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Are you getting rid of this voucher or are you looking for recommendations on how to spend it? I live in Chicagoland. I'll be happier than happy to help you out in either circumstance.
WOW. That looks very nice. GOOD JOB BillyB.
There are lots of just fine no problem at all gyutos available for
The CIA did open a lot of doors for me. It didn't at all keep any of them open. My skills did that. I would have been out as fast as the potato peelings and trim scraps if I couldn't do the job. I said before that I wouldn't go there if I had to pay for myself. There is no way I could have gotten out of the debt hole with today's wages, even with my skills. Therein is why I recommend good (really good, not just adequate) CC/JuCo programs. What I learned at the CIA you...
The biggest percentage of people laughing at culinary school are those that couldn't get in. High price doesn't really make a school any better, however the most expensive (I think) is the best. I live 20-30 minutes from a great CC/JuCo program. It's affordable and very very good. Things are what you make them. The school I went to was paid for through the GI-Bill. It's the best. Without that I wouldn't have gone. I would have gone to a CC/JuCo.
"Do that which gets you paid." ... We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.
First off ... Nicko ... "over a thousand" ... really?!? ... seriously?!? LOL. Secondly ... BLASPHEMERS!!! ... "Jiffy Mix"???!!! I've suggested that numerous times before ... only to get my head taken off by the "Experts" of our forum. Where the hey were you then to back me up?!? LOL @ Me. I also like "Jiffy Mix". I double the eggs, add both honey and melted butter, use cream for the milk and use an extra box to cover for the added liquid. I use a "muffin lid" pan to...
LOL. This is a 4 year old thread.
WOW. Some people that have been to culinary school are very successful. Maybe they get just the tinyest little bit of attitude after hearing from every person that, for whatever reason, could not go to culinary school who think that o-t-j training is the best and culinary school is useless. That is, of course, because all they've got is o-t-j training and couldn't go to culinary school. Sour grapes so to speak. As for those uneducated zillionaires ... they are outliers....
Nice comment ... in a good thread. Howard ... the comment before yours ... was four(4) years ago. Nice resurrection.
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