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Let me get this right ... You're suggesting putting cut meat on paper towels to soak up extra juice? Is that it?
St.P's Day is my birthday. My middle name is ... duh ... "Patrick". Starting tomorrow I'll be eating corned beef ... in all different ways ... until I puke. First will be a Reuben sammich, because ... well ... I just like it. I'll be drinking lots of beer ... none of it will be Guinness ... I don't like Guinness. I'm not Irish ... I'm "Chicago-American".
Right upfront, I have nowhere the experience or worldly knowledge of chefedb ... but I do have lots of it with hanger steak. When I was the chef for a butcher shoppe / bistro we went through as much hanger in a day as we could process, every day. I still do a lot with it today. It's one of my favorite cuts. Now whereas it does come from the same general cow neighborhood as the skirt steak, but I've never heard of it ever being confused for, or called, skirt steak. Hanger...
[ I think you need to turn in your "Pizza Card". ] Nobody missing or jonesing for "CHICAGO PIZZA" wants Aurelio's. just for reference continuity: Burly Detective: What do ya think, ... Huh? Don't tell me this [stuff's] gettin' to ya. Not Harry Callahan. Say it ain't so. Harry Callahan: No, this stuff isn't gettin' to me. ... that doesn't bother me a bit. Burly Detective: Come on, Harry. Take it easy. Harry Callahan: Or this job, either. ... Nah, that doesn't bother...
??? ... OK. You miss "Chicago" ... and you want "Aurelio's"? I think you need to turn in your "Pizza Card".
Dude ... I've never seen a Community College without a financial aid department. They've got people in there who's job it is to get you free or nearly free money. If you can't afford school ... go on the dime that's out there for you. All you've gotta do is fill out forms. It ain'te rocket surgery. 
Professionals don't do such stuff like what has been claimed. Professionals don't in any way try to justify that type of behavior. Professionals understand that YES, every customer walking in the door of the establishment they work for is paying for their take-home check. Without customers they don't have a job. Professionals don't complain about who comes into their establishment, they just work the best they can to keep them coming back to spend more money there. I've...
OK then ... I guess CapeCodChef answered the question I was asked well enough.
I find it interesting how people that consider themselves professionals of the food industry have absolutely no clue whatsoever (read: respect for) what a vegan lifestyle is. How you could claim and make joke of the actions you do that are completely against the lifestyle of people paying you money. WOW.
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