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Things are stable Mike.
Beer and tomato juice? Never intentionally tried that!
Well I'm interested in talking beer. Shandy or other mixed beer cocktail is an interesting topic.
If you want a set of Shun Premeir knives, those in that set are among the most useful. Only knife missing IMO is a serrated bread knife. While Galleys comment on some Shun complaints are true, it is not clear that such complaints constitutes a majority opinion or a significant proportion of Shun users. Some were clearly abused. One such complainer bases speculation of poor heat treatment on a single knife. If that is what you desire and they meet your needs then have few...
But as some say - that said... I just can't wrap my tongue around beer-based cocktails... No matter how it's pronounced. Squeezing a lime in a Mexican beer is as close as I can get. I'm either a purist or just a stick in the mud.
regional pronunciations are commonplace everywhere. It's no surprise to learn that France is no different.
gentlemen... Decorum see voo play!
Best way to avoid that kind of rust is to not put a whisk through the dishwasher.   Since whisks mysteriously end up in dishwashers occasionally, best way to avoid rust is to get a better whisk.   Any whisk with that metal separator will rust eventually. That is the hallmark of a cheap whisk.   I only use metal whisks and when rarely wanting a new one I make sure that the handle is sealed. I have one that is perfect size and shape but the handle has a "drain hole"...
If you like that kind of reading, you should also consider Cod and Pencil. http://www.amazon.com/Cod-Biography-Fish-Changed-World/dp/0140275010 http://www.amazon.com/The-Pencil-History-Design-Circumstance/dp/0679734155
It is finicky to make but cooks and looks great.  Tastes great too.  Try it!
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