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"I have a ton of freedom to do whatever I want so long as people will eat it." CRACK ME UP my friend. That statement right there makes it real easy to take a little less pay. We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.
How tight are the margins for real, in the "Corporate Restaurant" world? You know ... where shareholders are more important than WORKERS?!? Places with CEO's that make north of $35-million / year have nothing to tell me about anything. Phaedrus my friend ... My first comment was just based on the fact that I don't make $50,000. I could really go for a pay bump like that. Can you help me out?
Where can I sign up to be a $50,000/yr. employee?!? Please??
Day in ... day out, all things considered ... "Skills trump everything else".
Good answer. I get in a lot of arguments over the fact that a $600 knife doesn't put better food on the plate than my $20 knife. That is, of course, as long as my knife is sharp. Now as for other equipment ... that's much different. Good quality cookware makes doing the job so much easier. Good quality doesn't always mean expensive is better than inexpensive. Good is better than cheap; inexpensive is not the same as cheap. LeCruset is much more expensive than Lodge, and...
Poynter Article Farm to Fable Series
Thanks Brian. Reading through your links It seams as the reasons I expected were correct. Paella started as a "workman's lunch" dish, a cooked outside in the open with what they had. Being that the origin was in Valencia Spain ... the wood they had most readily available was ... yes ... orange tree branches (along with olive branches). OK. So now if you want to stick with "authenticity" and such ... go ahead with the orange wood. I don't really think however, that it's...
"Orange wood"?!? OMG ... I gotta learn about this.
NO offense meant there, Novice. I was making a joke. As par for the course, nobody got it but me.
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