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OK. Now being "Mr. Contrarian" that I am, I just gotta give an(my) opinion after reading all of this. I'm a CHEF. I don't really care what a lot of others define as a "chef", but I do know my definition. I'm a sorta "culinary-school grad". I've worked in a whole bunch of places. I've owned a few myself too. I'll tell you right up front that I can't do any of that business stuff at all worth spit. What I CAN do, without any question of a doubt, are all the culinary...
I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'. This just happens to be my post #1501.
OK. So I'm waiting in line at Micky D's for my "Free Black-Friday Coffee", and a couple next to me orders, along with everything, else "2 lg fries ... w/ NO salt". Now this bird who orders is looking right at the fry-guy dump out 4 baskets of fries as she orders. Unfortunately for him, he was salting them as she was ordering. Anyway ... they get their order and sit at the table in front of me. I watch them sit and immediately salt their fries. I had to ask ... "What the...
I'm curious about how much "experience" in any field a "20 year old" can have from the military. After 2 years of military anything, the only experience you could have would be in sweating.
"Chicagp Pizza" is one(1) of the finest culinary creations ever presented on Earth. I spent five(5) years of my life defending foolish people's right to have any contrary opinion to that. * You should notice that some of those are flat.
LOL. Crack me up!!! Now for the benefit of our viewing audience ... that may now know much about me ... I was being completely sarcastic with the post that was just quoted by our good member "Foodpump". I myself welcome vegetarians and their more particular/peculiar vegan cousins. LOL. I am that good ... just ask me, I'll be happy to tell you. ... Once again ... back to our regularly scheduled programing. Hav'a'nice Day.
LOL. It's AG my friend.
"Mr."?? Who are you talking to? Yes, I am male, so it is correct there ... but when did we ever get formal here. LOL. Yeah, I'm old, fat, out of shape and not in as good a shape as I used to be, I smoke and drink, and I eat a terrible general diet. OK. But I usually have a smile on my face still. As good as thats worth. And just for the GP of this thread ... I just had a Portillo's chopped salad w/ extra pecans and a combo w/ sweet, hot and mozz.
I've gone every day for almost the last two(2) weeks eating a big bowl of oatmeal, real thick with about a half-stick of butter and a big pour of creamer. + + or
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