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Yes, that's it I think. Good luck with what you do.
That, or something very close, has been on TV. "Bar Rescue" I've worked in a number of bars that fill the glass from the bottom, so-to-speak, with a nozzle that goes all the way down.
You're a little late w/ this idea. Sorry, but this has been around for a good while already.
Look for "restaurant liquidation sales". Buy the best cheapest non-piece-of junk that you can find. I've seen lots of less than 1-yo stuff go for really good prices. If you keep your start-up principle down, you don't have to kill yourself as much to make a few $$$ a little quicker.
FlipFlop and Nicko have given you good points, but My bag includes a few extra things. First off, I have a coffee cup. ($3) Need I explain? Next I have a quick knife sharpener. ($11) Knives get borrowed, dropped, banged and such. It's not a big thing, just a sharpener. A fingernail brush is a good thing to have. ($1) Also, get to a drug-type store and get a bag of finger-cots. ($2) They are little latex jobbies that you roll on/over your fingers when they get nicked up....
Get a Waring® commercial blender and a Robot-Coupe® food processor. Money must not be of any concern for you so you'll be all good to go. I've never met anyone not satisfied with a Vitamix unless they were a shill looking for people to claim just how good Vitamix products are.
Luis ... I stopped reading after this:For what reason did you think you needed to continue? It sounded to me that you had a really good thing.
In all reality ... I don't think you can quenelle with a fork ... more power to you if you can though. I'd love to see it. Can you do us the big favor and make a YouTube video of it please?!?
I guess I'm with Peon on this idea. "Ha....really? For me, a quenelle spoon has always been.....a spoon." I'm not calling anyone out here for what is important. I just think it's not so much as big a deal as others do. I do find it cool though that some people take such pride in their work. I'm not sure, but I think there are two(2) other threads going on that are about "quenelle spoons". WOW. I'm on a break right now from cooking at a church shelter. I think I'm gonna...
WTF?!? I was just invited (last week) to be a contestant on "Top Chef". I graciously said "Thank You very much.", and declined. I think I'll be needing some therapy. YES, I said this same thing in a different thread, but I think only 2 people read it.
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