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Throwing a fistful of nice herbs into a couple of JiffyMix boxes works nice and easy. Before you put it into the oven you paint the top w/ an oil/butter mix. It comes out beautiful. 
My dislike of factory farms is based on the inhumane treatment of the animals. Cruelty doesn't work for me. 
"Authentic" is a stupid word. Isn't paella a peasant dish?!? You need some really big shoes to just go out and challenge Jamie Oliver.
Your explanations sound good enough. I don't think it will cause you any problem. If asked, just speak clearly about why you should be hired. Explain your situation how you were not removed or fired. Give it your best shot. 
You know what?!? ... I've got your answer ... a centrifuge from a school science lab. That'll clear up your stock. 
  NO ... Not at all. It's just that I was gonna say what Brian said ... up to the point that HE said it ... and I was kinda left with nothing to say. 
The reason is what Brian just said. 
I just thought about a new bunch.   grilled cheese sammiches, pierogis, soups (clam chowder, tomato, onion), chili, mac'n'cheese, tamale-pie
New Posts  All Forums: