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Thanks a lot for explaining the mechanics of serration. How difficult is it sharpen a serrated knife? I'm guessing that one should take the knives to a professional sharpening service.
A bread knife, yes, but are serrated steak knives a good idea? When else would you want a serrated knife?
Has anyone tried Huitlacoche? From
I rarely make sandwiches but I've been having an, ahem, tummyache lately and my mother, who is an M.D., recommended switching to a more balanced diet of sandwiches for a few days. Honey whole wheat bread, duck liver white truffle pate mousse, Groezinger Estonska (smooth, rich but mild).
Let's start a neverending thread to log what we cook for dinner each day. I'll start: 12oz New York strip steak: grass-fed Longhorn, USDA Choice, dry aged; mixed vegetables: heirloom bell peppers, Hatch sweet onions, zucchini; all grilled over whole lump charcoal.
This is what my parents have told me: Rich, dark color. Puckered end (imagine the end as navel, you want as much of an "innie" as possible). Density (estimate weight per volume) Thoughts?
What species of eggs have you had? I've had chicken, duck and quail. Quail, usually cooked but once raw, served in a shot glass with some champagne. Duck has an incredibly high amount cholesterol. I believe one egg has more than 110% of your daily values! Have you had any other species? I've heard about robin and ostrich eggs, but I'm sure there are many other edible ones out there. How about reptile eggs? Roe (fish eggs) does not count! We can have another thread for...
Erik, your essay was astounding. I hope to one day be an oyster connoiseur like yourself. You mentioned "industry", what industry would that be? Are you a chef, a fishmonger or an oyster farmer? I am less concerned about bacterial contamination as I am about pollutants. The Gulf is reputed to be fairly polluted, though this may no longer be the case. The oysters I consume are usually farmed in Louisiana. I'm particularly concerned because bivalves are filter feeders and...
I don't think there are very many wild mushrooms in Madisonville, which is about 100 miles northeast of College Station, in other words, in the middle of nowhere in East Texas. The reason why it's held there is that the Monterrey mushroom company is based in Madisonville. Shroomgirl, you should come! It'll be loads of fun. So who wants to go? Last year, I got second place in the cooking contest with my shitake risotto (Chinese gold Kokuho rice, homemade mushroom and mirepoix stock, fresh shitakes, grated Stravecchio cheese). I really hope to cinch it this year.
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