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I think Ramsay's issue had a lot to do with the ethics involved. "Maine" lobsters somewhat carry a "name" brand of expected quality. Canadian lobsters may very well be the same lobsters but don't have the same price-point as Maine lobsters. 
The pain in me feet was so bad that first nite that when I got up to go pee I fell right on my head after standing up. The pain was bad enough to keep me from going to work that first day. I don't know from kidney stones or birthing. 
They're (won-ton wrappers) the ones that are smaller than egg-roll wrappers. 3.5-4 inches square maybe. They also come round. Sammiching 2 of them makes beautiful raviolis. I use round for cheese and square for meat ... or vice-versa.  Folding 1 over on itself is for pierogis. Making raviolis or pierogis I use them right off the stack. For lasagna I cook them for 10-seconds in tap water as hot as it will get. You gotta be careful because if you put too many in the pan they...
I'm out.
I'll call the "Severe Neuropathy" and raise back with three(3) carpal tunnel surgeries (the first surgeon was a hack). 
"Mothers ... don't let your kids grow up to become old over-weight flat-footed chefs."
danigrlcatering ..... WELCOME to ChefTalk. The post before yours was over 3 years ago. It's OK ... everyone has done it.
I use square Asian won-ton wrappers and stack them like Napoleons. I like having 4 layers; cheese, stuff, stuff, cheese. They are perfect portion size and they look fantastic on the plate. I'm not telling you to change and do it my way. I'm just having conversation because I'm bored. I'm freakin' layed up with plantar fasciitis. Two(2) important valuable words to remember ... ARCH SUPPORT.
Brilliant piece of information! You GO!!! Helen.
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