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I'd bet it's your baking powder. I did a side by side comparison of baking powders a long while back. I used all the same ingredients and technique in all the batches, only different baking powders. I found that when using Bob's Red Mill I got even color, Bakewell's Cream light spots, Rumford's medium spots and Hain Pure Foods dark spots. I still use Hain's for everything because it had the least bitter "baking powder" taste.
If I were in Chicago, my first choice would be the French Pastry School. I've heard great things from their former students. The French Pastry School - Chicago
Sounds cool. Should be fun.
I'll be there! You can find more info about the competitors here. Untitled Document Since it will be at a new venue, it's difficult for me to say whether the dinner ticket would be worth the extra cost or not. The buffet was okay last year but the evening was more about spending one last meal with the people we see all week at the forum before we go home. Where we were the last two years, people would move on after maybe an hour or so and head down to the bar but...
I'm not sure how much the hang out factor will change this year in Nashville because of the new venue but the last couple of years it's been great because everyone hangs out and grabs a drink after classes. The chefs are very accessible and open to hanging around and talking. I've found myself at an impromptu chocolate tasting with Franz Zeigler.The look in his eyes when he talked of picking a fresh cacoa pod and tasting it made it an evening I'll never forget. I want to...
I've been a student before and a volunteer. I personally love the event. It's a great place to meet people in the industry and I've really enjoyed the classes. It's always cool to meet up with people that you chat with on sites like this. The website is Index if anyone wants to check it out. I've been told that I can post here that if you mention the code word ROUNDUP and say you heard it here on cheftalk you can get a $250 discount if you sign up before May 31st....
I'm sorry to hear you got cut. That sucks. After watching the last couple of shows though, it might be smarter on their part. Looks like they've filmed a few shows with lots of contestants in the challenge but only a few that actually made it into the show. The seafood challenge had like a dozen or so chefs but they concentrated on the ones that got medals. It would be a real pisser to travel all that way and work so hard just to watch the show and not be in it. If you...
Woo-hoo! You're going to be great. Don't fret too much.
Go for it! You have the talent! Just go in there and do what ya' do! You'll be great. I agree with Momoreg on the feeling of accomplishment you'll get just by rising to the challenge. Let us know what you decide.
Here in Portland, it's served in most of the vietnamese restaurants and they call it "three color". The first time I had it, it was one of those things of pointing and saying "I'lll have what she's having." :lol: It's been one of my favorite things ever since. I love 'em.
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