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OK. Back to beer ... "Boiler-Makers" are what has been posted and shown to us ... A "shot" and a "beer". If you want to dump the shot into the beer, go ahead, enjoy yourself. A "Depth-Charge" is ... as both "ChicagoTerry" and "Mike9" have discussed ... actually dropping the shot-glass of whisky into the glass of beer. Most people (LOL @ them), don't realize before doing this, that the shot-glass displaces a LOT of the beer from the glass. As you then immediately...
Why? A thread about beer is perfectly fine.
I don't see any line cook making $40,000+ / yr. Nope. Notta.
for foodpump:
Hey look ... my mistake. I guess that if you can make mother sauces you can't possibly use or learn anything more in culinary school. How foolish of me to think any different. My sincerest apology. ... and just for the record ... In all the places I've ever worked (Michelin* places included), it's never made any difference whatsoever who could make a mother sauce.
   LOL. Yeah ... Seriously?
Well ... there it is. Your answer ... from a first-time poster.              I'm gonna puke again.
Yeah ... Everyone should follow the directions of Anthony Bourdain. Boo-Hoo. Is this for me or not?!? Boo-Hoo. Sob. Weep.                  I think I'm gonna puke.
New Posts  All Forums: