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Cool ideas there Zoran. As it is, I cook in and work for a number of homeless shelters in Chicagoland. I've got great rep for doing that, among all the homeless people I feed and the other volunteers that I work with. That will for sure help me get into Heaven, but it doesn't help me pay for anything. I've gotten a number of perks from other people and businesses involved, but nothing that can be called income. All still, you've got good ideas.
There is not always quality-control consistency with some generic products. The cheapest bidder gets the job whenever a new batch is produced. Sometimes however, big major brands make the products. I know this from auto parts. K-Mart was really good for this. If you find out the manufacturers you can make better judgments. Sometimes generic can be very high quality on the cheap ... sometimes it's just a cheap product.
See this: It's a "Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 10". "This Idahone fine ceramic sharpening rod measures 10" on the rod and is ideal for keeping your knives honed. This is a very fine hone with a grit of about 1200. Made in USA." I'm just going with the idea that you were just joking, you know, playfully cracking wise, in that you didn't know what a honing rod was.
I think that example is against a honing rod, not the actual blade angle. I could of course be wrong.
Background-check is very different than credit-check. LOL. After 3-hours +, I can finish this answer. I got up to go get a pop and the electric went out on my block. Scary scary with the cold we're having. In a hotel environment I would believe that the management would be much more concerned if you were some type of criminal, and if you were, what type of crime. I don't really think they're interested as much if you had a bad Visa/MasterCard experience. However,...
Grant Achatz is a disciple of Thomas Keller. Alinea is very much like the French Laundry. The tickets are very expensive. The face-value is rarely the bottom line. Now whereas they are not very difficult to unload, given the time, they could be very very difficult to at the last minute. For the situation as a whole, in general, considering all things involved, for both sides of the coin ... I think that if the parents called as soon as they knew their babysitter bailed...
LOL. Crack me up. I think the OP is a Cutco shill. (that other complaining guy too)
OK. Now being "Mr. Contrarian" that I am, I just gotta give an(my) opinion after reading all of this. I'm a CHEF. I don't really care what a lot of others define as a "chef", but I do know my definition. I'm a sorta "culinary-school grad". I've worked in a whole bunch of places. I've owned a few myself too. I'll tell you right up front that I can't do any of that business stuff at all worth spit. What I CAN do, without any question of a doubt, are all the culinary...
I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'. This just happens to be my post #1501.
OK. So I'm waiting in line at Micky D's for my "Free Black-Friday Coffee", and a couple next to me orders, along with everything, else "2 lg fries ... w/ NO salt". Now this bird who orders is looking right at the fry-guy dump out 4 baskets of fries as she orders. Unfortunately for him, he was salting them as she was ordering. Anyway ... they get their order and sit at the table in front of me. I watch them sit and immediately salt their fries. I had to ask ... "What the...
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