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@chefwriter Good points and my questions exactly.  Fusion cuisine is at its best when the differing cuisines have a number of flavor profiles, and ingredients, that are the same or similar.  Fusion cuisine often goes wrong when someone tries to force 2 foods, from differing cuisines, together even though the flavors don't really meld.  Some cuisines just have an affinity for each other and it is simple to fuse them.  Others, on the other hand, take a very deft hand-someone...
-Cleaning artichokes -Peeling hard boiled eggs -making crudité (worked a hotel were it seemed every little meeting, banquet, party, etc. had a crudité platter and there were days were I wouldn't do much else other than clean, cut and try up those platters!!!
First time posters always have their first posts held for moderation just to ensure that it is not spam, that you are following the posting guidelines, etc.  Unfortunately, we only have a small number of moderators that can approve those posts and for all of us helping out, here at Chef Talk, is something that we do in our spare time; after work, after the family has been taken care of.  Between us moderators we try to hit the boards as often as possible, but sometimes...
"A Chef's Tale" by Pierre Franey
My 9 year old daughter has been on a Frank Sinatra kick recently so I've been playing a lot of Frank, Dean, Sammy, etc.  It's so cool to be drinving along and hear my daughter belt out "That's Life" along with Frank.
 This was one of my big hang ups about this product.  People with good recipes and good pictures are going to want something in return.  What is the incentive for people for providing content to your site? The more you tell us about your potential new site the more I warm up to the idea as I do think that you might have a slightly different take on the subject matter.  Is it new and really groundbreaking?  No, but it might be enough to differentiate yourself, but that is a...
Not sure where you are at, but another outing we did once was to Dave & Buster's.  All the staff got unlimited play cards and a number of tokens for drinks.  On top of that, all the management team were stationed at certain games.  If you played against them and beat them then there were prizes awarded and a bigger prize for those that beat all the managers.  We did this after a great dinner at another place.   Other fun outings are baseball games.  It doesn't have to be...
 Sorry, but not nearly as impressive as your last post!!!!  LOL
Sitting on the beach, grilling up some food and drinking cocktails is always a good choice.  Another good one for some fun, and blowing off some steam is paint ball, followed by food and said cocktails.
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