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I'm pretty sure that should have been corn starch. Sorry. LOL @ ME ... I could still be wrong.Oregon ... are you sure you want to fry that for 25-30 minutes?
My suggestion is to start drinking heavily ... particularly when you realize you're answering a thread originally from 2007. However ... being that I myself like resurrecting old threads ... my suggestion to the original title would be to realize that putting out dishes late but correctly is so much better than having them come back. Skills don't come in a day. Skills trump everything else. "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
Don't let it get you girlcook. Most everyone here has done the same thing. It's AG.
The NEW minimum wage is $15 / hr. ... You're brand new in the game ... Go for it.
What if someone just wants to reopen the idea of an old topic without starting a new thread?!? Plus ... It gives us a chance to squeeze the posters shoes for not checking dates. LOL.
Big deal. So what. You are who you are ... Be all the best that you can be. Skills trump everything else. We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
4 breakfasts x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 breakfasts @ $7 ea. = $980 4 dinners x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 dinners @ $15 ea. = $2100 ttl $ = $3080 ... as of right now $1 = 0.901€ (2774€) Play with it from there.
I had 3 Arby's sammiches, curley fries and a drink tonite. Bourbon Bacon & Brisket ... Pecan Chicken Salad ... B.L.T. ... Orange Cream Shake.
Photojonez ... The post before yours was a year ago.
One of them is Me.
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