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I've always just used the dough hook. Why get the paddle dirty? And although I don't have a Hobart, I always knead at slow speed.
Dramatic break. Sad story. Sorry for your loss. Thanks for joining CT to tell your story.
I was thinking similar, but rethought. Sandwiches and tomatoes and cheese. The set is still a bargain.
At of that, except the knife satchel, was eBay shopping over the years.
... Or a bit of xanthan gum while you are blending. 1/8 tsp per cup
I'm alone tonight (just me and the dog) so eating leftovers - chicken liver and truffle pate on crackers with cornichon and olives on the side. Too lazy to cook at the moment.
Not that this should matter, but the 4-star may be new old stock. A while ago they updated that line as Four Star II, which has a different handle. Not sure if anything else changed but the original 4 star line is classic and long a pro favorite. That could be why the prices are so good. I remember paying through the nose for them in 1980 or so.
Your not missing anything. If it's a Henkels 4Star that would want... The set is one heck of a bargain!
... And some "no name American" that get frequent use. 10 and 12"
My traveling kit: Not particularly expensive, either, especially if one is a patient shopper.
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