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First off ... Alex ... this thread is over a year old. The party has come and gone. Next ... Why can't anyone just answer the question asked?!? The OP asked: ["I plan on getting some flavored vodka, but have only had a few kinds. ... Which of these flavors would you say would be a hit at the party?"] My direct answer choice would be "Smirnoff". It's a standard brand-name product that's been around for like forever. You can find it at most any liquor-selling grocery...
OK ... Stupid people are involved. I get it now.
OK. I'm sure it must be just me. ... I don't get the point. What exactly is there to defend? Who could have any complaint here?
OMG already. See Post #60 as per that stupid "casserole" idea. Now I can completely understand and even respect, some people's non-love and misunderstandings of and about "Chicago Pizza"; the "pan" and "stuffed" versions as it is. Chicago-style pizza IS PIZZA, whether you like it or not. I can also understand and respect, believe it or not, back and forth good old-fashioned Chicago vs NYC pizza wise-crackery. Calling them "casseroles" however, is just so wrong on so many...
Thank You! I'm here all week. Try the chx-fried steak ... it's the best in town.
OK. Maybe unless I'm missing something here I'm thinking your best bet is to just go buy a few more and take them apart before you eat them. We ain'te talking rocket surgery here.
There are a number of things involved in the cooking time of different pizzas. "Vocabulary" is, I think, the first place to start. "Deep Dish" vs "Pan" vs "Stuffed". All three(3) are different types/styles of pizza, constructed differently with different cooking times. "Deep Dish", in my world, is sometimes called "double dough". Think of a "focaccia" of sorts with the regular pizza ingredients on top. Now you can cook it in 1 shot for +/- 35-45-minutes, or you can...
cas·se·role / ˈkasəˌrōl noun a kind of stew or side dish that is cooked slowly in an oven. verb cook (food) slowly in a casserole. LOL. You guys sure love that word "casserole". Too bad you all don't use it correctly and don't have any clue what one really is. Pity.
Just to continue w/ my Chicago Food attitude ... and to throw gas on the fire ... "Nathan's" blows. Chicago also has/makes the best hot dogs.
KK ... I'm not putting anyone down. I was making a pre-emptive wisecrack to getting beaten up myself. I was expecting arguments about fresh tomatoes vs cans of high-quality stuff. Take it easy. I like the "doughier-quality" I get from the eggs for regular flat or pan/stuffed pizza-crust. For a "cracker-crust", such as for margarita or neapolitan styles, I'll use flat-breads. They're made in Chicago; @ .99¢/pkg for 6-8 lg-thin or 8-10 med-reg. Trust me here, you really...
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