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Gail C ... The recipe is fine. Under-seasoned? Yeah. maybe. Try it still, see how YOU like it, then tweak it from there. I do agree with the thyme, sage or rosemary idea though. My choice however, would be my standard favorite "Weber's Kick'n Chicken" ... but that's just me. Season with what you like.
Do you get paid? Can you afford not getting paid? Working is better than not working.
OK ... So I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'. My "regular day-job" is being an elementary/high-school teacher, for the last 28 years. My simple suggestion would be to not as us ... ask your teachers. Whatever any of us tells you is all good fine wonderful and all, but we are not giving you any grades. Ask the people grading you what they want. You get a poor grade: "But this guy, that guy and some other guy told me to do this, that and something else. I don't...
I've had surgery three(3) times; twice on the first hand because the first surgeon sucked and once on the other. That was all over twenty-five(25) years ago. Get a good surgeon. In by 9 ... out by 5. There is very little down time.
I don't go out to shows like those. I already hang out with the fancy hot-shot top-chef celebrity-types as it is. No big deal really.
My feelings and thoughts are with you, panini.
This is killing me here. You're all talking about "COOKIES". It doesn't matter what flour you use ... they're still "COOKIES". Cookies are eaten ... never wasted.
"Cooking Wine" has a shelf-life of +/- 7,000 years give or take. It should never leave the shelf. NEVER ever use anything labeled "cooking wine" for anything outside of using the bottle itself as a make-shift rolling pin. You should only use wines good enough that you would drink them on their own. That in no way equates expensive. You can easily find really good drinkable wines for around $4-usd. NO ... "$2-Chuck" doesn't count. That stuff is puke in a bottle. More...
New Posts  All Forums: