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Ate at a small restaurant, hoping for relaxed meal. Couple came in with child who screamed and cryed throughout. It was only by the time I'd finished eating that they took the child outslde.   Now trying to think what the most reasonable approach would be that would salvage some enjoyment for myself. I'm thinking I'd just ask for doggie bags and finish the meal at home.    Is this the preferred option, or are there better ones?
I'm going to buy a couple of locally-raised pork chops from a butcher. My question is, what's a good, simple way to bring out the flavor of the pork? 
I like to cook a strip steak on high in a cast iron skillet for about 2 minutes/side, and almost no fat renders into the pan. It tastes wonderful, but I just tried to imagine how a grill pan could make it even better. 
When cooking a steak, is there any difference besides appearance when you use a grill pan on a stovetop vs a cast iron skillet?
The manual for my new Bosch induction warns to only use Autochef (temperature maintaining feature) with suitable pans, which are, of course, available from Bosch at extra cost. Their pans are stainless/aluminum clad with non-stick, and I have others (non-stick and regular) that are made with the same sandwich. Is the warning about using Bosch pans mostly a sales gimmick?
Are the handles the main difference between a sauté pan and a brazier like this:   https://www.katom.com/158-5724009.html   IE, can they be used for the same things?
What about a mortar & pestle?
I have some frozen melon chunks and strawberries that I'd like to thaw and use in smoothies. However, I'd rather not add another appliance to my countertop, especially one that needs hand cleaning. Best for me is something I can use and put in the dishwasher.   Do you think a potato ricer would be up to this task? I should add that I will never want kale in my smoothie, that I only need one serving at a time, and that I don't care if the drink is really smooth. I just...
I found the old installation manual, and it does have an "air shutter" screw near the burner. Open the gap to eliminate yellow tipping, it says.   Does that sound about right?
No adjustment screw mentioned in the manual. I cleaned the jets as best I could, using a wire brush. It burns blue for a few seconds, then the flame grows to about 4 inches (without a pan on it) of bright yellow. 
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