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Put your drink down ... and stay away from the pipe. Micky-D's is not ever gonna fail. You're foolish to think that.
LOL. "Soilent Green" Thanks EdB, I feel even older now this morning. I eat "Big-Macs" because ... I like them. To me, they're tasty. In some of the bars I work in we make our own "Big-Mac" style burger. They're sssooooo much healthier and tastier and everything else. I still go out to Micky's sometime. I still like me a "Big-Mac". I like some "Taco Bell" stuff, and lots of "Wendy's" stuff too. It is what it is ... tasty ... and fast ... it's a niche, just like...
Here is the one closest to my home. The place that has the College of DuPage's culinary students. (pic is a link) Here are the menus: Lunch Dinner Sunday Brunch Wine List (pic is a link) College of DuPage is a community college. It is one of the finest in the country. They have a very good culinary program. foodpump ... you can take your attitude, and shove it.
I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin' ... but all the schools anywhere at all near me have restaurants attached to the school. All the students work in those restaurants. Both the school and restaurant nearest me are very high-level operations.
LOL. Actually ... that knife came in a set of 5 knives (original, chef, fillet, carving and petty). I got it after holiday season at a mall store called "As Seen On TV". The whole package was $19.99 +tax, but on sale that day @ 50% off.
This is my "bread" knife. I've had it and used it for the past two(2) years. I've never sharpened it and you can't tell it's not new. Ginsu 04850 Essential Series 9 Inch Original Ginsu Slicer ... $10
OK ... I'm trying to understand this ... $100 ... for a bread knife?!?
It kinda helps to be sure that there are REAL and FACTUAL health regulations prohibiting what you claim. You're gonna look sorta stupid if someone from the health board is one of those customers bringing in outside food or drink and there are not actually those codes. Corkage for outside wine is a really nice thing for places with no liquor licenses. Anywhere from $2-$5 is no big deal for wine geeks. They mostly bring in their own stems so there is no need to worry about...
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