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The problem with the sprout is, that is needed in the dish, and i took the herb jus because my chef wants to make an herb rub instead under the chicken skin. lol
Lol well so far i tried at home a pineapple sauce, and instead of a celery root puree i was thinking carrot puree with a parsnip chip. Also saute the brussel sprout with some almond. i think the colors will go well together and the taste. what do u think/?
hello! i am currently stuck on a dish.  so for class i have to make a chicken dish with herb jus, celery puree, lemon confit, and brussel sprouts.    i have some idea i want to tweak but i just don't know what to do to make them all fit together and better
Go to LCB. i am currently attending AI in philly, and it is not really worth spending hundreds and hundreds of dollar on some classes. There are classes that really benefits you but also some classes that seem like it is a waste of time.
Well i know from what my chef said but she has told me because the reason you came to this school is to learn not to romance lol. Culinary is not a business where you can just fuck around. excuse my language
Hello! I am only a culinary student, but i really do wish to further myself with cooking. I would love to get new ideas, and give ideas and learn new things!
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