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Practice first, going small: 1 egg in a saute pan.
Go to any good restaurant and ask any head chef. Before he was hired he most certainly had to make a basic hollandaise sauce, right after he had to brunoise an onion. That's the way it is in all good places.
LOL. This is one tough audience. WOW.
We get a lot of tortillas from the food pantry at the shelters I cook at. A favorite breakfast staple dish that we make is kinda like a 3-way cross of French toast, omelets and grilled cheese sammiches. Corn tortillas work best. We blitz up some seasoned eggs, dip in the tortillas, fry them up quickly then top them with whatever meat and/or vegetables we have with some cheese. We line these up on a sheet pan, run them through the oven until the cheese melts then viola,...
"CHEF" is a vocabulary word.
OK. I looked for better than 5-minutes for a place to post this pic. This thread was the best I could come up with.
I think they look fine. For me all they need is a big glob of butter and a big splash of syrup.
Oh yeah. That's a good idea that I forgot. Duh.
All the guts/seeds that you scoop out? Blech! I give them the heave-ho. The meat inside like all other regular squash? Yeah. Eat that. NO problemmo. It is however, a very mild flavor on it's own, needing serious seasoning. I usually use sweet potato instead for whenever "pumpkin" is called for. But that's Me, "Mr. NO Authenticity Followed". LOL @ Me.
Good enough point Pete. In general, I have difficulty with much of the vocabulary of our profession. "Authentic" is for me one of the most problematic words. This causes problems with me most often when dealing with Italian dishes. For the many bohemian ways I make all kinds of "authentic" dishes, I sure do get a lot of work from old-world people of different nationalities. LOL @ Me I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: