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If you want an easy-cheesy-cracker-crust pizza it's not at all so difficult. Use thin flat-breads on a flipped cookie-sheet in a  550* oven for 6-8 minutes.             We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.
Keep trying to walk it back, little boy. You'll be OK.
I hand-write mine on plain paper in pencil. They go into thin plastic savers, then into a spiral notebook. Simple labels; Salads, Beef, Apps, Veggies ... etc.
It's a jacket ... not a diploma or any kinda certification. If it bothers you, put a piece of duct tape over the logo. Tell whoever is in charge that you are just wearing a jacket. Ask if the have one for you if it's a situation. Don't let it bother you.
Whatever. Fine examples of cheap/low-cost help. Bote'a youse guys.
Maybe you're not catching what I'm saying. The stuff that I clean off is the burnt garbage from whatever was just cooked. This is not something that will bring anything good to the next item cooked. I didn't say I was making any kind of sauce from anything left on the grill pan. I was making a reference to what would be left in a regular pan that you would make sauce of and from.     I know I speak and explain clearly. I don't get it how some people just don't...
The actual "seasoning" doesn't come off, just the burned up stick-on parts. The browned bits, so-to-speak, that would make up pan sauce.
I live in Chicagoland ... I grill outside almost every day. Plus ... I just explained how to easily clean them ... so you've got that going for you ... which is nice.
I use one of these on my grill for almost 100% of everything I cook. I love it. Mine is a no-name cast iron jobbie. DO NOT get the "techno-fake metal-razmataz-voodoo" kind. Suck-City. It works because you can get full even heating with NO flare-ups. It gives great marks and color. If you've got any clue at all they are very easy to clean. I let it stay screaming hot for all things stuck to burn up and then hit it with a spray of water. The water steams up and releases...
New Posts  All Forums: