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NO my friend, I didn't "tell" you anything ... I just "explained" my point of view.We are "reasoning" (GF1 reference) with each other, through simple polite conversation.
LOL backatcha my friend ... You make my point right here.As both an instructor and FUTURE TV STAR, I find it important to use simple ordinary words for goofy over-the-top French things. i.g.: "French pie crust" and/or "French tart crust". Now being that I am a PROFESSIONAL, I have NO difficulty admitting that I had to go look up the crusts you mentioned. I'm familiar with them and can produce them just fine. I just use simpler vocabulary. At least 2 threads we have here...
OOOOKKKKKKKK ... I gotta run out right now and pick up a 'script for my wife. But let me tell you ... You (Fablesable) and I are throwin' down but good when I get back.
I'm not busting anyone out here ... but why use words/names like "pate brisee" and/or "pate sucree"?!? What regular home people are familiar with that type of vocabulary? "French pie crust" - "French tart crust" gets the point across a little easier I'm thinking.Now if you've just gotta know this stuff ... here:Pâte BriséeIngredients:2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon sugar1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces1/4 to 1/2 cup...
Yeah well ... I guess there is that. Into the oven ... in-between spreading in the paste and adding the pecans ... for 20 minutes @ 350*. Then 20 more minutes after adding the pecans.
Pecan Pie Toast a bag of salted pecans in skillet w/ butter. Throw in 6-8 squares of carmel candy stirring until melted. Off the heat stir in +/- 1-2 shots of heavy cream w/ 1 pkg gelatin bloomed in 1 teaspn. water. Let heat of skillet finish cooking until cooler. Heat up the can'o'paste so that it comes out easy. In a ceramic quiche pan which you have buttered to death, lay in 12 sheets of filo hitting each 3rd sheet w/ spray butter. Spread paste in the pan. Pour pecans...
Gee ... Thanks ... I was really kinda hoping that everyone sorta forgot about that by now. Thank You, My Friend.
BIG GIANT leap of faith here ... I'm talking really freakin' BIG.
OK ... We're talking about a BIG GIANT leap of faith here ... I'm talking really freakin' BIG ... but the premiss is that the viewers are going to want to watch and listen to ME. Why does anyone watch "Hell's Kitchen"?!? Is there anything really about cooking good dishes in that show? With our show we want to present really good dishes, the stuff you go out to eat, in a way to make them at home just as well but easy. We're praying to Jebus that MY style and personality...
How about maybe when the Chef involved just doesn't like using roux?!?
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