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Foodpump, thanks! That's just the kind of clear, rational (!) explanation I was hoping for. 
This is an interesting document, as it explains how the device is positioned in its marketing.   Two things mentioned are the lean organization concept and "de-skilling" those cooking technques that normally require advanced skills. So I think it's partly a device that chefs can enjoy playing with, and also a process automator that low level staff can...
Just curious how it's justified as a business investment.
While browsing a restaurant supply catalog (as an amateur myself), I came across this:   While the description emphasizes its usefulness for a chef/cook, I wonder if it's more to make lower-paid staff capable of turning out portions of the chef's creations without knowing much about cooking.   Have you used one of these, or seen it in action?
My guesses about this are:   1. They all compete by minimizing costs for customer service and fulfillment. 2. A late or wrong order is a serious matter if the item essential to a business. Not like getting the wrong novel from Amazon. So some places will get 5 stars from one customer and 1 from another. 3. Most customers, if they have no experience or at least no bad experience with a company, shop mostly on price. My kind of compulsive research before ordering is just...
FSW is going out of biz. No returns, and horrible comments on Glassdoor from former employees. I used them years ago and they were good. Now it would be a gamble.
A few years ago I ordered a number of pots & pans (for home use) from Katom. Lately I've seen some negative reviews of Katom (late shipment, poor C.S., etc.) -- and I know such reviews need to be taken with a few grains of salt -- but before I place another order, I wonder if there are online sources you've had good recent experience with.
Ate at a small restaurant, hoping for relaxed meal. Couple came in with child who screamed and cryed throughout. It was only by the time I'd finished eating that they took the child outslde.   Now trying to think what the most reasonable approach would be that would salvage some enjoyment for myself. I'm thinking I'd just ask for doggie bags and finish the meal at home.    Is this the preferred option, or are there better ones?
I'm going to buy a couple of locally-raised pork chops from a butcher. My question is, what's a good, simple way to bring out the flavor of the pork? 
I like to cook a strip steak on high in a cast iron skillet for about 2 minutes/side, and almost no fat renders into the pan. It tastes wonderful, but I just tried to imagine how a grill pan could make it even better. 
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