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My wife does a pretty nice job. 
I'm curious ... Why would you leave a 5 star hotel?
NO ... I'm not arrogant. I'm a PROFESSIONAL. I'm very good at what I do. The dishes I put out are top-notch. That's not arrogant.    NO ... I'm not narrow minded. I'm open to lots of stuff. Learning new stuff ... Recreating old stuff ... All kinds of things. I just don't listen to people that have NO clue.    NO ... I'm not defensive. As an educator I feel the need to repeat and correct those that are misinformed, poorly educated/trained, misguided or just don't have...
Indirectly "SUGGESTED" ... Key word.  By explaining my own personal experience. I stated what worked for me. Go check ... I've not said to go buy them and/or use them. 
I thought I already suggested Dr.Scholl.  He is a well known guy with years of experience.
Reading is fundamental.    The guys doing the criticizing were not the customer.    The customer was very happy. The customer is always happy.   I am not conceited, just an experienced professional.   I AM the Boss. 
Well ... if you've just gotta have a ceramic knife ... get this:        You can get them for less than $20 ... and the peeler is really decent. NO ... don't cut bones and other hard things with it. It will break. I'm only showing you this if you've just gotta have a ceramic knife.    NO ... I don't sell these. It's just that it's only $20 and you get a decent peeler and that other thing, the slicer in the video. 
You asked a question that I could test. I just happen to have very nice balls of mozz in my refrigerator. I did what you are asking about. I used a regular size ball (baseball size) and a small size ball (big marble size). the results were the same with both. The cheese just sorta smashed and split apart. It didn't really stretch very much, maybe 1 cm.. Now this was relatively fresh mozz  from a brand new container. Over all ... not so good. Sorry if this disappoints you. 
LOL. This is killing me. My criticism here is coming from home cook kinda people that just don't understand things.    Look ... I'm a PRO CHEF.  I know how to do my job. I am very highly skilled at my profession. I know without any question of a doubt that what I put on the plate is good. I have absolutely NO confidence issues whatsoever. Those people who choose to hire me, and pay me very well, like and appreciate what I feed them. THEY are important to me. I know I'm...
Nasty ... just freekin' nasty. 
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