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OK? Rick ... How did you get "NSF" from "AGYP"? I must have missed that memo.
I don't know ... maybe MY fruitcake recipe is a little Bohemian ... maybe it's not. I use Alton Brown's "Free Range Fruitcake" recipe and jack it up a lot. The only problem is that it's not at all cheap. There's never any leftovers and I've never had any returned.
WOW. A thread from '03! Crack me up. It's all good though. To continue the idea ... I started making fruitcakes last weekend. Some will be given away and/or be eaten +/- Thanksgiving. The others, save a few, are for Winter Holiday. The couple left are for New Year's. I don't/can't understand the hatred of fruitcake. A good fruitcake is very enjoyable.                 We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.
Thank You, my friend, for your reply. I am however, well aware of the positions. My question/comment was sarcastic rhetoric in that who hires people for these jobs? A candy maker in a restaurant?!? Are you serious? Are you gonna PAY someone good regular pay to make candy in your kitchen? NO real regular restaurant needs a saucier. How many real regular restaurants have their own garden? It's a completely over-the-top wonderful idea ... but not at all real. MY garden is...
OK. ... Help me out here a little bit please.   "saucier, confiseur, grillardian, tournant, potager" ... What restaurant do these people work at? What do they get paid?     TIA for the education.
OK. ... I'm not at all ... by any means ... arguing with the last point made. I'm just telling of a time that I had the best wedding cake I've ever enjoyed. It was the wedding of my wife's niece. The food was over-the-top out-of-bounds garbage. Suck-city. Bleck!!! However ... the wedding cake(s) were maybe 25 cheesecakes, numerous flavor-styles, all laid out on a bunch of serving tables. People could just pick and choose. It was wonderful. On another note ... Iced Tea is...
WOW. ... It's just another opinion (mine) ... but Anthony Bourdain is a jerk. Damn lucky to have what he has, but still a jerk.
Phaedrus my friend ... I WAS poking fun. Plus ... On top of that ... YES, I can cook well-done and still yet moist. We work in kitchens ... It ainte rocket surgery.
As long as they realize that they are expected to pay ... and they do pay like any other diner ... where is there any problem?
It's all good Alex. I'm not sayin', ... I'm just sayin'. I wasn't venting at you. LOL. It's just a standard common thing for posters (new members mostly) to not catch the date of the original post. I've don't it a number of times ... and I still do it still.
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