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re: post #132 WOW.
I've had a garbage mustache since I was 4. It's still too weak now that I'm over 50. I get 5-o'clock shadow around noon.
Degenerative myelopathy and megaesophagus are major-league suck-fests. I've lost three(3) seniors with a forth on the way, to the first, and a 4-month puppy to the second. I can so very much feel for your pain and loss. When I can figure out how to get pics from a disc - to the comp - to the screen, I'll be happier than happy to share more pics w/ everyone here. That will include my newest 4-month puppy "Sunshine" aka "Sunny" nicknamed "Gremlin".
A long time ago I too sold Cutco products. I bought my first car, a 1974 Ford Maverick, used for $600, from what I made. Cutco products are really nice for those people that do buy them. What I'm saying is that everything is not for everyone. Think of it like a food dish ... They don't eat a lot of sushi in Nebraska and/or Oklahoma. You could consider Cutco knives as a nitch item. I'm still friendly with many of my old customers.
e.g.: "Paulie Walnuts"
Kad ... just as a thought here ... the post before yours was eight(8) years ago. I like this thread too though, so I'll also play along. I find it insulting when people tell me that I should make dishes a different way (theirs). I am greatly insulted when people salt my dishes before tasting. People should shut-up about telling anything about wearing my "whites" anywhere. I have many more colored chef coats than white anyway. I'm honored when other chefs eat in my...
Don't worry about it. Culinary school is a great thing. Shoot ... I went to one and I'm not all that screwed up. Just do understand too though how correct a statement it is to not expect to get a TV show real quick. I've said it before I'm sure, that I love the benefits of experience as much as anybody. At the same time, clowns that only have skill-experience that don't know the science of cooking/ingredients/styles are a problem too. That was the basis of why I...
However old the origination of this information may be ... the outcome is once again and will always continue to be the same. "Take all the time you want. Use however much effort you have. You can even die for whatever you believe in. You will never beat "BIG MONEY". "Big Money" thinks for what is now. "Big Money" has no concern for what will happen tomorrow. The politicians that are bought are all the same, "Where will the $$$ come from to keep me elected?". On the...
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