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Factory farms suck. They should be outlawed and shut down. The owners and operators of factory farms should be imprisoned.     I apologize if I'm confusing corporate farms with factory farms.
Could you maybe ... in your own words ... define "sweet" for us please?
LOL @ Me. I understand. I just find it funny that so much concern is going into a discussion about stock.
My stock is pretty clear. I just don't make any big deal of it. Unless we're talking some type of au jus ... what difference does it make? I don't serve "bowl of stock". Other stuff goes into it to make something. To tell you the truth ... I see this original question as a "classroom topic" for brand new children in cooking school to discuss and show some basic beginner skills. IT'S JUST STOCK.   BDL is/was a famed poster/member of ours that you either loved or...
For ME ... it's meatloaf, chicken & waffles, chicken fried steak and/or raviolis. (not in any order)
LOL.   It's stock people. A simple little ingredient that takes the place of water for a little more flavor and substance. It's not all that big a thing. It cracks me up that this discussion has gone so long. I really miss BDL.           "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.".
Panini my friend ... stock is flavored water. OK. What else is it supposed to be? It's an ingredient, like any other used in a recipe. Therein is why I don't really understand this thread. Some people ... like to take the simplest thing ... and try to complicate the bageebies out of it. I can't by any means believe that someone is gonna spend upwards of 48-hours to make this stuff. I've gotten hammered for this before, but I just buy the stuff in quart cartons. It's just...
LOL there Saigium. I didn't help you at all  with the cheesecake. You wanted nothing to do with my suggestions. I don't think you have much of a clue. I also think the egg-white explanation is kinda goofy.               "We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
WOW. ... I don't get it. It's only stock for criminy sake. I'm not cooking anything for 18 or 48 freakin' hours ... particularly stock. My goodness. I make my stock buy roasting all the veggie scraps of the day and including bones or carcasses of the given meat. Then I throw in whatever herbs I got fresh at the time and boil it for a while and let it sit until cool. Then I strain it getting rid of any solids. Finally I reduce it until I think it's reduced enough. It goes...
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