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What I find funny, is that I find that, at least in the finer dining places, that customers seem to have a double standard. They want their servers pretty clean cut and conservative, but they don't mind their chefs with full sleeve tattoos. Neck and facial tattoos still seem to make customers somewhat uneasy in finer dining places though, although that does seem to slowly be changing with the rise of the more casual eateries that are doing "serious" food. These...
As the poster has asked pretty much the same exact question in the "Recipe" forum I am going to lock this thread down so that all the information can be in 1 place.
Karl, You need to be careful with that word discriminatory.  Not hiring someone because they have tattoos is not, in the legal sense discriminatory as it does not fall under 1 of the "protected" categories.  As an owner of a business where our employees interact with our customers every day we often make hiring decisions either consciously or subconsciously based on looks.  Hippest, newest night club-I bet the hostess won't be a heavy set 40 year old woman, new, trendy...
 I actually had so much to say, but after re-reading your posts about God (BTW which god considering that there are still hundreds being worshipped on this planet) and the fact that you seriously just compared being tattooed, as a form of expression, to murder and terrorism, I can only assume that you are either:1. Trolling this forum2. completely off your rocker Either way, I can't continue with this conversation, with you, any longer.
 And we can't do that if we are all inked up?  Having a tattoo or facial hair somehow makes us less serious about the food we serve?   My Mom doesn't have a tattoo but my daughter's Mom does (my wife) and I know many, many Moms that do.  That is just an asinine, outdated point nowadays with tattoos being so commonplace.   Another outdated point.  I've seen doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. with tattoos.  Most of them wear their tattoos where they are covered by long sleeves...
Grapefruit and tequila are great together!
I wouldn't say I change my recipe every time, but it is a great way to use up all those odds and ends of cheeses that seem to constantly collect in my fridge so while I do have a couple of "standard" go to recipes I also have lots of "recipes" that can never be duplicated ever again.
They tend to be pretty tart, but still balanced, but then again, they also, originally, were a smallish drink, not these monstrous things that they are now so being a tart drink wouldn't have been a bad thing.
FF, a Margarita needs some sweetness to balance out the tartness of the lime juice and the punch of the tequila, but they should not be overly sweet, in my opinion, although, like Planethoff, I'd be hard pressed to turn down any Margarita offered to me.  In classic Margarita recipes that sweetness comes from the liqueur that is used in it.  In cheaper Margaritas that takes the form of Triple Sec.  In higher end Margaritas it is often Cointreau or some other higher end...
 I agree and have edited numerous posts in the past to change them to meet guidelines and I'm fine with that, but to equate the use of swear words with lack of creativity or as Jimyra does, and imply that "professionals" don't cuss like sailors, I find to be very disingenuous.
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