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"The Farmer's Almanac" will tell you about what plants go together well. That, is far from technical.
Foodpump's point was right there. In my experience with Asian cooking ... sesame oil goes in/with a lot of things. DO NOT ever use too much. Unless you are maybe gonna feed 600 Chinese people. Next ... "Salt" ... you can always put more in/on ... but dishes are ruined with too much. I never have any problem letting people put more on if they wish. Sea-salt or Kosher is the way to go for general. I use pink Himalaya for flavor finishing. In all 3 cases I find more...
Your knives are just fine. If they're sharp ... they are fine and sharp.  A $6000 dull knife is of no value other than looking nice.  If it's sharp ... it's a $6000 nice looking sharp knife.  Any knife you use, as long as it's sharp, is gonna do the same job putting out the same food.  Skills trump $$$.  There is nothing wrong with your knives ... as long as they're sharp.
Get real. The calves are slaughtered for more reasons than just rennet.  Ranchers are business people. They are not stupid. 
What if they were "unfortunate" road-kill calves?!?
Better yet ... put a piece of fried chx in between the burgers, glued together with melted cheese and bacon.      I think Colonel Sanders KFC had a deal like this. 
Hank ... Just smash out your burgers to your desired size and then gently work them a little bit with oil on your hands and they will hold shape just fine.
Wonderful ... LOL. You could call the place serving these burgers "SUCK CITY".   Good luck with that. 
Hank ... Here you go ... ... $9 usd. ... $5 usd. Make your burgers any size to your heart's content. (I'd go w/ the first one.)
Come on back Pete ... Help us out here.
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