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Chefwriter, I often do phone interviews as an initial step in the hiring process.  I'm not going to waste my time in an in-person interview (I can do 5-6 phone interviews in the time it takes to do a single in-person interview) if the candidate has no chance of being hired by me.  It's a great way to screen out people that don't have what you are looking for.   Also, in my current position, I often deal with people who don't live in town so it saves time for both of us...
You won't find "official" Popeye's Chicken recipes as supposedly, at least, their chicken breading recipe is a secret, but if you google "copycat recipe, popeye's chicken" you will find recipes that try to come close.
I have mixed feelings about this movie.  I certainly didn't like it nearly as much as Chef.  It spent too much time glorifying bad behavior, and the anti-social aspects of this industry, but there was also some good food porn, although not enough IMHO.  The storyline was pretty predictable and I found myself not really invested enough in Bradley Cooper's character to care what happened to him.   As to the question as to whether I've known a chef like Bradley Cooper's...
I've watched it 2 more times since I first saw it!
KK, If I was grinding my own, I would cook them further than MR as I don't like the texture of pork that is that rare, but I'd still only cook them  to just beyond Medium.  Pork is really safe nowadays so I am not terribly concerned.  I cook a lot of my pork only to the point where it still has a bit of pink in the middle.   Now, if I am adding sausage (usually store bought) as I do with my Chorizo burgers (2 parts burger meat to 1 part Mexican chorizo) I will cook them...
 Sure it will, but between the pork belly (uncured bacon) and pork loin you are going to have some expensive ground pork.  I'd save both of those things for other uses and buy yourself some pork butt, or shoulder.  A lot cheaper and less work as it already has about the right meat to fat ratio.
Welcome m00chness!!!  This is a great place for those just starting their careers in the culinary field.  We have lots of professionals that can offer you plenty of sage advice.  Post your questions, jump into some of the ongoing conversations and come back often as there is always something new in the forums.
My advice-get out.  6 chefs in 4 years is a huge red flag, and tells me that these owners aren't willing to allow their chefs to run the kitchen.
@ChefHoff I'm glad you liked it!!!
 I know that this is OT but I make chili a couple of different ways.  One of those ways is to toast dried chiles then put them into a pot with beer and fresh corn tortillas. I allow this to cook until the tortillas fall apart and the chiles are tender.  I then puree that up, and fry the resulting puree in oil (or better yet lard if I have it around) and use that as the base to then build my chili.
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