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Don't boil them.  Please.  A lot of flavor will be going down the drain.  Cooking them the way I (ATK, really) suggests keeps all of the flavor in the pot.  The first time I tried it I was uncertain and was tempted to boil firt... but have faith.  Try it this way; you won't regret it.  I promise... really!
If you like mashed sweet potato there is a technique I learned from America's Test Kitchen:  Slice and put into a pot with a couple TBSP butter and about 1/4 - 1/2 C cream.  Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally (especially near the end to keep it from scorching) until soft.  Then beat with a spoon until smooth.  This makes the best and most flavorful mashed sewwt potato I've ever tasted.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allium_tuberosum   they grow like weeds -- LITERALLY -- in my garden.  I appreciate learning another way to consume them!
Is coffee all that is bothering you?  After I reached a certain age (I think it was 12 -- ha ha) I started getting bothered by many acidic foods -- soda, coffee, spaghetti sauce, chili -- and have had to take acid blocking medication.  Pepcid for a long time but it stopped working and then Prilosec.  That took care the issue 100% until a doctor started warning me about the potential side affects: C.Dif and calcium deficiencies.  So now I take one at the slightest hint (or...
Jacque Pepin has a foolproof baba in his book Complete Techniques.
Like kaneohegirlinaz, I freeze and re-freeze pastry with no ill effects.  I always ensure that it is double-wrapped to avoid any freezer-related dehydration.
IDK - gremlins is a better answer than I would have proposed.   But pizza dough with out salt could be very bland.  I (or my kitchen gremlins) always put some salt into the dough.   If you don't mind me asking a personal question... but are you taking any medications that may be altering your taste buds?  That happened to a friend of mine once.
Interesting question.  There is a role for both, but I find myself "googling" information a lot more than before.    Cookbooks have two things going for them: credibility of author, and content focus.  For example, most of the cookbooks I own/use are from authors who I know and can trust for reliable recipes.  In terms of content focus, if I want to bake bread I know I can reach for Bernard Clayton's bread book and have a lot of bread recipes to choose from.   There...
No, I simply expressed my experience.  Notice, I never disagreed with you except for MY preference for a round stone vs a rectangular based on MY experience.  But since you have decided to go public with your eye-poking... you seem to be the one who gets argumentative more than most others onthis forum.  What a joke you can be at times.  Take your own advise and "move on".  I have no problem with you, your opinions, or your postings.  Move on.
Wonderful... so we agree.  Circulation in the oven is important.  That's great!  You use rectangle; I use round... whatever works for each of us is all that really matters.   I know the Fibrament line of products quite well.  I also know the OldStone line, and the Forno Bravo products.  There are many good options for baking stones.   Re: the topic of the thread... I've found that 50-50 whole and white flour can make a fluffy loaf but it is rarely as fluffy as 100?...
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