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Is there any value to this "mystery box" thing if whatever is made is not on the menu? Why not just hand said applicant a menu and say "Make this, that and something else"?!? Doesn't it make sense to have someone cook something from the station that you plan to put them at?!? We work in kitchens ... This ain'te rocket surgery.
LOL. OK. For all those of you that just gotta test w/ a hollandaise, I had a guy walk in a shelter kitchen yesterday morning that would knock your socs off. Whenever I can I like to make a type of eggs benedict for the kitchen helpers. It's kinda like a cross of an eggs-b w/ an egg mc-muffin. Anyway ... the guy wants to help and jumps right in. He throws a stick of butter and a carton of egg-beaters in the blender w/ some lemon zest and some s&p. Blitzamundo. He then...
Thank You for that response.
BRILLIANT. This would be my response too.
Which one did you go to, CIA or LCB?
Cool ideas there Zoran. As it is, I cook in and work for a number of homeless shelters in Chicagoland. I've got great rep for doing that, among all the homeless people I feed and the other volunteers that I work with. That will for sure help me get into Heaven, but it doesn't help me pay for anything. I've gotten a number of perks from other people and businesses involved, but nothing that can be called income. All still, you've got good ideas.
There is not always quality-control consistency with some generic products. The cheapest bidder gets the job whenever a new batch is produced. Sometimes however, big major brands make the products. I know this from auto parts. K-Mart was really good for this. If you find out the manufacturers you can make better judgments. Sometimes generic can be very high quality on the cheap ... sometimes it's just a cheap product.
See this: It's a "Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 10". "This Idahone fine ceramic sharpening rod measures 10" on the rod and is ideal for keeping your knives honed. This is a very fine hone with a grit of about 1200. Made in USA." I'm just going with the idea that you were just joking, you know, playfully cracking wise, in that you didn't know what a honing rod was.
I think that example is against a honing rod, not the actual blade angle. I could of course be wrong.
Background-check is very different than credit-check. LOL. After 3-hours +, I can finish this answer. I got up to go get a pop and the electric went out on my block. Scary scary with the cold we're having. In a hotel environment I would believe that the management would be much more concerned if you were some type of criminal, and if you were, what type of crime. I don't really think they're interested as much if you had a bad Visa/MasterCard experience. However,...
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