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Hey ... It's OK. Boat a youse guys can think whatever it is youse likes. You're covered under 'da Constitution. Dere's dat "Americans with Disabilities" Commandment of like 1990's-ish or so. It says you-all can't be discriminalizated for any mental intellectual disability, or you know, bein' goofy in general. It's all OK and all that. Youse just don't know about dese pizza things. You're still humans wit rights 'dough. OOOPS ... I guess it's all tree a youse guys now....
Swell. Mooks like you guys just bragging about great $10 wine scores are gonna ruin it for all the rest of us. Next week it'll be $12 ... then by the end of the month $19 ... then forget it ... everyone will be grabbing it and it'll be out of stock. Thanks a lot.
Just the facts my friend ... just the facts. Chicago has NO food rivals.
Chicago Metallic™ 14-Inch Nonstick Deep Dish Pizza Pan Enjoy the delicious taste of deep-dish pizza with this professional grade quality Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan. Perfect for making authentic, Chicago-style deep dish pizza and the lifetime Resist™ nonstick surface makes for easy cleaning. . $14.99 (This is just the first decent example I saw. You can most certainly find cheaper just as good pans.) There is NO real "ultimate pizza pan for deep dish". As long as...
NO, I don't make "pizza bagels". The flatbreads I use are +/- 8-10 inches. Sorry KK, and I apologize for having to tell you this, but ... there are NO great pizza places in NYC. That is a very unfortunate fallacy that the people who live there are confused with. I know this is a hard concept for you residents to comprehend and truly understand. It hurts me deeply to tell you this. I also don't feel good compounding the problem and heap more bad news on this conversation....
My "go-to" bar pizza is what I call "Cracker Crust Margarita". I start w/ simple flatbreads @ +/- .99¢ for a pack of 8. Throw on a spoon of pesto and smear it around. What is that ... .10¢? Slice up a plum tomato, .30¢. 3 slices of mozz or provolone .35¢. Sprinkle of oil and pinch of basil, .10¢ ... 5-minutes in 500* oven ... VOILA! Good cheap eats. < $1.00. I'm making another big hit pizza this afternoon. Same flatbreads. Sliced and sauteed pears and vidalias. Pan...
I'm a dinosaur. I make ingredient lists w/ recipes and and pics of the dish done right, then tape them up at my station. I do it for others too when I'm the boss. NO, I don't really care how stupid it looks. I DO care if something is made wrong and comes back. I only get laughed at once. At the end of the night when everything has gone smoothly, I laugh too. I'm not saying that is the answer, I'm saying that it works for me.
Cool suggestion phatch ... I use the microwave too. For steaks and other regular sized stuff, I use cake-stand covers. I get them at garage sales or resale-type stores for really cheap. I've never paid more than $5, usually $2-$3. My problem is with students and friends who "borrow" them.
WOW. Childish.
OK. Here's a page of Kyocera Knife Sets. I'm pretty sure all are ceramic. Thus ... no metal allergy problems.
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