. Maybe McGee has something to say about that, IDK. If nothing else, you can make up a good story about the first user of a cast iron griddle and how she (it would have ben a "she"...
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