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I agree with cheflayne, it looks like a block of tamarind.  Those look like the seeds in there.  I used to get those blocks.  We'd soak them in hot water then press them through a strainer to remove the seeds and fiber, leaving us with just the pulp to use.
 For me it has to be a mix of good technique and engaging banter and personality.  I've sat through too many college lectures, on subjects I loved, only to be bored to death by professors that droned on and on and couldn't engage with their students.  It's the same with cooking instruction.  I can only watch, and listen, so long if the person doing the teaching isn't engaging.  I don't care how good their technique is.  Of course, there are many TV "chefs" out there that...
Sorry, but I have to agree with Koukouvagia about Eric being slow and boring.  I don't agree with the assessment about clumsy though.  Unless Eric has someone like Bourdain, pulling him out of his shell Eric, from what I have seen tends to be more introverted and has a very subtle, quiet style.  Don't get me wrong he's a great chef and can cook just about any of us under the table, but as a "personality" to watch I do find him rather slow and boring unless there is someone...
We call it "Eggs in a Basket" and my wife still regularly makes this for our 10 year old daughter who absolutely loves it, who then occasionally makes it for Daddy.
Irish Coffee   Talking about beverages; Bourbon or Rye Whiskey?
I cant really recommend one brand over another but I agree with manual tilt over electric-just another thing that can go wrong.
Some can be really touchy about being put back into the lowered position.  I worked with one that didn't register that the pan was completely lowered and you would have to raise and lower it a couple of times to get it to light again, but even with the problems that some of the gas ones have I would still take them over most electric ones, as a general rule.
I agree with the statement of eat it as you would like it.  For me, I would prefer it without the cheese, but if you are going to add cheese I like phatch's suggestion of Asiago.  Just don't do what they do here in Wisconsin and throw either cheddar or mozz on just about everything!!! (not that I've ever seen them throw it on scampi but they do throw it on numerous fish dishes that I would never expect cheese on)
Fermentation crocks and airlocks and such are great, but you can do ferments without them.  You just need a way to keep your product submerged underneath the brine, preferably by a couple of inches but even by an inch is fine.  You can do this by bags filled with water or weighted plates that fit just within your jars or crocks.  As long as the food is submerged you don't really even need a lid, let alone one that is sealed, which you really don't want or you could end up...
Plus, gas responds faster in my opinion.  When you change temperatures, with electric, the heating element takes time to heat up or cool down.
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