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BEAUTIFUL ... Absolutely Beautiful.     Sent from my iMAC keyboard using My fingers. "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
Sure ... wait until you can't get something out of your "anti-slip" soles. Fascist meatballs.
That's why there are menus at restaurants. At least w/ Crocs I think you can clean smashed meatballs off of/out of the soles better than what I'm wearing. 
Good point. Mine was that you'll get 50/50 YES or NO. 
http://chia.com/home-goods/gourmet-chia-herb-garden/ My stuff is a lot older. LOL @ Me. I got 6 pots and they were clay pots. I'm sure they are smaller too ... which is not necessarily a better thing on the small side. Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens all have it for $16. Any of the bad reviews are from total idiots that couldn't grow anything in the first place.
I never could figure out how anybody could like "Crocs" in the first place. Plantar Fasciatus sucks big time. I got it just this summer. Foodpump told you what you should do ... believe him. The "brick" idea is good and the 'gel-pad" idea is good too. Bricks are a lot cheaper though. I get relief from rolling my feet on balls when I'm sitting. The best I've found were hard rubber dog chew balls and croquet balls. When I'm sitting I roll them under me feet as hard as I can...
I've been a "Chia Pet" fan for as long as I can remember. They have a kit, the "Chia Herb Garden". It's got NO Chia involved. It's real herb seeds with nice little ceramic pots. Everything you need. I've been using mine for a long time. I start them off in the pots. When they outgrow them I move the pods to a window trough-type pot. Now I know you said you have a dark apartment. There's NO reason you can't do exactly the same thing though using lights. The set-up...
LOL. How long have you been here?!? A question like yours ... on a topic like ribs ... could/will get answers from across the entire spectrum of "rib-making".    From the way you're asking, I think you're looking for a "no mop" answer. I'll be happy to give it to you.    You'll be just fine without mopping.
OK ... So since SOMEBODY gets to cook for the top-brass and such ... what did I say that was wrong? I also said I've been to both ... the CIA and the military. I have absolutely NO Problemmo claiming the military to be better. You can retire very well from the military. You can't retire from just going to school. Everyone's profession is exactly what they make of it ... whatever it is that they choose. I wasn't even a culinary person ... and I had a great time doing...
Half of my job life is cooking in homeless shelters. I went to the CIA. Since you got NO experience ... I'll let you get away with no knowing how good a situation you have on your hands. First off ... You have total control and complete creativity looking right in your face. If you're any good at all ... nobody is gonna argue with anything you want to do ... as long as it doesn't suck. Generally speaking, dishes don't come back. On your off time, go meet the people at the...
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