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81€ is about 112US$.
Newclear (newculer (GWB)) radiation.
Hey whatever. I'm just a poor dumb professional chef that owns/uses Chicago Cutlery and Victorinox Forshner knives. WTFDIK?!? Right? I'll stick with my opinion that for $90 is a nice knife. And to show that I'm not a "Richmond Shill" ... I don't like the handle. I prefer Japanese handles.
OK. For a "knife hobbyist" that likes to buy knives and sharpen all the time then sure, maybe regrind since that's what you like to do. However for someone that buys a knife to use for just cutting and cooking, no, it's just fine.
It's a funny thing on my part here that recipes like this are a "batch" kinda thing. It's not so much exactly measured. Also, to tell you the truth, I use "Cool Whip". For me, it holds up longer than fresh, it takes more abuse. It's 1 tub of marscapone off the shelf, 1 medium-small tub ricotta from the deli and +/- 1/3 a tub Cool-Whip; the other 2/3 used for spackling over the outside and top. I use 1 scoop of a nice little coffee cup for the sugar. We ain'te talking...
I can't think of any reasons not to get the Artifex. Yes, you may just like something better, but I know no real con points to the Richmond.
OK. I should know better than to do this. I'll probably be sorry later. Since two(2) of you asked, I'll give up my recipe. Here it is: Both soft and crunchy ladyfingers +/- 2:1 soft/crunchy ~ Crunchy for the bottom layer, soft for the rest. 2 parts marscapone, 1 part very dry ricotta cheese, 1 part whipped cream, 1/2 part powdered sugar a few drops almond or hazelnut extract 1 pkg Knox gelatin in 2 tblspns water all nice and bloomed ~ All of it goes into a stand mixer...
WOW.     Very interesting thread.   A coupla weeks ago I made eggs benidict at a homeless shelter. I poached the eggs, a dozen at a time, in a hotel pan using tuna cans as a mold. For me, I've never had much use for people in a kitchen that could use all kindsa French words, or who could quote from any great master or from their cook books. Culinary school, like any other institution of higher education, is only gonna give you back what you are willing to put in.
Portillo's chopped salad w/ pecans, plus an italian beef or sausage or a combo w/ sweet-peppers, mozerelli cheese and gardenair. I've had this 3x's in the last week. I could also eat a meat-ball, patty-melt and/or a monte-cristo sammich every day. Combination kung-pao or chow-tay is always G2G. Or ... a big giant steak burrito w/ both red and green sauce and extra cheese. Diet A&W root-beer or cream-soda.
WOW. LOL too.   It amazes me and really cracks me up that the idea of a simple vocabulary word, whether it is correct or incorrect, can cause such an excited conversation.
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