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I'm in the "reduce" crowd. Easy.
I'm also gonna recommend Lodge stuff. It's what I've got. I consider it the Timex of cast iron.
I'm thinking that everything goes nasty after some time. Oh ... I don't know ... 8 1/2 years may or may not do it ... but there is probably a natural date-code built in somewhere. For the cost of rum-soaked raisins ... I think I'm making a new batch.
There is nothing wrong with culinary school. Those who say there is just have a different opinion. Good schools just don't accept anyone.
Before my wife, of 26 years, all the women of my relationship history were lucky. SmartyClown. My point was based on the fact that when dealing with "first time" kinda stuff there are so many variables going on that many of the things getting the majority of effort are actually overlooked. Emotions and hormones are flying all over the place. More than likely the attention and effort spent will be wasted, goofy mistakes could be made and a killer meal will probably not be...
Welcome to ChefTalk, CZFlies. Don't wait long for an answer from Tramble. That post was a year ago and the only post ever made by that person. Before that, the thread is another year older. Don't worry about it. This happens all the time. The 2 guys who really know what they're talking about may very well come back to the conversation. If I had the $$$ to buy a new stove ... I'm going with the Bluestar.
Go to Portillo's and buy a coupla chopped salads. On the way home, stop at a good grocery and buy some really good sorbet and fresh fruit to go with. When you get home, cut up the fruit and put the salads in your own bowls. Serve up the sorbet w/ the fruit and you're good to go. I've never wasted the $$$ time and effort on a "first dinner" because it never really made a difference.
Any given Global knife ... a "great" knife ... Seriously?!?I can't wait to hear about this.
"Good" knives are very sharp ... "Great" knives are very very sharp ... and Yours.
Chicago is the most nationality-isticly diverse city in the world. I just happen to be Chicago-American. I cook really good eats ... the French cook stuff with goofy names. "haricots verts" vs. "GREEN BEENS". Case slosed. I gotta take it seriously easy on the libations after Saturday nite. I make a lotta $$$ cooking for parties on the 4th. Better safe than sorry. STAY SAFE MY FRIENDS.
New Posts  All Forums: