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Professionals don't do such stuff like what has been claimed. Professionals don't in any way try to justify that type of behavior. Professionals understand that YES, every customer walking in the door of the establishment they work for is paying for their take-home check. Without customers they don't have a job. Professionals don't complain about who comes into their establishment, they just work the best they can to keep them coming back to spend more money there. I've...
OK then ... I guess CapeCodChef answered the question I was asked well enough.
I find it interesting how people that consider themselves professionals of the food industry have absolutely no clue whatsoever (read: respect for) what a vegan lifestyle is. How you could claim and make joke of the actions you do that are completely against the lifestyle of people paying you money. WOW.
How can I get the last 3-minutes of my life back from this stupid thread?
WOW. Having a job is so much better than not having a job. For someone "Just Graduated From Culinary School", I don't really understand the original question. Maybe that's just me I guess. Let us know what your other employment offers are if you decide that this one offered doesn't pay enough. 
OK. I'm not meaning to start off w/ an attitude but ... anyone who's first comment kisses up like a drag queen or rips something a new hole ... is a shill, and should be dismissed. I've been shopping RD for a number or years. I pretty much agree w/ chefbubba in post #2. I don't think it's a stretch to say that different stores in different locations just may have different choice levels of product quality. The stores in Chicagoland have great prices/selections on...
WOW. You sound like a soccer fan. The sport for all those who can't play hockey, baseball or football. The pansy league.
Every one of the pizza places I've worked in, along with the one I owned, used individual products, such as 6-1, never pre-made sauce. NO decent pizza place would use a pre-made sauce. However ... if I was gonna recommend a canned sauce ... it would be "Pastorelli's". In my simple opinion, it's the only pre-made sauce anyone should ever use. I think it's better than a lot of stuff I've had that home-chefs make from scratch. 
New Posts  All Forums: