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That only makes you a good cook, not a good "chef".  As stated by many others, you have to be able to run a kitchen and make money to earn that title.   To a point yes.  A good manager, like a good coach needs to be capable at all aspects of their business but they don't necessarily have to be the best at it.  A good chef knows what they excel at and what they are weak at, they then look for people whose strengths cover those weaknesses, so a chef does not have to be the...
It would really help if the OP let us know what they wanted to use this "extract" for.
The problem with reducing most beers is that it tends to drive off many of the nuanced flavors and you are left with a lot of bitterness.  I have tried this exact thing with Guinness and didn't have much success without having to add a lot of other things to bolster the flavors and mask the bitterness.
We have had many threads on this same topic over the years.  One things for certain is, there are many opinions.  Some base their answers on some romantic notion of what a chef should be, what "ideals" a chef should embody.  Others take a more practical approach, basing their reasoning strictly on very tangible, quantifiable traits and job descriptions.  Neither approach is wrong, nor is it right, but I, personally think it is a mix of the 2.  Is it enough to be the leader...
If you are looking for some great information on baking then The Fresh Loaf is a great website http://www.thefreshloaf.com/.  I haven't spent much time on there recently so I can't say how active it is anymore, although it still looks pretty active, but they have a huge database of recipes and conversations about all things bread related.  A really great site.
 I would add to that though, stay away from IPAs.  They are a whole different beast and can be incredibly bitter.  Can't imagine what they would be like after any kind of reduction.
Phatch, both those wine suggestions would work beautifully and again, fall into that category of off-dry or slightly sweet, even if the Gewurztraminer is on the dry side they often give the perception of sweetness with the fruit and floral overtones.   Beer is always a great choice with smoked meats and is a great choice with Thanksgiving dinner, although I would stay away from IPA's-too bitter and I don't think they make a good compliment to the usual foods found on the...
In general I usually don't recommend sweeter wines but in this case I think I would recommend a sweeter German Riesling.  Many of the flavors of Riesling will play well with the flavors of Thanksgiving, and the sweetness will play nice against the smoke.
Good for the owner for not backing down.  That is just gross.  In no way comparable to breastfeeding.  Diaper changing belongs in the restroom.
 Maybe in your neck of the woods, but before the health departments here went to grades (A, B,...F) I knew of a couple of places, very few, but a couple of places that actually received 100's.
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