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Thanks oldschool.  The Monty Python reference made my day!!!!
Welcome Flavio.  I am excited to hear more about your adventures!!!!
Welcome Nicolette!!
Other options: -teach in culinary school -sales rep for either food or liquor -get a chemistry degree and go into food manufacturing -as said by Chefboy OG, open your own place so you can run it the way you want -"center of the plate" specialist for Sysco, US Foods or other big food company (these are the corporate chef's of these places who do demos, create menus, consult on new restaurants all to get more of your company's product in the doors of places) -there's a...
What kind of crabs?  I don't know about larger crabs, but smaller ones can be kept for a short period of time, live, without a tank.  They usually come sandwiched between layers of wet seaweed and newspaper to keep them moist and alive, but they don't last long like that only a day or 2.
Anti-caking agents aren't a huge deal in canning, not as much as in fermenting.  But even then it just usually contributes to a cloudy ferment, which usually doesn't affect the flavor.  Table salt is another story as not only does it usually contain anti-caking agents but iodine also which can affect canning, fermentation and the flavor.
It's one of the unfortunate parts of our business.  Most everyone cooks to some extent or another so many people think they can do what we do.  Add to that all the cooking shows and people often take for granted what we do, feel they can do it better, or think they know much more than they really do.
Let's try and keep this discussion on track with what the original post was.  The topic of illegal immigrants in the kitchen is a very hot topic with a lot of ways for this to go bad very quickly as a flame war starts.  I have my own opinons on the topic but this is not the place to discuss those (and no I won't say whether I would/could/do/or have hired illegals in the past so don't try and guess my stance).  The original post was not about the illegals debate and while...
About 6 years ago I made the jump into institutional foodservice; I run the foodservice operations for 2 county jails.  The downside is that from a creative standpoint the job totally sucks.  Not much you can do with a very limited budget and with a menu created by a dietician to ensure we meet all the federal, state, and local nutritional guidelines.   The upside is that as a Foodservice Director/General Manager, I have a number of people beneath me, which means I...
New Posts  All Forums: