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       Good day fellow lovers of food , first point I would like to say is that the language that we are using to describe the education process may be flawed . Calling it chef school ( not by the school )when it is actually a cook school could possibly be confusing the young cooks what they will be when they graduate . The school will sell more spots in their classes if they can allude to a greater success . Ask any honest instructor what level you will be when you...
broiler stretcher , left handed monkey wrench , buckets of steam , chicken lips . My personal fave is to get someone to chop flour and please use 2 knives to be done quicker.
                      Since you are not getting payed you will want to minimize the stress level . I suggest the day before grill 50 6oz steaks to med- rare , cover with fried mushrooms and onions , let cool , put in 2 inch hotel pan ,  wrap with plastic wrap , then with foil . Mark foil with marker " steak" . Reserve . In another hotel pan put bacon ,  nice sausage , small grilled ham steaks . Repeat covering steps and write on with marker "breakfast meat". In another...
Good day , more reasons for cooking wines   - the export tax for food ( cooking wine ) is about 50% of the export tax for regular wine , that can be a difference of a few dollars a bottle. This is probably the main one. - most thirsty staff members will not drink cooking wine or salted alchoholic cooking liquers , but some will !! - to make money off wine that could not be sold as regular vintages
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