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I find it interesting how people that consider themselves professionals of the food industry have absolutely no clue whatsoever (read: respect for) what a vegan lifestyle is. How you could claim and make joke of the actions you do that are completely against the lifestyle of people paying you money. WOW.
How can I get the last 3-minutes of my life back from this stupid thread?
WOW. Having a job is so much better than not having a job. For someone "Just Graduated From Culinary School", I don't really understand the original question. Maybe that's just me I guess. Let us know what your other employment offers are if you decide that this one offered doesn't pay enough. 
OK. I'm not meaning to start off w/ an attitude but ... anyone who's first comment kisses up like a drag queen or rips something a new hole ... is a shill, and should be dismissed. I've been shopping RD for a number or years. I pretty much agree w/ chefbubba in post #2. I don't think it's a stretch to say that different stores in different locations just may have different choice levels of product quality. The stores in Chicagoland have great prices/selections on...
WOW. You sound like a soccer fan. The sport for all those who can't play hockey, baseball or football. The pansy league.
Every one of the pizza places I've worked in, along with the one I owned, used individual products, such as 6-1, never pre-made sauce. NO decent pizza place would use a pre-made sauce. However ... if I was gonna recommend a canned sauce ... it would be "Pastorelli's". In my simple opinion, it's the only pre-made sauce anyone should ever use. I think it's better than a lot of stuff I've had that home-chefs make from scratch. 
Yes, that's it I think. Good luck with what you do.
That, or something very close, has been on TV. "Bar Rescue" I've worked in a number of bars that fill the glass from the bottom, so-to-speak, with a nozzle that goes all the way down.
You're a little late w/ this idea. Sorry, but this has been around for a good while already.
New Posts  All Forums: