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I appreciate all your advice and suggestions. One last question regarding flattening: Do you use the DMT XXC to fix all your stones, or would something so aggressively abrasive be detrimental to the higher grit stones?
     The primary knife in question is a Kikuichi TKC gyuto, although I do have designs to pick up a set of Konosuke HDs in the near future. The goal here is to perform regular maintenance on knives that see heavy use in a professional kitchen environment. I can do this fairly well with the resources currently available to me, I'm just ready to make an investment that will provide consistent results.       One thing I've always been confused about is the difference...
I have a few questions as I contemplate purchasing a set of stones for myself. A little background info:      I purchased a 1000/4000 Norton dual sided stone years ago when I was new to sharpening. I kind of regret this purchase, and prefer to pick and choose between stones belonging to other cooks I work with. Typically I am able to progress through 600/1000/6000 and sometimes 12000 if I'm lucky. I value a sharp knife and can typically push cut paper and pop hairs off...
Thanks for the info guys. One last question: how do I gauge how much metal to take off? I want to avoid grinding to the point where it becomes detrimental.
From what I understand about thinning, I will be grinding a larger, more acute bevel that runs up the side of the knife. And then I would go back and run through my usual sharpening progression. Is this correct? If so, I have a few questions: Is there any way I should be measuring this angle? How far up the side of the knife should the bevel run? What do you (BDL) mean when you say "Allow the bevel to get wider and more acute as it runs up the belly to the...
I deburr on a wine cork before moving to the 4k stone, and use a fine ceramic Idahone as needed.
          Hope this helps.
     I have been the proud owner of a 240mm Kikuichi TKC gyuto for almost 2 years now. It has seen heavy use in professional kitchens, but has never been mistreated or used inappropriately. When I first received it, I would touch up on stones weekly and give a good sharpen on a monthly basis (50/50 edge), 600/1000/4000/6000 stones, honing on fine ceramic frequently. Now I don't consider myself god's gift to knife sharpening, but I know what I'm doing. This knife has been...
I own a Kikuichi TKC gyuto (semi-stainless), and there must have been some moisture in the saya I stored it in as there were a few small rust spots on it when I pulled it out the other day. I have no experience cleaning rust off knives and am wondering what the is the best course of action?
I'm wondering what the process is for putting a mirror finish on a knife? The knife I plan on doing it to is a Kikuichi TKC gyuto.
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