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LOL. Another 10-yo thread recycled from the past. I have two(2) granton-edged knives that I like very much. Why? ... Because they are nice knives. No other reason. They're not any better really, than any others ... I just like them. Just like any other knives ... $800 or $80 ... sharp knives work better than dull knives. Keep your knives sharp and a $9.95 NSF knife will work just fine. A $1200 dull knife works like a piece of junk. My granton-edged knives work...
CLASSIC!!!Just like the words "CHEF" and "COOK".Just vocabulary words. LOL.I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'.
WOW.       I don't really get the idea. I've never been able to wrap my opinion around the big deal of cooking something all that long when it really doesn't need it. My pulled pork rarely sees more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours in the oven. I've never had any complaints.    I'd love to read some opinions/reasons about this long cooking idea. TIA.
Such sillyness. 
Cook ... Chef. ... vocabulary words. We work in kitchens ... it ain'te rocket surgery.
LOL. It's only French pastry. Who really cares?!? Go out to the store, buy a loaf, bring it home, cut it up, eat it ... viola. All good.          ... I'm w/ FFG on this one. A culinary student asking a BB for exam help somewhat shows a weak work ethic. 
Sorry FFG ... but I'm not sure if my answers really answer your questions. I curdle the soy-milk because the recipe says so. It comes out nice following, and I have no better recipe. I prefer cocoa butter to vegetable shortening just because it's emotionally/psychologically easier for me to eat strait-up in a frosting. Eating Crisco is just kinda really icky for me. Yeah ... I know ... sorta hypocritical coming from a guy that smokes, and can eat haf'a'dozen hot-dogs in...
A lot of times the problems with "vegan" cooking come from difficulties sourcing and using good proper ingredients. Everything must be "animal-free". Nothing can be any part of an animal or come from an animal. In the beginning I really didn't understand this. Honey "comes from" bees. That is a disqualifier. Stupid me that time. Anyway ... good high-quality ingredients are very important (sometimes very costly), and are not all that easy to get. Still, you gotta use the...
LOL. You GO! Panini.
I WAS MAKING A JOKE!!! Those people who have just joined in the past month should maybe wait just a little bit before they make foolish statements to or about others. I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'.
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