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Here's my GRIPE for the day ... NON-SLIP Shoes. Just fine, nice shoes. I've never in my years however, ever slipped and fell. So this time, when buying new shoes, I find a really nice pair that just happened to be "non-slip". Freakin' swell. God forgive that you ever step in or on something ... YOU CARRY IT EVERYWHERE!!! All over the freakin' place. And they ain't easy to clean out. Stupid shoes. One(1) freakin' meatball.  All over the whole place ... like I stepped in a...
Tomato aioli to me says "ketchup". 
Do you like what you are making? Is it tasty? Do you eat it and not have to throw any away?    Corn starch is different than corn flour. You get a much different texture. I've never had or made any Asian chx dish that cooked anywhere near as long as god old U.S. chx recipes. LOL. I'm not familiar with Asian chx dishes using big whole pieces of chx like we do. I use corn starch with a number of dishes including small quick-cooking pieces of meat. Like I said, it's a...
Do you sell these?
It could be tough ... but you could do it. You should think of doing it in stages. 1) put in the dough, sauce and meat; cook . 2) add ingredient stuff; cook more. 3) add the cheese; and cook. @ 700* you need to stretch it well because it will burn outside before it's cooked inside. Pre-cooked sausage is a thought too. Deep-Dish, Pan and Stuffed pizzas are not just there for everyone to make/cook. Every wise-guy hot-shot cook ain'te no Pizza Maker. 
It's not ... in MY kitchen anyways.
Nope. NO use for anything like that.
You can look, but you will not find too many threads where foodpump and I agree on an idea ... but THIS IS ONE OF THEM. I can't understand / don't see why anyone is arguing his points. It ain'te no freakin' rocket surgery to understand this. You don't need any "clincal study" or web-sites. Sometimes just plain old regular EXPERIENCE is proof-positive enough to shut-up arguing with a professional. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.
To answer your questions ... I don't know. When stuff gets down to, as I would put it ... "You're gonna need sommore of this." levels ... it lets us know. The place I'm working isn't that big that even the lowest guy wouldn't know if we needed flour. The really big bags are in a really big stack. You see it when it needs to be purchased. The guys(me) that would use any chx base are smart enough to know when to say ... "HEY ... We need some chx base.". We're professionals,...
I didn't set it up. At the end of the nite it tells us what we went through. We look at stuff and see what we need when it tells us our supply is close to gone. We order every 3-4 days and everything is skippy.   We've got a "pop" cooler that holds everything that is brought in personally, for "specials". That works nice too because it's easily visible. For "My" specials, if anything is left after the second day it gets used for staff meal. I never keep anything longer....
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