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Vic pretty much hit the nail on the head.  You really can't protect a food item.  It's pretty hard, almost impossible to corner the market on a food item.  The way companies do it is by coming up with a machine that they can patent that creates of the food, or coming up with a name or a gimmick to call it or sell it, but the food itself is pretty hard to protect.  Sure, there is only one "Twinkie" but there are a million cream filled sponge cake snacks out there.  There's...
I won't complete disregard the notion of chicken prepared medium, but I just don't know that I would really care for the texture.  I feel the same way about MR pork.  It's not that I'm sqeemish about getting sick, at least with pork, it's just a texture and taste thing.  Unlike raw beef, the taste of which I love!!!  I just don't care for the taste of raw pork and the texture I don't find all that appealing, compared to beef.  I wonder if I might feel the same about chicken.
 Have you ever read recipes from really old cookbooks, especially cookbooks prior to 1900?  In many cases the recipes aren't a whole lot more than a listing of ingredients with the vaguest of directions because it was expected that the reader already knew how to cook.  They are priceless, but useless to those that those that aren't strong cooks already.
Back in 1989 I spent some time in Sierra Leone.  Many of our meals there consisted of wonderful stews with "mystery" meat.  It could have been as mundane as chicken or pork in some of those stews or it could have been a variety of bush meat, I don't know and never asked so I can't rightfully answer the OP's question as I, myself, am not quite sure.
I second Grease Strip from Ecolab.  Love the product, it is thicker so it stays put and does a great job really getting ovens clean. 
Nothing to worry about.  You will get your feeling back in time.  Over the years I have burnt my hands and fingers many, many times, and have had that issue occasionally.  All feeling does, eventually, come back.  It can take anywhere from a week or 2 to a couple of months, depending on how severe the burn.  As for using towels as hot pads, that's about all I use.  I hate hot pads, but you have to make sure that your towels are dry!
Used very sparingly I think it would be a great addition to a cheese ball, especially one that featured a lot of  harder, longer aged cheeses, like parm.  It would just reinforce that umani flavor, but the fishiness itself should be apparent if used sparingly.
I've never cooked peacock before, but doing a quick bit of research it is a lean meat so you want to keep it moist and not overcook it.  There are a number of recipes for roasting it, but I'm wondering if you might not want to treat it more like you would treat an old rooster and possibly braise it.  This way it stays moist and, depending on the age of the bird, can tenderize it as people who own peacocks tend to let them roam pretty freely so they could be pretty tough,...
 I'm still waiting to hear about the "guilty pleasure".  That just sounds like a darn fine evening to me.  Nothing guilty about it!!!!
I have to work the 24th and 25th so no big meal for me and the family.  Instead we will be doing homemade pizzas.  The wife will make the dough early tomorrow for a nice long rise and will get all the toppings together.  Once I get home, later in the night I will roll out individual crusts so each of us (me, my wife and my daughter) can top our own pizzas and I'll bake them off on our pizza stone.
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