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I don't fry much, but if I did I'd do that too!
Me too, an adder for both crumbs and egg. Not so much of an adder with flour since that's where the seasoning is. Like cheflayne my head has been judiciously and frugally pounded.
Mix with prepared yellow mustard to squirt on burgers.
Yippie!  Congratulations!
You answer your own question... risk of contamination and resulting food-borne illness. There is a risk in doing what you do but it might be a problem and it might not. This is one of those gray area discussions. It is always best to bread and fry relatively soon thereafter (not bread on Monday and hold until Wed)... but if you are working clean and refrigerating effectively you might not have a problem. Is time so precious on Wed that you cannot bread before cooking? If...
Well that must be why I don't like lap Chan too much. Ha ha.
After steaming on rice the only further preparation I've ever done is slicing the sausage. Seems sweeter than ham to me. I like only small quantities but I really love the greasy layer of rice
There are mAny variables that make it difficult to answer your question. Storage conditions and the amount of contAmination that might be present will make the difference. Bottom line, if you take the risk there is a higher chance of getting sick. How to tell: brown submarine versus Hershey squirts. Cramps too if things go really wrong. I'd rather not take those risks.But seriously, if a little bit of egg and bread wastage in the interest of food safety is beyond your...
I wouldn't worry too much if it is just between lunch and dinner, and the meatloaf will be fully cooked. In the OP it was "a few days" of contaminated crumb storage. Will you also be using your leftover contaminated egg in that meatloaf?
Me too.  And sometimes I just squeeze it between thumb and forefinger.
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