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 I think 2 to 3 hours at 200°F is too high a heat.  You will, possibly, end up cooking them and turning them to mush.  The smoking needs to be done at a lot lower temperature.
I've never tried preserving in adobo, always dried as the smoking process already starts the drying.  I will usually smoke them at about 115-125°F with a light smoke (so not to overpower them) for about 2-3 hours.  You could do shorter, with heavier smoke but like I said I use it as a way to start the drying process, then I'll finish in my dehydrator.
I have smoked and dried a number of different chiles, from jalapenos, poblanos and cayenne.  All hold the smoke well, dried beautifully and tasted great.
 I know The Salt Cured Pig on Facebook but I just tried doing a search for The Salt Cured Pickle and don't find anything.
 That's a good idea, or an Italian style beef sandwich.  Just make sure that the liquid you dip your beef into isn't boiling and don't let is sit in there too long or you will end up with dried out, chewy meat, especially with tenderloin that has no internal fat.
I'd rather have just about any cut of steak over a Filet, including a sirloin.  It might be a little on the tougher side but cut it a little more thinly and it beats a Filet for flavor any time.  And I'd choose a bone-in Ribeye over just about any other steak, if I could.
Tenderloin is the most overrated cut of beef out there, IMNSHO.  "Oh, but it's sooooooooooo tender!"  Who cares!  It's tasteless and very unforgiving if even slightly overcooked.  Being precooked and frozen once, I would grind it and turn it into chili.  I wouldn't even bother with dicing it, as at this point, even diced and simmered in liquid it is going to end up dry.
 I like my PCS heavy on the onion, and heavy on the seasoned salt.
Yes, turmeric is a pretty powerful coloring agent but it does also have quite a distinct taste to it.
Phatch, I agree with your comments about liquid smoke. Even though I own 3 grills and 2 smokers, I do find occasional uses for liquid smoke, just not for trying to duplicate the flavor of barbecue.   As for my comments on the technique shown above; I should clarify.  I am not against the technique as a whole.  I have often done stove top smoking and wok smoking.  What I take issue with is covering the whole thing in foil  and not allowing the smoke to escape.  What I do...
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