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I've got the same idea as tincook. With the weather we're having in Chicagoland, I'm just fine wearing dish-pit shirts. On-sale ... $8. The nicer not on-sale shirts ... $11. Pete ... unless they come with the job ... at NO cost to me ... I ain'te wearing white in the kitchen. Stained to death after 1 shift. "Stained to death" means simple regular stains that just ain'te coming out. NO ... I'm not a slob.
Hey workingduds ... don't worry about it. Your post was relatively painless. Right under you name is a simple flag of information explaining that you will be selling something. It's right out there in the open. Therein ... your post was fine.
Since about the last 8-10 years, I haven't been a gyro place that wasn't using electric knives. Isn't shawarma cutting generally the same thing? Outside of a handful of knife-geeks, nobody in the rest of the world has any care for the coolness/uncoolness of anyone using big fancy knives or electric knives. ? 1b) It's hard to train employees proper knife care because they are employees. They don't care if something you bought with your money gets wrecked. Sorry ... but...
Where do these stories come from?!?
"Leaflets three ... let it be. Berries white ... poisonous sight." "Mary-Jane"
The CIA is the best for everything/anything whatever. End of story.
We do "Fusion Cuisine" at my place every Tuesday after "Meatless Monday" and before "Prince Spaghetti Day". It's actually just the regular menu, but we play really bad jazz-fusion from the mid-late '70 for background music. Usually men come in wearing leisure suits, and the women have really big hair. We have no candles on any table so as not to chance the whole place going up in flames. Good luck with your new fusion ideas.
The method I just put up in post-#22 was from Cook's Illustrated / America's Test Kitchen.
There is a way/style/procedure to sorta do that. Start with a nice thick Porterhouse, the King of steaks. Dry it off as well as you can. Coat it, both sides with a 50/50 mix if salt and corn starch. Put in in your freezer, on a raised rack, for 40-50 minutes (NO longer). While you are waiting, get your grill as hot as possible, cover closed. When you pull out the steak, put it directly on the grill and close it a fast as you can. Depending on thickness 4-5 minutes....
Americans eat lots of stuff. They also get jokes/wisecracks. Cooking a steak shouldn't need the expense and/or complication of needing stuff like ghee. Good spelling correction/edit.
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