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Allan, I am just the opposite; I like music playing while prepping up don't like up on the line where it can be a distraction and be a hinderance to the needed communication.   As for what to listen to, I like to change it up, from Metal to Techno, to Bluegrass and occasional country, to classic rock, and even, occasionally Classical and bagpipe music.  I will even tolerate some hispanic music for  period of time.  I like to give everyone a turn at listening to what...
Forgive me if I am wrong, but wouldn't designing a kitchen to accommodate 4 different restaurants be a nightmare.  They could share prep space but what service?  Wouldn't each place need it's own line or risk mass confusion?  What about cooler, freezer and dry storage space.  Are all 4 kitchens self contained or is it 1 large area, sectioned off?
That's funny!!!!
Please give more information and maybe someone can give you a hand.
Iceman, for me it has nothing to do with morality and being "high and mighty."  And I hate the argument "....because it's the law."  I have problems with this because it can be a symptom of other, more serious problems about how the owner runs his business, and if you don't think  the IRS, the State, and/or the City, don't come after people, and restaurants for evading taxes then you are wrong.  I saw a guy, in Chicago, lose his 3 restaurants over night (literally) when...
You can also create your own out of large glass jars with tight fitting lids.  Just drill a hole in the lid, fit with a rubber "O" ring and put a fermentation lock in it.
I really can't weigh in on the Canadian vs. Maine Lobster debate, but there is a definite difference between cold water lobster and warm water lobster (most of which are sold as tails only).  I'm not a big fan of lobster tails, most are tough, stringy and not very flavorful, but give a whole lobster (cold water) and I'm in heaven.   Last time we were out on the East Coast (5 years ago?) we got a deal on lobsters at $7.95 each for 1 1/4-1 1/2 pounders.  I ate 2, and...
I guess I'm lucky as, with all the places I've worked, high-end, sports bar, independent, corporate, small place, huge hotel, I've always been paid correctly.  Never asked to be paid under the table. Would never accept to do that anyway.  Besides the legal bind both you and your employer can get in, a great point, brought up earlier, is what happens if you are injured on the job.  What's to keep your employer from claiming it didn't happen there.  There's no record of you...
Butzy, Although you can get the fermentation crocks as small as 5 liters, I would suggest getting a 10 liter one.  It will give you plenty of room and you won't have to worry about outgrowing it, at least for awhile.
Chefwriter, you should be fine.  It sounds like relatively "normal" mold growth, which can take place on top of the brine.  As long as it is on the surface then you should be good to go.  Even in my closed fermentation crock, I sometimes get mold (if I check it too often or leave the lid off for too long).  I just skim it off and continue fermenting
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