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The Italian version IS very good. It's over-the-top vegetarian ... not so much vegan though. 
Fine ... swap out the pappardelle for dang myun or banh pho; swap out the arugula pesto for hoisin sauce thinned out with rice-wine vinegar and lemon juice; swap out the cheeses for crunchy chow mein noodles. There you go ... multi-Asian.
If the "zoodle" is that zucchini thing, then go with an equal amount of pappardelle and ribbons of yellow squash. Just before draining the pasta, throw in the noodles and squash to get it up to temp. Dress up with a snappy arugula pesto and some toasted pecans. Also top with some curls of romano and parmesan cheeses. Serve with an brite off-sweet Italian white wine.     
Throw all your everything into a stand mixer and whip the bageebies out of it. Then ... throw in a tblspn of water with a bloomed pkt (or 2) of Knox gelatin. Blitz it again for 6 seconds. Throw it into the icebox ... let it set ... cut it ... serve it ... eat it. Enjoy.     everything: ricotta, limoncello, lemon curd, zest, whittles ever you got to put in ... my suggestion would be powdered sugar ... but it's up to you what your ingredients are.
NO foodpump ... you didn't sound like a jerk.    Once again ... as per usual ... ChefBillyB's words are true as true. Listen to what you've been told, kbuff. It's very good advice.
       OK ... Here they are.
I cook this dinner for clients last nite:    There are supposed to be pics here ... BUT THEY WON'T COME OUT.    The main course, Chx & Waffles, completely savory, nothing sweet, NO syrup. Kinda ticked off the guy paying, who refused to eat until his good friend tried to take it from him. He also didn't like the beer choice, until he tried it claiming it was the best pairing he ever had. Oh well. The side was Brussel sprout hash-browns, with bacon and leek. The dessert...
Thanks for the support. My life however, was never in danger from a meatball. Short fat guys fear NO meatball. The issue was that I had to clean up everywhere ... NO help whatsoever was forthcoming. There was though ... serious laughter.
Here's my GRIPE for the day ... NON-SLIP Shoes. Just fine, nice shoes. I've never in my years however, ever slipped and fell. So this time, when buying new shoes, I find a really nice pair that just happened to be "non-slip". Freakin' swell. God forgive that you ever step in or on something ... YOU CARRY IT EVERYWHERE!!! All over the freakin' place. And they ain't easy to clean out. Stupid shoes. One(1) freakin' meatball.  All over the whole place ... like I stepped in a...
Tomato aioli to me says "ketchup". 
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