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Thanks everyone for the feedback. But I guess my real issue is that my boss has already given him permission for this. I've voiced my opinion to him but he just shrugs his shoulders and gives me no support.   
Ok, I've been doing this long enough to know that most people dislike working Sundays. So they claim they need it off to attend church and my response is always "I think god would understand if you skip Sunday service to got to work, he would rather you pay your mortgage". This shocks most people when I tell them that, probably because they are expecting me to "understand" and say "ok, no problem, you can have every Sunday off when the rest of the staff works every...
Haha, no piercings on this guy but I'll search for that tattoo thread.   
Getting an email complaint by a guest because she didn't like my tattoo on my forearm and calling me a dishwasher while I was doing a table visit.  
When the ticket reads "see server", and 20 minutes later, "where's my table 10 food?" I haven't fired it yet..."why not?" I was waiting for your see server modification, "oh yea, it's sauce on the side, I need that on the fly now because you never fired it!"...Sauce on the side?!! It would've been done 10 minutes ago if you used the SOS button and I'm not going to waste my cooks make it twice because you didn't follow the right steps.  
When I first got into this industry back in '92, we soaked our pasta in cold salt water and left it in the cooler until the morning. It never turned out al dente and was very expanded. We drained and portioned it and at service when it hit any sauce, the sauce became watered down.  
Always a good idea to keep personal keys and work keys seperate. I used to get tobasco in my coffee, now I always smell before I drink.   
Part of the key for any crouton making is the cooling down process. Let them cool at and to room temp. I've seen people put them in the cooler and even the freezer to cool and I've also witnessed people packing them incontainers and sealing a lid on top while they were still warm and guess what, they were stale within a few hours.  
I love my danskos and so does my German Shepherd. I had my new pair for 3 weeks and I left them out and fell asleep. Well, she decided she would use them as a chew toy and I woke up to the sound of knawing, she had chewed almost the entire top off. Back to the shoe preference...I can't imagine work life without my Danskos, I'm even thinking of buying a pair for non work life. Although that first month with a new pair is hell on the feet, mainly my toes and top of my...
Would a perfect kitchen be that consisting of every cook with grand ideas and a passion to create? Or, a good mix of cooks with pride, passion and the need to excel along with some drones that are there for the check and do as they're told?  
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