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There are lots of very important but ordinary people dieing every day. People with great purpose for humanity but still yet ordinary. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. D. H. Lawrence
I'm with Chef T on this one. After a day or shift in the kitchen, the last thing I want is what ever I've been cooking all day or shift. NO, there is not at all anything wrong with whatever I was working on. I'm very good. I just don't want it. However, working a buffet line carving up prime rib ... that's a much different story.
Are You for real?!? The threads you have started suggest that maybe you should looking into some other profession. Maybe something like lawn care maintenance. 
My goodness already. This ain'te at all difficult. Some clown did a 5-page thread about this stuff.
If you hire a "Kitchen Manager" ... and give him that list of responsibilities ... he walks out the door. After he shoves that list up an uncomfortable place of yours. You hire people that know the job. You expect them to know what to do, unless you really goof up and hire an idiot, then you should worry about your own job. We're PROFESSIONALS. WE know the responsibilities of the jobs we have trained to do. Don't hire people and then treat them like incompetents. ...
Sounds like you should call Mr. Rodgers.
Won-ton wrappers ARE pasta. They are perfect for ravioli. I use a bowl of hot water and soak them for 10-20 seconds. Then I just use them for each layer. You can go with 1 or 2 at a time, more is your choice. They are uniform shape and stack beautifully. Round or square makes no difference. For ravioli I use one shape for meat and the other for cheese whichever I grab first. They're also cheap. They are NO work. It don't take no abacus. They are also perfect for...
Good luck kid.
OK ... To answer the original question ... "NO, I have never used a "ricotta béchamel sauce" in any lasagna that I've ever made. I ... personally ... don't want any "flour-based" sauce in my pasta dish. I use a combination of 3/4 very dry ricotta and a 1/4 mix of parm-romano and shredded mozz, to which I usually add 2 eggs, and a palmful each of basil, parsley and oregano; all fresh, not dried, not that there is anything wrong with dried ... I just like fresh better. I...
LOL. You got here late too ... like 13 years. Another resurrected thread.
New Posts  All Forums: