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Cerise, were they dipping and frying the whole thing, leaves and all?  Or were they just frying up the stem and bulb.  Never thought of trying that!!!   Micheal, I've eaten Ramps many different ways but probably my favorite was is charred on the grill and simply dressed.
Teamfat, my parents live in Mishawaka, right on the St. Joesph, over on Lincolnway East.
FF, I'd be in heaven if I found a plot like that!!!  They are pretty easy to identify.  They are often one of the first things up and tower over most other early spring flora.  Not that they are really tall.  The leaves are usually 8-12 inches long, but as you can see in the picture they droop, but for early spring they are one of the taller plants, but soon get taken over by larger ones making them harder to find.  The leaves are similar in shape to many lilies as they...
While I agree, that oftentimes age plays a role in hiring, especially in positions that include face-to-face customer contact, I think that Sushi places are often an exception to that "rule."  While they might hire, the "young" and "beautiful" to be hosts and servers, most of the best sushi places I know have older men making sushi.  And now that I think about it, I don't know that I've ever seen a female sushi chef (yes I know they say that women's hands are warmer and...
It's finally Spring up here in Wisconsin (and it's about time-we broke a record this year with 54 days below 0), which means I'm getting a craving for Ramps.  Went to my usual hunting spot today and found just a few starting to poke out of the ground.  I'm hoping that in another week the place will be overgrown with them, like in past years, but we'll have to wait.  Already coming up with ideas on how to use them.   -Cheddar & Ramp Buttermilk Biscuits -Warm Grilled...
I would probably add a bit of mayo also, not Miracle Whip, but mayo.  Almost all "dips" I make use sour cream and mayo in varying ratios.   Funny you should mention Ramps, I was just debating if I should go out and look for some today or wait a few more days.  Being from Wisconsin, we are probably a little behind you as to when things start to pop up.  I have a great location where there are more Ramps than I could ever consider picking!!!!
When I was a young, new cook I once rinsed the peppers as I was peeling them.  I thought the chef was going to stab me.  Never made that mistake again!!!
I think it happened with the rise of the "superstar" chef.  Before that, we got into this business out of a love and passion for food and service.  Now, its trendy and, if you believe TV, glamorous.  Newbies, today, care about that stuff, not the food.  I know that is a gross generalization and there are plenty of people who still get into this business because of the love and passion, but it is also attracting many that don't have the love and passion, unlike in the old...
When I roast peppers, either over the stove or on the grill, I always put them in a bowl and wrap them tight with plastic wrap.  This effectively "steams" them, but it is a gentle heat that softens them and cooks them just a bit, making it easier to peel them.  I won't ever put them into the steamer after roasting.  The high pressure and constant movement of the steam would wash away a lot of the flavor that you worked so hard to achieve.
There are plenty of great super heroes out there that would be great, but how about Dr. Otto Octavius (?), aka, Doc Ock.  With those extra appendages he could work both grill and sauté, and help out garde manger at the same time.
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