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Hey, I am currently a student at LCB London, taking the patisserie diploma and due to graduate in June. I'm hoping to carry on studying and improving afterwards but I'd like to move to a working environment. Idealy I would love to get an apprenticeship in chocolatier. If anyone has any advice on how to go about doing this that would be amazing.   Thank!   Claire
Im not a graduate but I am currently studying at LCB London. Happy to answer any questions you have about day to day life there. I'm also writing it up in a blog if thats of any use to you. I study patisserie but I have a lot of friends on the cuisine side of things too. Hope I can be of some use.
I am currently at LCB in London and loving it. I am writing a blog about it if you want a detailed idea of daily life in the school. I definately highly recommend it for excellent training as a basis for starting a career  x
I am studying at LCB in London and it is really great and well worth it. The teaching here has been amazing and its great to see everyone in my class improving so much after only one term. You should look into the possibility of studying in other countries because from whats been said so far the fees on the UK course seem to be less. Trying not to be bias towards LCB, but in england there are a lot fewer choices than in the US. All I can say is that the school has...
Hey Paul, I'm currently at LCB in London and I can only highly recommend it. I'm not sure if it is more expensive in the USA but from the teaching I have recieved here is is definately value for money. I am on the patisserie course and am loving every minute of it. In terms of a career, Im only one term in but I can already see the level of exciting opportunities.  I'm writing a blog if anyone wants to know more about what its like to study at...
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