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Most assuredly you can- think of what is in marinades in general minus the flavorings and oil- acid & salt. Both of these denature proteins like cooking does with heat- they can also affect the moisture holding capcity of the tissue being marinaded. When I was a young cook I left some chicken breast in a citrus marinade for about 24 hours- I had cured chicken breasts when they were retrieved; I of course adjusted my timing after that. If you are going to marinade for a...
The Best of Vietnamese and Thai cooking by Mai Pham is good- she is renowned and a personal client of mine so I have eaten her food- her restaurant Lemon Grass is excellent and has been written up in Food Arts and Art Culinaire magazines. Also The Best of Thai Cooking by Amatyakul is good also.
Best olive oil I have ever had was from Henwood Estates in Northern CA. I help him press some of his oil- he did not use a hammer mill but a cider grater that he built to process his olive pulp. It was amazing stuff. He closed down his operation but if there are any bottles left floating around somewhere it is exceptional.
What needs to be kept in mind is where the muscle groups come from and what they do. The chuck is not only a group of muscles that are locomotive they also turn the neck and head of a big animal. By nature of what these muscles do and the multiple groupings of them attached by connective tissue gives you an idea that some will be more developed muscle and tougher and some will be realitively tender like the cleaned flat iron (2nd only to filet) and the teres major. If you...
Liquid smoke is bad for those who are trying to quit smoking and drinking at the same time. :lol::lips::crazy::o
I was a saucier for years in a major hotel- sometimes you may get a slight amonia but it should not be very strong. However, I have never made a seafood stock, even lobster that went anywhere near that long on the fire. For shrimp and lobster simmer 1 hour or so at most! Try that next time and see if it does not improve the end result. :chef:
Master Cook 9 is a simply amazing program for the $20 you can buy it for at Best Buy. Don't let the price tag fool you- this baby is a gem- I've been using Master Cook for years at the professional level.:chef:
Here's an idea- why don't we get into the kitchen with our kids and ACTUALLY COOK!?!?!?! Does cooking have to become a video game? This idea in my opinion other than a novelty is a complete waste of time. These shows are supposed to inspire cooking not video game playing. :mad:;)
All these suggestions are good- the starch in your rice should be sufficient so I would not add any more starch to the recipe.
8" Henckles hollow edge santuku high carbon stainless forged, full tang What's not to love?
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