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Well then fp ... there it is ... If she can show it off ... she can show it off. Maybe she uses it kinda like a "sales tool". Think of it this way ... Would you rather it be HER or ME serving you your coffee?!?
Hey foodpump ... All things being what they were ... did she at the very least ... have nice looking legs?!? Did she have some bit of a hot look w/ the phone strapped to her leg?!? I mean ... you know ... was it worth the effort?!?
This thread is killing me. Who hired these employees that you need some kinda "Rules ..."?!?  Throw that away. 1) RULE ... DO YOUR JOB. Hire people that have intelligence higher than potted plants. Stay off your phone ... or you're out. Wash your hands ... you idiot moron ... because you work in a kitchen ... or you're out. Criminy Pete ... If you're any kinda real boss we're not having this conversation. 
NONE. ... Very simple. Why do you need to ... since you found them online?
LOL ... "The World of Entitlement".   I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' ... I don't know about Starbucks' policy, in general, but by my house lots of the coffee workers have visible tatts. Whenever I'm in place with a no service kinda attitude  ... I just start tossing stuff around ... like launching stuff with a spoon-catapult. People start moving. My wife usually gets ready to walk out. 
LOL ... You are absolutely cracking me up here!!!        I'm amazed that you are so willing to work for the scale I'm paid.        It comes out ... on average, to be between ... $8-hr and $12.50-hr.  Most of the common shifts I work are 8-12 hours. 
"Blue tape" is a type of masking tape used by painters. It sticks really nice but doesn't leave any glue, it leaves a very nice clean edge and it doesn't peal up anything painted underneath it. As to that use of "dental floss" to cut things ... I used that for a good long while ... until I switched to guitar strings. They last much longer and cut much easier.
I'm thinking 17.LOL. I bust my butt in the BOH for $100/shift. You know why?!? Because I'm that good. I've always got work. I work a "shift" whether it's 4-hrs or 14-hrs. The boss called me because he needed a fire put out. At the end of the shift, NO kitchen clean-up included, I get a $100-handshake. None of my plates came back. The FOH says, "Thanks for your specials.". The BOH says, "Thanks for covering our asses. ... See you next time.". Go look up "WORK ETHIC"."We...
LOL. This is getting crazy. The day a worker tells a boss they should be making more than someone else is the day they should look for alternate employment. You need to only worry about yourself and be happy you are employed. Attitudes that include, "I'm not working for only minimum wage." make it easier to shorten pay-rolls. When $15 is probably $5 more than "decent cooks" are getting now, I don't think there is any room for conversation. That's just Me I guess. YMMV.
I generally can't stand kids. I don't want them anywhere I go out to eat. Little kids should all be on an island somewhere far away. People choosing to have kids should be stuck with them at all times. You wanted them ... you keep them.
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