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Phaedrus ... That is so very interesting to me. My three(3) best groups of clients, all very different demographically, don't give a rat's tail bit of difference about appearance such as tatts compared to uncleanliness and or sloppiness. All they care for, and come specifically to me for, is what is on the plate and the pairing I give them in the glass. Because I do most of my work privately, it's not in a standard restaurant atmosphere. My waitstaff, or crew as I call...
It's funny ... the Military crowd that I'm familiar with has the junkiest tatts. They're all nice pics, proudly displayed in classic military fashion, but generally uninteresting because they are standard regular. The hot chick babe crowd, that I so wish I was more familiar with, has the best looking multi-colored makes-me-wanna-look tatts. Everyone, every day of their lives, makes some kinda statement about their appearance, whether they know it or whether they admit it....
WOW. Just freakin' WOW.     I'll say it again ...       "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
A "lighter healthier cheese-cake" is kinda like "light cigarettes".  phatch ... DO NOT suggest anything that includes gelatin. The OP doesn't like the taste of gelatin. TheCookSaiguim ... could you please explain to me a "a 4 inch hotel pan with a 6 inch water bath underneath"?  Thanks.
"We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
Bingo that.
I have been able to get that same result from just adding a big glob of "Velveeta" to the mix of cheeses. I mostly start Pete's way with a whole bunch of scraps, slices and handfuls of all kinds of assorted left-over cheeses. Seems to work pretty well. There's never any left-overs or take-home.
" ... disingenuous, jocularity, levity ..."        ... What in the "Wide World of Sports" is a-going on here?
That, is nice work ... if you can get it.  Sounds like a good plan, Chefjazz2018. That's what I do anyway. 
Don't worry about it. A lot of people here get all pretty and polished sometimes and act like vocabulary choices are sacred.                  "We work in kitchens ...It ain'te rocket surgery."
New Posts  All Forums: