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Something I find really really funny when I read all this "Shun stuff" ... is that there are still other people out there in the world completely outside of the internet forum spectrum. People that don't talk about stuff on forums. They've got absolutely no clue in the whole world of the opinions of experts here. On top of that ... there are other forums on the internet that just happen to have a section where threads about knives come up sometimes. What I'm getting at...
Maybe just try reading and following the directions that came with the machine.
Read the ticket as many times as you need. In the end it takes less time than sending out a wrong/bad order and having it come back for a re-fire and an ass-kicking. There is enough time to do things right, not so much time to do things over.
Starbucks has been around for +/- 45 years. If so many people are really growing so much more and more demanding when it comes to their coffee ... why have they lasted so long, and keep expanding their markets and products? Maybe because they don't suck. Maybe because more people like their coffee then not? OR ... maybe because they don't suck? NO, I would not spend $6 on a shot of Guatemalan espresso. I do not own a Nespresso machine. They, and all other pod-type...
Your hockey team sucks too.
Whatever your opinion of Starbucks is ... IT'S YOURS ... that is all well and good.  You can even tell me all about what that opinion may be.  It just seems to me ... a little bit ... that if they really did suck (outside of your opinion) they would not at all be doing as well as they do. Yes, I do like wine. I'm somewhat of a wine geek. I believe to know a good deal about wine. I'll be happy to tell you all about wine. As I type this I realize how I fit in the exact...
If Starbucks sucked ... nobody would go there to spend their money. Just because YOU may not like it, doesn't at all make it a bad product. Are YOU a multi-billionaire?!? NO, I do think so. Obviously there are enough people with opinions different from yours, willing to go into a Starbucks location somewhere in the world to spend their money. If you can make a cup of coffee so much better ... please do. I'll be happier than happy to come in, spend some money, and help...
If you're going to the CIA ... use the knives they give you. Worry about getting your own different knives when you get out.
You both, MattM and foodpump ... missed my point.
Thank You. Just this afternoon I sat in a Starbucks waiting for a friend as I watched The Chicago BLACKHAWKS beat the Washington Capitals. In less than one(1)-hour I counted more than $100 worth of $7 drinks (I stopped at 15). There were never less than two(2) people at the counter. This was a Sunday afternoon. I think that is pretty good business. There are three(3) SBs within two(2)-miles of my house. This is not the biggest SB either.
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