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THANK YOU, laurenlulu. NO, I'm not incredible though. It seems as though I just do what I do really cool, and someone was interested. To tell you the truth, I can't figure out what they saw in me all so much. If I pulled each and every one of my tricks out of my magical chef bag I might make it through the second week ... and only if 2 others really sucked. I come with lots of baggage that wouldn't go over well on the show. I won't touch foie gras or veal; no way no how....
I don't know, maybe this is a simple answer or maybe it's goofy. Make a batch and keep it cold in the walk-in. When ordered, throw a big glob in a skillet, heat it up to desired temp and serve it up. Am I missing something here?
"Bullying" has never been any kind of good idea. Telling another worker to "grow a pair" or any other such garbage is stupid too.  In the past I was really fast to grab people that aggravated me and just simply punch them out. That is not a good idea either. The biggest percentage of us don't make enough $$$ from the kitchen to end up shortening our lives because of excess tension and/or stress. 
I make a zillion or so raviolis at a time, all squished out by hand. After making 6-8, depending on the tray size, I dust them off in regular ap flour to dry up the outside, then lay them on the tray. They are all touching and overlapped. After an hour or so in the freezer they are solid frozen enough to take from the tray and fill up a freezer bag. I've never had any sticking problem. My ravioli go from freezer to boiling water. I boil them up per order. 8-minutes usually...
OK. THIS is the "Next Time" ... And I just said "NO". WTF?!? I was just invited to be a contestant on "Top Chef". I graciously said "Thank You very much", and declined. I think I'll be needing some therapy.
Good enough question Pete. I'm very much more biased to vegetarian cooking vs. vegan based on ease. I do vegan cooking and respect it all well and good, but if I don't have to break my chops work-wise, I'll go with the eggs and such. It's so much easier to put out a tasty plate. I don't see any problem myself with free-range and humane dairy farming. That's just my viewpoint however ... YMMV.
Regular vegetarians types eat eggs and cheese. Along with some high-quality bread crumbs this should bind up your burgers easy enough.
OK. Just to stick my nose in and make a comment ... I like this one: Tojiro Shirogami Santoku 165mm - Our Price (CKTG): $49.95 or Tojiro Stainless Santoku 170mm - Our Price (CKTG): $69.95
OH ... MY ... GOODNESS!!! This is the second "vegan" idea thread that has come up in the last hour or so. The killer part for me is that someone recommended as thread of mine as a reference. Thank You ordo. Cooking vegan is, after you do some simple research and shop properly, no real big deal. As with cooking anything, the highest quality freshest ingredients is a major key. That "research" thing is really important. I screwed up big once using honey. I've made and...
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