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I honestly think that we (as in society in general) have become FAR too obsessed with surgical, sanitised cleanliness.   I may be controversial here but unless there are clods of earth hanging off my veg, I don't wash them at all.
The idea of chefs and home cooks actually physically trying to make food taste like fast food is weird... Come on folks, there are a million ways of making chicken taste delicious, why would you want it to taste like fried cardboard?
Butter does contain lactose from the milk so technically I suppose it could be considered caramelised...burnt butter is 'orrible though, why would you want to? :)
I would give the cheese a miss to be honest, there is enough fat there already. I like your idea though. Maybe try skewering the resulting minirolls to help keep them from falling apart, the heat would penetrate the middle better too. Just a thought.
Further to the other guys, they are spot on about the cheese, you may even find it seperates into it's constituent parts on thawing...however, you can freeze cream if you whisk plenty air into it prior to freezing and make sure you freeze quickly. Don't ask me to explain the science of it but the microscopic air bubbles keep the structure intact. Just remember to freeze quickly and thaw slowly.
The leaves of all Brassicas can be eaten (as far as I am aware) but be aware that Broccoli leaves are not dissimilar to Turnip or Swede leaves, i.e. VERY bitter. Great advice earlier about using it to bulk up soups but use with caution and make sure there is something there to balance out the bitterness.
Greetings. I am a retired chef of far more years than I care to remember.   It's nice to stumble upon a discussion group that doesn't appear to indulge in constant sniping and superiority trips but instead concentrates on actually helping people with queries as well as sharing knowledge ad expertise. Bravo!   I hope to, if you would all be so kind, perhaps divulge some of my experiences in decades of catering.   Bill.
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