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 The problem with a slow grill in the restaurant business is that you often can't afford the real estate, on your grill, to designate to really slow and low.
The best way is to not reheat them.  All BBQ is much, much better the day it is made and kept warm throughout service so my first advice would be to just cook what you need for that day's service and when you run out you run out.  I know that that isn't popular with many owners, but if you really want quality then that is what you should do.   If you have to reheat ribs then I have found gentle steam the best way.  A gas or electrict steamer is too powerful, but a...
 I'd eat more vegetables if they tasted like bacon!!!!
 I totallyl agree.  Listen to the media hype over the years and just about about anything and everything gives you cancer.  Once you look beyond the headlines and look at these studies, they often are feeding rats and mice such heavy doses that, of course, they are going to develop cancer.
I have often used herbs, spices, onions, etc. to flavor and color dough for certain things and I haven't found it to affect the dough in any way.
I pretty much agree with most of what people have said here.  Just a few things to add; red potatoes I use for potato salad and roasting, but I don't like them for mashed potatoes as I find the texture gets too gummy.  For mashed, it depends on what I want.  I find that Russets make for lighter, fluffier mashed potatoes, while yukon golds make a denser mashed potato with a deeper flavor, either works well when you add as much butter and heavy cream as I do!!!  Yukons also...
There is no basis for avoiding all soy products as this doctor has stated. The research just does not support it. In fact in the one study I did find that said there might be a link in a very small subset of women the researchers wanted to make it clear that they were not promoting removing all soy from diets but consuming it in moderation. Sounds like the same advice given for most any food. I said it before and I'll say it again, if I avoided every food that the media...
Please provide links to studies supporting this conclusion.  While I have have seen numerous web articles on "alternative" websites, I don't see a lot on medical websites about the dangers of soybean oil. unless you are allergic or it is hydrogenated. Nor do these websites, that I've found, reference any sceintific studies, showing the dangers of soybean oil.
I watched the same episode and was thinking of doing something like this for Thanksgiving, changing it up just a bit.  Think I might do a trial run in the next week or 2 with a really small pumpkin (although even for T-Day I'd do a much, much smaller pumpkin than was done on the show).  I don't have a lot of choices for pumpkin in my area, so I'll just use the standard pie pumpkin.  It shouldn't really make a difference.  I also wouldn't parsteam it or par cook it in any...
I put the maple syrup and black pepper in my cure.
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