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This discussion is pretty tame. Interesting and informative too.
In a rush tonight, so seared some burgers in a cast iron pan. Cutting and toting and setting up the Christmas tree took more time than expected!
Why haven't you reported it to the police?
Welcome! IBS and food allergies in kids is a tough situation but in time adapting is possible... as you know. We have a child with severe peanut allergy and been through a couple of emergency room visits due to cross-contamination. Good luck and looking forward to hearing your experiences.
Scott: The mystique of any knife isn't as much what you see as it is what you feel and experience. . But thanks for plugging alternatives... it richens the discussion. I've been noticing an interesting thing about Chinese knock-offs of many products... they often are quite good. Very unlike "the olden days".
Dinner tonight: a couple of gin & tonics (Plymouth gin) followed by enchiladas filled with chorizo and smothered in a guajillo chile sauce.
Best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery!
i assumed it meant "modification". As in, "I'd like a Big Mac, no cheese, and ketchup instead of catsup".
I made the same decision when I was a lot younger than you. I still miss cooking but never looked back. When I retire I might cook professionally again... who knows.
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