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I'm kinda funny/different about these kinda things. If I'm the boss ... and I put you in this situation ... I'm thinking that you probably have some decent enough chops. If it's me ... I've got not so much problem if you say (scream even) "WTF??? I need some help here!!!". Instead of ... and way before ... you get so far in the weeds that it jacks the kitchen out of control. Maybe even suggest this before you need to start screaming.
I'm gonna go on a tangent here ... sorry.Never, and I mean never, do I let anyone ever give me any noise about doing my job. Only bosses that are very new and very stupid try this with me ... and they never do it twice. If servers ever get in my face I just walk away and let them try doing my job. Or I stab them. ... OK, I've never really stabbed anyone, but I have throw orders at them.
Good points. The only problem is that if you go to any general villiage anywhere in the world, within a 1-km radius you will find 437 different "authentic" recipes for any given dish. 
Every bar kitchen I work in pays me better than $10-$12 / hr. cash otd. Usually I make $100 / shift, flat rate. There is not one single place where the bartenders, who are also the servers, don't get more than double what I make. Work ethic is a real big problem. Call it anything you want. Wrap it in any suit you can find. At the end of the day ... it's still the same song and dance. Far too many people want way too much for what they're willing or able to do. Work ethic.
Come on here. This person was probably meaning "custom", and just spelled it wrong. NO, I don't know what a "custom line suite" is, but I wouldn't post up with the worn-out silly response "I need more information". Nobody in casual conversation says that they need more information.
I'm gonna try and help here. I may not be right in everyone's eyes, but my beef ribs always get eaten. I trim the slab down to +/- 75% lean. I trim off all but about 25% of the fat and loose junk. I season the bageebies out of the slab with what I use for steaks, not at all including salt. I cut them to fit a hotel pan with a raised rack (generally 3 rib pieces). In goes a cup of cheap drinkable bourbon and a cup of coffee. I seal the pan with foil to within an inch of...
What I would do is buy them a nice set of pans, of their choice ... then tell them "That's it ... kill these and you're on your own." Tell them they had to get their own pans after that.
Eggs don't take forever. Work at the speed you're most comfortable at. As long as they don't get there cold ... eggs going out a little slower correctly is so much better than plates coming back. I really never did understand breakneck speed.
I've never been one to turn down good pay. Believe me ... I take it. However, I'm not a person that gouges anyone paying out that pay. Nobody has ever lost money hiring me.
"I have a ton of freedom to do whatever I want so long as people will eat it." CRACK ME UP my friend. That statement right there makes it real easy to take a little less pay. We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.
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