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 That's the great thing about hash, it can be made with almost any ingredients to suit the seasons, your tastes, your whims, or using last night's leftovers.  As long as you keep a few things in mind, like keeping the potatoes or other starch crispy and finding the right ratio. I usually keep mine at about 2:2:1 meat to starch to add ins.  I say starch (as opposed to potatoes, as I often use other root vegetables in place of the potato or in addition to.
This omelet issue got me to thinking and I realized that I have 2 different standards for omelets when I go out to eat.  If I'm at a buffet, I am perfectly fine with an omelet that has the ingredients mixed right into the egg and then wrapped around the cheese, but when I order an omelet, a la carte, my expectation is that all the ingredients will be cooked separately and the egg wrapped around all of them.   While I agree that breakfast/brunch shouldn't be a home for...
The reason that you can't is that like all dairy products yogurt is a mix of fats and liquid ingredients with the other liquid ingredients far outweighing the fat content.  The reason you can fry with butter is that the production of butter results in the removal of almost all liquid ingredients except for the fat, which solidifies.  When you melt the butter, you drive off most of the remaining non-fat liquid leaving you with just the fat, in which you can fry.   Trying...
As French Fries said, you are going to run into a lot of problems with health regulations.  There is a reason that this hasn't been done already, and that is because it is illegal to sell such foods, prepared in a home environment.  Cottage industry laws have developed for food stuffs that aren't considered "hazardous" such as baked goods and certain high acid/high sugar canned items.  These foods are relatively safe, but fully prepared meals are a totally different...
 I always do my stuffing/dressing outside of the bird.  First reason is that by the time the stuffing has reached 165, in the bird, the breast is, almost always overcooked and dry.  Secondly, I find stuffing, in the bird to end up being too moist for my liking.  Thirdly, my favorite part of dressing is the crispy bits stuck to the sides of the pan.
I wouldn't pre-cut it.  As Kuan says, an Alto-sham is the best way to hold roasts and then cut them to order.
Anywhere from 80 to 115 degrees.
That sucks!!!
Lots of different companies have different policies.  My wife's company is 3 incidents in 30 days (an incident is a separate occasion-it doesn't mean that if someone is really sick and out for 3 straight days then they can get fired).  My company allows for 6 incidents in a rolling 12 month period.  On the 7th incident the employee can be terminated.  Both allow for discretion on the manager's end, allowing him/her to take other factors into account.  Does your restauant...
I usually shoot for 135-140°F.  Like Koukouvigia, it's not because I'm afraid of getting sick, but it's more of a texture issue.  I just don't care for the texture of rare or MR pork.  It's too mushy, too getatinous, or something.  I want it pink though.
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