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Well ... there it is. Your answer ... from a first-time poster.              I'm gonna puke again.
Yeah ... Everyone should follow the directions of Anthony Bourdain. Boo-Hoo. Is this for me or not?!? Boo-Hoo. Sob. Weep.                  I think I'm gonna puke.
I've always thought that getting them free from the places that employed me was a nice thing.
I never use mayonnaise. It is communist, and it will make you sterile. 
Guys ... this is a 3-year old thread.
LOL. Yeah well ... I guess I am relatively well versed in the subtleties of language, and I can speak for myself. For any "home cook", the QC of the Richmond knives is just fine. It's just fine for any working pro-chef/cook too that is not all jacked up on names and price. The Tojiros and VFs are just fine too. Let me remind you here ... we're talking about a HOME COOK, not a master chef or an Iron Chef on TV. Just a regular real person. My 1974 Chicago Cutlery chef...
Please, please, please ... explain to us all about how a new uniform will revolutionize the industry. TIA. I'm on the edge of my chair.
There is not a bad knife on that list I put up. I even put up a "Shun" for the point of showing no partiality. From the time of that last post until now, I've trimmed out 50-lbs. of hanger steak. I did it with a $10 "Chicago Cutlery" santuko and a $1.50 "IKEA" petty. I trimmed it out expertly, beautifully and deliciously. Could I have done it any better with a $600 gyuto and a $200 petty?!? NO. Most of the best "really working" chefs that I know and work with have German...
Just a simple assortment; not in any order; all, save one(1) < $100. Masazumi 240mm Gyuto Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm Wusthof Classic Chef Knife 8" Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100 Richmond Artifex SAB AEB-L Chef 250mm Richmond SAB 52100 Chef 250mm F Dick 1905 Chef's Knife 10" Shun Sora 8" Chef Tojiro DP Gyuto 210mm Tojiro DP Gyuto 240mm Tojiro DP Gyuto 270mm Victorinox Forschner Fibrox Chef's Knives Victorinox Forschner...
Restaurants have menus because people like to make choices. Extra Crispy Seasoned Crinkles America’s favorite crinkle fry is even better with a spicy kick. You’ll love these seasoned fries with just about everything.
New Posts  All Forums: