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I have seen deep fried pork sparerib threads on other boards.   I would be willing to try a deep fried steak.
what KYH said.   You may have time for greens, snap peas, radishes
welcome tcollins  
Here in the land of the best pork and beef, it is hard to find fresh shanks. All we carry are smoked. I would imagine if you found them with skin on it would make a better dish.
lol, chicken jello shots!   You also just answered the question, "Do vegans eat jello?"   gelatin is derived from collagen from skin, bones and connective tissues of animals.
which one have you used?
I am tired of listening people feeding misinformation. Whether it be other stores/restaurants or my coworkers.   I had always used the eye of the ribeye.   What have you used, or seen advertised as a Delmonico Steak?
I had always heard you can make a pie, sweet or savoury, bake it, freeze it. When time comes for service, pop pie in oven and bake at original time/temp and it will come out like fresh.   I do make a lot of pies every year and have not tried this.
KFC is nasty stuff   Popeye's  ROCKS!!   If you must eat takeaway.   otherwise this is the best   Be sure and get their house drink, the "Chicken Choker". Very similar to a Hurricane.
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