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I go, annually, to two county fairs in my area.  My favorite exhibits are the preserved and baked goods... and the little piggies too.   At both fairs it seems that there are "favored" entrants who seem to win most of the prizes.  Often I can clearly see why.  Other times, though it is much less obvious, especially in baked goods.  It seems like some entries may come with a "halo" and "aura" because they come from highly experienced entrants who have past wins.  No...
Hey Mike, have you cooked those TJ's scallops yet?
I must be living under a rock because over the weekend I had my first taste of beef tendon.  The guy at a local pho restaurant suggested it, but he warned that many people seem afraid of it.  What a wonderful taste sensation.  Pure gelatinous yumminess.   Aside pho, what other beef tendon uses are there?  Any recipes to share?
Baking powder (and baking soda) are ingredients that I feel free to throw out and replace often.  Baking powder "goes bad" with age and humidity.  Baking soda picks up bad smells. Double-acting is like insurance... good to have.
OMG... I've been all over their site and never saw that.  Thanks for opening my eyes!
Thanks.  The scale is a "no-brainer".  I can easily figure out how to weigh salt to a volumetric recipe.  That's the easy part.   But which kosher salt?  Are they really all the same?  I read that the anti-cake ingredient in Morton can settle out.  Is that what leads to cloudiness?  Or is it other minerals in sea salt? ... and why would Morton say on their box to use their Kosher salt instead of pickling salt when it is at least 50% lighter? Most pickle recipes seem to...
The new project this year has been canning and pickling. All has been going well, until I did a little too much research. Now I need help from experienced canners and picklers... substitutions for canning and pickling salt. Canning and pickling salt simply does not seem to exist in my area. I've used Morton Kosher as a substitute but read that Morton is not best due to the anti-caking additives. I read that Diamond Crystal is better (more pure) so I got a box. I read...
TJ does not seem very forthcoming with truth about some of their product. Never tried their sea scallop after bad experience with their Chinese bay scallop and certain beef products that are clearly not "dry". Please let us know how they work out for you. Re: cooking - I'm a sear and serve kind of guy.
Velveeta Queso Fundito only clumps up when cooled if there is insufficient quantity of Rotel in it.  Ha ha ha.
Folks on this forum tend to express hate for Shun (calling it "fake Japanese" and asserting that there are better bargains available) but I can assure you that if the handle feels OK in your hand you will love working with a Shun chef knife.  High quality and very sharp.  Not inexpensive but you'll be getting a great quality product for your hard-earned money.  For a different feeling handle also look into the Shun Premier... a bit fuller and more in the Western...
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