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Mayonnaise is communist ... and will make you sterile.     
 I've just had a weekend of idiots giving me their opinions and criticisms of dishes I've made, and paid well for too, that were completely wiped out ... NO leftovers. Look jerkoff ... EVERYTHING was eaten. Everyone was happy. YOU ate the food. Don't criticize my anything.  Almost always middle-aged to mature-aged guys (55-70) who think they are chefs ... but actually suck.     LOL ... Love Mondays.
We used a combination of three(3) cheeses. I forget the brand of the first and second, but they were the same company. One was (name) red-label and the other was (name) blue label. We would use a whole block of each. One was full-milk the other skim. These were picked for melt, chew and flavor. The mix of the two was much better than just one either way. The third cheese was AAA brand. It had the fullest flavor and the most oil. The first two were rather dry and this one...
Crack wise all you like. I'm OK with that. There are a lot of pre-mix packaged items that work just absolutely fine for what they are made for. The only trick is leaving "Supreme Chef Attitude" at the door. 
When I worked for a pet food distributor we would just lay the ears between two(2) wire racks and bake them, at a considerably high temp, until they were nicely cooked. Dogs loved them. We made a good $ on pig's ears. I can't see them as an edible people-food. 
"Different brands with different % make-ups will melt at different temps with different results after cooling."      OK ... I know how completely stupid that may sound ... BUT ... that's just the way it is. When I had my pizza place I used a blend mix of three(3) different cheeses, each for their different qualities, melt, chew and oil. Flavor is important too. Think about all the different take-out pizzas you've had. Did the cheese pull apart stretchy from each piece...
Once in a while anyway.
Throwing a fistful of nice herbs into a couple of JiffyMix boxes works nice and easy. Before you put it into the oven you paint the top w/ an oil/butter mix. It comes out beautiful. 
My dislike of factory farms is based on the inhumane treatment of the animals. Cruelty doesn't work for me. 
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