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LOL. In my house, it doesn't matter how much meat-loaf is made. It doesn't last long enough to use anything longer than just the refrigerator.
correct quote: Hannibal: "I love it when a plan comes together!"
HEY ... Welcome to Nice statement. Good factuality. Just be aware though ... that the last post before yours in this thread was 4+ years ago. It's all good though. I've made a whole buncha continuation posts to really old threads. So have a lotta others. You're in a good crowd. LOL.
I've always thought that "how a steak should be cooked" would be however the person paying for that steak asks for it. Who are you, I or anyone else to tell someone how they should have their meat cooked? Suggestions and conversation are all well and good, but if someone wants black'n'blue or well-done, that's the way they should get it. My personal caveat is that steaks ordered well-done can't be sent back if you don't like it. I'm a professional. I can make a...
I'm not sure where the "hand over your heart" thing came from. I think it's some kinda take-off of saluting when not in uniform (military and/or such). As for anthems, I've never been to a game in the U.S. where both weren't played when the visiting team was Canadian. The Canadian anthem is really nice. Nowhere, not anywhere on the planet, is the anthem done better than in the "Madhouse on Madison", for THE HAWKS BLACKHAWK KARMA . . . HERE COME THE HAWKS RESPECT THE...
Put your drink down ... and stay away from the pipe. Micky-D's is not ever gonna fail. You're foolish to think that.
LOL. "Soilent Green" Thanks EdB, I feel even older now this morning. I eat "Big-Macs" because ... I like them. To me, they're tasty. In some of the bars I work in we make our own "Big-Mac" style burger. They're sssooooo much healthier and tastier and everything else. I still go out to Micky's sometime. I still like me a "Big-Mac". I like some "Taco Bell" stuff, and lots of "Wendy's" stuff too. It is what it is ... tasty ... and fast ... it's a niche, just like...
Here is the one closest to my home. The place that has the College of DuPage's culinary students. (pic is a link) Here are the menus: Lunch Dinner Sunday Brunch Wine List (pic is a link) College of DuPage is a community college. It is one of the finest in the country. They have a very good culinary program. foodpump ... you can take your attitude, and shove it.
I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin' ... but all the schools anywhere at all near me have restaurants attached to the school. All the students work in those restaurants. Both the school and restaurant nearest me are very high-level operations.
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