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Emma, you say festivities from around the world, but your list is very US centric and Christian centric  Personally, I would drop Halloween, Easter, April Fool's day, and St. Patrick's day.  Instead look to cultures that haven't been bastardized into US holidays.  Look to India, like Oregon Yeti mentioned, or Africa, or delve deeper into Asian and or Middle Eastern holidays.  One of the pros of doing this is that the foods from many of these cultures tend to be less meat...
Butzy is right, Africa is a very large continent with a huge variety of foods and cuisines.  The cuisine of Egypt is vastly different than that from Sierra Leone, which is vastly different from that  in South Africa.   I have spent a little time in Africa as well as my brother, he in Kenya and me in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  Things that we both noticed were that we were served lots of "stews" which is a good way to stretch meager portions of meat.  In both places we...
Salt cod is popular in many parts of Italy as well as almost every country, in Europe, with an extensive coastline.  I love the stuff but it's not readily available in the Midwest.  As for pairing it with a tomato based sauce, that also is pretty popular in a number of countries so neither of those things is out of the ordinary.  The only strange thing about your story is keeping it in the freezer.   How long you soak it will depend on the final product.  If I was...
  I have to admit that I am not a real big fan of those either, but in this day and age I think they play an important role.  In a time where many in our generation and the one after us did not have moms that cook there is a need to learn the basics and for many people, seeing how something is done, is much better than just reading about a technique.  Luckily, I think that is changing, and even with both parents working, more and more parents are finding ways of making...
I have a number of pre-1900 cookbooks in my collection.  In those books there are numerous "recipes" that just list the ingredients, without measurements and then give only the barest of instructions unless it was a recipe that was outside the norm.  They just expected that  those reading the cookbooks were already quite familiar with how to cook.
Congrats Mike!!!
  I do not!!!  But I've been know to get pickled!!!!!
Welcom dnzb!!!  Always glad to meet part of the new generation cooks and chefs!  You'll find a lot of great information here in the forums, and a lot of really smart, really helpful people to bounce questions and ideas off of.  Best of luck on your new adventure.  I hope you keep us all updated to your progress as a pastry chef and to the progress of your new venture.
Welcome Pbenton!!!  Tell us a little more about yourself; what you like to cook, favorite cuisines, etc.  Do you consider yourself a good cook, great cook, or just a beginner?
 Depending on my mood, and the time I have available I will make both styles-stove top mac & cheese or baked mac & cheese.  If I am making baked mac & cheese then I always add a couple of yolks to the mix.
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