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Big deal. So what. You are who you are ... Be all the best that you can be. Skills trump everything else. We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
4 breakfasts x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 breakfasts @ $7 ea. = $980 4 dinners x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 dinners @ $15 ea. = $2100 ttl $ = $3080 ... as of right now $1 = 0.901€ (2774€) Play with it from there.
I had 3 Arby's sammiches, curley fries and a drink tonite. Bourbon Bacon & Brisket ... Pecan Chicken Salad ... B.L.T. ... Orange Cream Shake.
Photojonez ... The post before yours was a year ago.
One of them is Me.
Actually YES. I got mine at Target ... on sale. It's got 2 grinding wheels and a twin-bar to deburr. For ordinary regular home use it works just fine. That is it works just fine on my $49 3-knife V-F set ... that I also got on sale.
Rick ... What I'll admit is that the ordinary home person doesn't give a rat's tail bit of difference to all the technical knife facts as long as whatever they grab is sharp and does the job. The average person doesn't care about bevels, angles, stone grits, blade metallurgy et al the stuff you knife geeks just love to discuss ad infinitum. The time they spend in a week using a main knife is probably less time then you guys spend sharpening just 1 knife. Now I'll admit...
Since the audience of the original topic is just ordinary regular people cutting up ordinary regular food products for ordinary regular meals ... your point is moot. I can't see any knife-worshipping guy like you even having any experience with ordinary regular pedestrian home cooking tools such as those that I'm talking about. I'm not sure that guys like you who probably spend more time maintaining your holy-grail knives ever actually use them for their given purpose...
I sincerely apologize for my unnecessary wisecrack.
The "Home Cook" type person could use a "Chef's Choice" every Saturday for 10-years and never have any problems in the kitchen. It makes very simple sense.That is the direction I'm going.
New Posts  All Forums: