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LOL. I'm cracking up picturing you, in give or take 1972, hanging out with skateboard dudes. Now for me ... there are different profiles of "food" sweetness; sugar vs. natural type flavors. Aside from what some people may think, everything I say is not a wisecrack. Although I can understand how they might think that.
Are the people doing all the touting actually in the business or just people that like to read while they eat? Is it science to add a little oil to the butter in a pan so that it won't burn? Is it molecular to know about making sauces that don't break? What kinda examples were you thinking aboout?
LOL . I've used "packaged" stock lots of times ... lots. Funniest thing about is is that I've never had any complaints. People eat the dishes I make ... pay me ... and come back again. For the small amount of all the garbage that's in packaged stock it's just no big deal for me. The fact that it's right there when I want it, with no work, mess, time spent, cost, clean-up et al for all that goes into making stock. We all have our demons. This is a time where I'm gonna go...
Factory farms suck. They should be outlawed and shut down. The owners and operators of factory farms should be imprisoned.     I apologize if I'm confusing corporate farms with factory farms.
Could you maybe ... in your own words ... define "sweet" for us please?
LOL @ Me. I understand. I just find it funny that so much concern is going into a discussion about stock.
My stock is pretty clear. I just don't make any big deal of it. Unless we're talking some type of au jus ... what difference does it make? I don't serve "bowl of stock". Other stuff goes into it to make something. To tell you the truth ... I see this original question as a "classroom topic" for brand new children in cooking school to discuss and show some basic beginner skills. IT'S JUST STOCK.   BDL is/was a famed poster/member of ours that you either loved or...
For ME ... it's meatloaf, chicken & waffles, chicken fried steak and/or raviolis. (not in any order)
LOL.   It's stock people. A simple little ingredient that takes the place of water for a little more flavor and substance. It's not all that big a thing. It cracks me up that this discussion has gone so long. I really miss BDL.           "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.".
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