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REALISM my friend.WHO?!? ... On "Fantasy Island" maybe?!?Nowhere near realistic.
Welcome to "ChefTalk" Paul. ... We're talking burgers here. "We work in kitchens ... This ain'te rocket surgery." Hank ... Get yourself one of those simple 2-piece burger presses. Works like a dream. I'll find you a pic when I have more time. Hav'a nice day. Enjoy the show. ... Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.
Everyone has an opinion and a story.  I use my wok just fine for my bamboo steamer.  It sits above the water nicely secure, with enough water to steam nicely for 40+ minutes without having to refill.  When done, minimal work gets them both clean and put away.  
It's really very simple ... I'm kinda cheap. $15 vs. $75 If I could peal away $75 ... I'd go stainless. Bamboo however ... has a more, I don't know ... a cool sorta old-school feel.
LB ... there is a simple correlation between how long something lasts and how you take care of it. Cheap junk is just that ... cheap junk. I shake mine out, wipe it dry and stash it in the oven (no heat, it's just a good place). I have bought my steamers from a very nice Asian store. They were inexpensive @ $15. Every time I'm buying one the woman there tries to get me to buy the stainless steamer. As for woks and petina ... I'm not arguing with anyone, I'm just...
I've worked in two(2) Asian places. Both used the same mix, done in the pan. Marmalade, soy (easy splash), rice-wine vinegar (easy splash), chx stock (for viscosity) and OJ (just another splash). The chx was cooked in the wok for a minute in oil with a few drops of sesame oil, then everything was put in 1x1 and it was cooked down for another two(2) minutes. Asian restaurants use jet-engine stoves, so you probably aren't going to cook as fast. The chx was heavily...
I use a bamboo steamer for one(1) main simple reason ... it's $15 and a stainless one is $75. I get a new one every three(3) or so years. NO matter how well you try to take care of them ... they don't last forever. I use mine 98.6% of the time for making tamales. I generally pack 10-12 tamales into a ziploc bag and steam them for +/- 40-minutes. They come out just fine. Hotter than the Sun ... but still. I also use my wok to sit the steamer in. I've never had any...
I guess I just never got on the "Sue Veed" boat. I can't figure out the attraction of cooking stuff so so long. Hey look ... I know you get really nice results, but you know what ... you can get really nice results by just regular cooking ... if you've got a clue. I also use quality ingredients so that I don't need to go overboard on outside flavorings. I would suggest just cooking the meat and making a really sauce of your marinade to go with. Therein you've got a nice...
It is too small a knife to properly / adequately cut stuff that will cause wedging. For stuff that would cause wedging you would use a different knife. Unless you're cutting up titanium carrots I don't think you need to worry about the blade breaking. I still feel this is just a big petty. 
LOL. I'm just now noticing that we have a member named "kytcho". Crack me up. 
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