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I personally have simple motivational factors ... money, fame and women. It's real basic.
Restaurant Depot
OMG. That is now replacing WOW. The amounts of tax fraudulence we talking here are so minor and petty that it would cost the IRS considerably more than they would or could collect in back taxes and penalties. On top of that ... you all are sounding like the tax-morality crusaders of the all high and mighty. My freaking goodness. WE WORK IN KITCHENS ... WE ARE NOT ROCKET SURGEONS. I take off my hat to all those of you that make so much $$$ that you are al concerned over a...
Bobby Fischer was considered the biggest jerk of the entire chess-playing world; he was even in the Team Picture for biggest jerks of all humanity. Here is the BEST ...
I think it's cool that someone both reads and, I guess, finds what I say as interesting. However, since I haven't extrapolated on my thoughts, you shouldn't think that you are necessarily aware of what they are. LOL. I used "extrapolated" in this conversation. ... Crack me up.
WOW ... (still and again).
LOL. So basically, chefboyOG, you don't really cook anything?!? You just administrate?!? You play "Boss Person" and have a nice day. I get it. LOL.
How many inspectors are there, and how often do they walk into your place? Some of you all talk about these things like it's every third customer walking into your kitchen with an inspection sheet. From so many of the conversations here it seems like nobody ever cooks anything. If you have decent enough practices, and you make good enough food, things work out.
It's just two(2) pics posted for the effect of good looking food. To tell you the honest to goodness ... I don't have any clue what the salad vegetable is. It just looked a little funky to me so I called it arugula, since arugula is everyone's flavor of the month for the last year. It's after 1-am on a friday night. My specials tonight were fried rice, shrimp/crab rangoon pot-stickers and mongolian beef. All orders came w/ an almond cookie. I got a 50# box on sale for...
New Posts  All Forums: