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When I was a kid, my mom used to make Campbell's tomato soup (with milk not water) and we would toss popcorn into it as we ate it.  I still do this to this day, on the rare occasions that I make Campbell's tomato soup.
@panini  Haystack onions are merely dredged in flour.  Usually seasoned with salt, pepper, chili powder, etc. then fried.  The moisture from the onion makes the flour stick.  They do have a tendency to clump up so they need to be stirred while frying unless you are going for that brick look, which I've seen before.  Just pack a fryer basket with the onions (not too tightly), drop in the fryer and allow to fry without stirring at all.  They will come out brick shaped.  I...
I know this is kind of "off topic" but over the years I've discovered that I prefer "Haystack" onions to battered onion rings.  Thinly sliced onions, dredged in a highly seasoned flour and fried.  Crispy, oniony goodness!!!!  I've had way too many poorly made, soggy onion rings.  I usually just avoid them nowadays, because so many places can't make them well.
Look to see if you have a restaurant supply place in your general area.  They will usually sell to the public and you will probably get a better price than you are paying through Amazon.
I've taken up drinking just about every day after dealing with the people I deal with; all the while shaking my head slowly.  My wife is beginning to truly wonder about my sanity!!!!
Besides what CCC asked, how elaborate is your food?  Is it typical diner fare?  Is it a step above?  How many items on the menu?  Is this a place people will expect to be "in and out" during their half hour lunch?  Besides the seats are you expecting to do significant "to-go" orders?  We need some more details before we can really give you any type of educated answer.
I love popcorn!! Growing up we had popcorn at least once a week, usually on Sunday night as we watched Disney.  Back then we rarely topped our popcorn with butter.  That's because we popped it in bacon grease (bacon grease was the oil of choice for just about everything back then) so it didn't need the added flavor.  We also used to make caramel corn (or Cracker Jack as my grandfather called it) on a regular basis.   Nowadays, we usually make Kettle Corn instead of...
I guess that I'm just the opposite.  I wish they would have more of that kind of show (with good hosts!).  I am so over shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" "Unwrapped" and all the reality cooking shows (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, America's Worst Cook).  Bring back shows with quality hosts, cooking quality food i. e. The Frugal Gourmet, and even Good Eats.   There are a few of the "compliation" shows that I do like such as "Eat the Street" and a few others but most of...
Without really knowing what you are looking to accomplish it is rather hard to point in the right direction. Ground beef can be a blank canvas and you can go so many ways with it.   In regards to seasoning packets.  While I am not opposed to seasoning blends, those packets are not the best.  Rather, look to spice shops that sell their own blends. It will be a fresher product and higher quality with a lot less salt and more spices and herbs.  If you don't have a good...
Campbell's Tomato Soup with popcorn tossed in.  It was one of my favorite wintertime lunches as a kid.
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