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Thanks for clarifying your point. I missed it but now get it.
For me there is a step 3a: cover.  I would love to hear @Someday's method too.
... or rub with oil/shortening/lard (very very very thin layer) and bake upside down at 350 for a few hours to build up the start of your pan's seasoning.
Potato and cheese soup.   Roasted potato in cheese sauce.   Nicoise salad.   Cornish pasty.   ... but phatch's potato patty suggestion brings back very fond childhood memories!
Ya, why not??
... and I'm the complete opposite kind of nut: oil board once a decade, wash in hot water with dish detergent but dry immediately and store on side. Never yet had a crack nor food poisoning.
If I were you I'd call the folks at Catskills, tell them what you did, and ask for advice on what to do next. To me all of your past efforts seems quite extreme and unnecessary.
Sure you can. But no bread in the meatball?
For 1 loaf I steep 1 tsp mahlepi in simmering water rather than grind and incorporate. This method may not be typical but I get good flavor with no specks in the crumb. The mastic, a chunk between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp per loaded is ground with the sugar. I think the Greeks use a deep red egg... but it's the sentiment and significance that counts more than the color, in my opinion.
Make a dish that is consistent with the theme. Post a pic with description. If selected as winner you'd be the one to chose the theme next month (and the winner too).
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