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I must have missed the memo. That happens a lot, unfortunately, at my place. When did sous vide ever become "fast"?!? TIA for the help here.
If "asked to leave", do they get their pre-paid $$$ back; or maybe a replacement ticket time for a return engagement?
The linked story does not give, outside of a Twitter post, the final outcome of this incident. Did G-A refuse the people or did they get served? I'm curious here because if we knew the real final outcome maybe opinions would be different.
re: post #132 WOW.
I've had a garbage mustache since I was 4. It's still too weak now that I'm over 50. I get 5-o'clock shadow around noon.
Degenerative myelopathy and megaesophagus are major-league suck-fests. I've lost three(3) seniors with a forth on the way, to the first, and a 4-month puppy to the second. I can so very much feel for your pain and loss. When I can figure out how to get pics from a disc - to the comp - to the screen, I'll be happier than happy to share more pics w/ everyone here. That will include my newest 4-month puppy "Sunshine" aka "Sunny" nicknamed "Gremlin".
A long time ago I too sold Cutco products. I bought my first car, a 1974 Ford Maverick, used for $600, from what I made. Cutco products are really nice for those people that do buy them. What I'm saying is that everything is not for everyone. Think of it like a food dish ... They don't eat a lot of sushi in Nebraska and/or Oklahoma. You could consider Cutco knives as a nitch item. I'm still friendly with many of my old customers.
e.g.: "Paulie Walnuts"
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