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The one you still see regularly is "Lighter Fare."  It is kind of old and tired now, but not sure how else to state it without it sounding too health conscious.  If you want something a little more whimsical, I recently saw a menu with their healthy entrees listed under "For the Health Guru in You."
Welcome Radjab!!!  We have lots of great information on here for both the caterer and baker.  Feel free to explore, ask questions and jump right into to the forums.
Welcome to ChefTalk Jules!!!!  The New User Introductions forum is a place for people to come and introduce themselves.  As such you question might not get the responses that you were looking for so I am moving this over to our Pastry forum, where, hopefully, it will get more views and you will get an answer.
 Personal responsibility?  Why would anyone want to do that?  I'd rather wait until the government steps in because I can't be bothered to act responsible on my own, but then I'm gonna gripe about how the government is intruding into our lives.  I like that option better!!!      That's what happens when you start breeding for durability, longevity, and disease resistance instead of for flavor.  But people demand that they have access to all sorts of fruits and vegetables...
I agree with cheflayne - need more information on what is going on to be any type of help.
My favorite breading really depends on what I am breading and what I want from the final product, but for your lobster croquettes I would probably use Panko for a light, crisp breading.  Seasoned flour, then egg wash, then panko.
Pastitsio- I love this dish almost more than Lasagna and that's saying a lot!!!    
I was just talking to a local farmer this evening and the topic of fermented foods came up.  It seems to be a major trend right now with lots of people trying their hand at this old technique.
When I was cheffing it did not play a role in my decision making process much at all.  My customers loved my food because I didn't shy away from cream, butter, pork, etc.  That being said, any good chef will also offer up lighter dishes for those looking to eat a little healthier or lighter.  I would always make sure that there were a few "lighter" dishes on the menu to accommodate those tastes.  I did not start to make those dishes more "nutritious" but they ended up...
 I don't go out of my way to avoid my local tap water which is somewhat chlorinated, but I also usually boil my brine which will drive off most of the chlorine.  I would avoid water though in which you can actually smell the chlorine as it can inhibit the microbe growth, both good and bad.
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