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This is what the judges were looking for in the Matignon.  I sweated it and added a splash of Madiera.  I did not pass the test and will take it again. 
Thank you sir for your answer.  I will stop trying to save it and move on.
I found a knife at work last spring and my boss said I could keep it.  It is a cheap Dexter "iCut" knife and I can not sharpen it.  I tried raised a burr and couldn't get to do this simple step in sharpening.  I was wondering if the steel had anything to do with it not taking an edge.  All of my knives are sharp and kept sharp, but I'm beginning to think this knife should be a garden knife to dig in the ground with.  So is X45CrMo15 a PITA to sharpen or am I not getting...
I am getting ready to take CSC and I need to make Matignon.  If I look it up Escoffier, it says to finely mince the onion, carrots and celery and cut he ham with a paysanne cut.  The chef who is helping me says to cut everything with a paysanne.  Do different versions of the book say different things?  Has anyone out there who has taken CSC comment on which way to make this? Thanks
I am also a Weber user.  I recently got a char-griller and I am finding the barrel style a bit of a challenge.  I used two webers a big one and small 17" one when my family came over.  Over the years I cooked everything from turkeys to apple pie on the weber.  People coming this weekend and I'm going to play with the Char-griller again to do ribs. What is the bullet?
I would also like to ask the question about ridged griddles.  I am using my mothers--a square skillet with ridges.  It does a nice job of finishing steaks and I used this winter for grilling romaine lettuce.  I think I would like a two burner  ridged griddle and don't know if I should go cast iron--lodge or alum with all clad being the one that jumps into my memory right now.  My mother (who is soon to be 88) uses hers for cooking sandwiches, thin pork cutlets and minute...
  You make me feel good I have morels at $19.99 a pound.  This is at the local grocery.  Still not going to buy them.    A ripoff is only a ripoff if you buy it and you feel that you didn't get your money's worth.  If I want to make a dinner with fresh rainbow trout, local picked asparagus, and local fresh morel mushrooms, I might pay $50 a pound for the mushrooms.  And I would think the dinner was divine.     I think the biggest rip off is food that is not fresh being...
try about 1/2 cup Dijon mustard couple healthy splashes of Worcestershire(little more than 1/2 teaspoon)  and hot sauce to taste
Wow, you have my knife.   I have the red handled "9".  It is a great all round knife, but the knife I use more is the mini-paring knife(flamingo handle).  I do salads and cold prep.  The mini-parer is always in my pocket.  I am thinking of adding the Bread knife.  I don't want to sound like an ad, but I have been happy with the "9" and thinking of selling my 8" Shun, although I like the feel of the Shun.  How many knives do I need anyway? Wait I'm asking the wrong people. 
I read your heretical views of sharpening knifes and secretly applauded you. I have used a DMT red plate on my wood turning/planes since 1999.  I just replaced it with the fine/extra fine (red/green) plate and stand.  I then found the ex-course/course(blue/black) plate on sale.  I use the blue/black to work the edges of old knifes that have been brutalized by the Electric Stone.(The evil Electric Stone lived in another part of the kitchen, until I kidnapped it and hid...
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