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Forget it. Don't take it. Tell those cheep fascists to shove it. Can you please give ME the phone # and address of this place please?!?
I always was, and still am ... a fat kid. Except for the time I spent in the NAVY, I've been anything except skinny or thin. I wasn't skinny or thin then either, I just didn't carry any extra baggage weights. Running and swimming a zillion miles all day helps that. I deal with it through exercise (sports) and a good sense of humor. I also have a bad habit of punching out big-mouth wise-guys. I guess I just kinda, you know, deal with it ... sorta.
We're talking $5 to make more than a batch of both. It ain'te rocket surgery. Have fun and make them both. Decide for yourself.
OK. 3 cups whole milk 1 cup heavy cream 1 1/2 cups buttermilk salt (?) Bring it to a gentle boil. Gently stir. Let it sit half an hour. Strain through cheesecloth. ... Just as easy.
4 cups whole milk 2 cups heavy cream 1 teaspoon salt (kosher or sea) 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar Milk-cream-salt into a stainless bowl. Bring to easy boil. Dump in vinegar and gently stir. Let stand for a little bit until the curds start to form. Stir a little bit more, very gently. Gently pour into a strainer lined w/ 3-4+? layers of cheesecloth. Let drain for a half hour to an hour. Good to go.
Here are the pics ... . . That go with this story: Man Mowing Field Makes Miraculous Discovery It’s a heart-wrenching but yet very heart-warming story. It ends happily well!
I personally have simple motivational factors ... money, fame and women. It's real basic.
Restaurant Depot
OMG. That is now replacing WOW. The amounts of tax fraudulence we talking here are so minor and petty that it would cost the IRS considerably more than they would or could collect in back taxes and penalties. On top of that ... you all are sounding like the tax-morality crusaders of the all high and mighty. My freaking goodness. WE WORK IN KITCHENS ... WE ARE NOT ROCKET SURGEONS. I take off my hat to all those of you that make so much $$$ that you are al concerned over a...
Bobby Fischer was considered the biggest jerk of the entire chess-playing world; he was even in the Team Picture for biggest jerks of all humanity. Here is the BEST ...
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