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If you return the incorrect order at their expense they might start paying attention to making sure the order is correctly fulfilled the first time. Or buy from a more reliable supplier. That situation is frustrating but should be easily resolved.
Could be a case of constructive criticism more than a complaint. Thank them and seriously consider implementing changes that my apply.
I agree with Iceman.  But I feel compelled to ask (at the risk of getting hammered by all the "knife experts" here)... are you more willing to believe random opinion on the internet, or your own experience handling some alternatives?   Opinions are like...  and you get what you paid for them.  :)   Hammer away, folks; I'm  your nail.
Before you dump the knife completely, you may want to have it professionally sharpened.   Different steels sharpen better with different stones, hones, and techniques.  It's not easy to figure out, especially when one is still learning the basics.   And don't forget, opinions are like (sphincters), everyone has one.  Some are better than others, though.  Whichever really works is best.   If your knife cannot draw blood... then it is still dull.
For a tube steak, perhaps.
I've had magnificent results with old no-name carbon knives like that. To the point that I almost regret the majority of my knife buys and enough to keep me from spending on "real" Japanese knives. If all you want to do is cut for cooking it maybe sufficient. For anything but home use the only potential problem may be wood handles.
What $7 knife did you get?
Yup, knowing how to properly use thy tools is as important as knowing what tools to use for what and when. But since this thread is from 2012 I hope the OP figured that out already.
I'll adopt them and give them a good foster home until you return.
In Massachusetts we had cook outs, but we used a barbeque grill.
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