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For years I lived in apartments, in cities, and being a cook/chef I was gone for the vast majority of the day so I couldn't own a dog.  When the wife and I moved to Wisconsin and bought a house I told her that one of the first things I wanted to do is get a dog.  That is how Dodger entered our lives.     He was an English Springer Spaniel.  But my wife and I were away at work an awful lot so we thought that Dodger needed a buddy, so we found a beautiful Shepard/Husky...
Kuan, I wrote an article on Romesco sauce for chef talk.       I don't know that I would use Romesco for this application.  I think any of the many, many variations on Hollandaise would be a good fit as would a variation on Chimmichurri.   Capechef, glad you mentioned Paloise Sauce.  I was thinking a Bearnaise made with mint but I couldn't, for the life of me, remember the  name of that variation!
Sorry, but no shorts in any of my kitchens.  I know that in many kitchens the rules have relaxed to allow them, but in my kitchens I will always require full length pants.  Partly due to safety concerns and because of my personal preference to see my cooks looking at least somewhat professional-even in a sports bar venue.
For breakfast we like to poach eggs in salsa.
 I have to admit; I've never tried it.  Not that I'm opposed to the microwave, I just haven't tried it.  I have heard that people have good results with doing it that way.  But I'm a creature of habit and I like the flavor I get by doing it on the grill.  If my wife cooks up corn on the cob she usually just boils it.  I'll have to tell her to try it that way.  The only issue I have with the microwave method is that we will often make almost a full meal out of corn on the...
We used to make our own butter when I was a kid.  We bought, fresh, unpasteurized milk from friends just up the road from us.  We'd skim the cream off the top and use that for our butter making.  We had a vintage glass butter churn with a hand cranked wooden paddle.  My brother and I would churn the butter was we watched Saturday morning cartoons.  My parents never knew about rinsing the butter, and didn't salt it, so we had to eat it up within a few days or it would start...
I don't rinse, just pat it dry with paper towels.
Soak fresh corn, still in the husk for about 1 hour.  Grill until 3/4's of the way done then place in an insulated "cooler" and let it finish cooking by gently steaming itself.  Peel, dip in butter, and eat.  While I love fresh corn just about every way conceivable this way is, hands down, my favorite way.
I spend a lot of time commuting to work-about 45 minutes each way and 1 1/2 hours if I have to travel between my 2 units.  Needless to say I need something to occupy my mind.  For years it was just music, then it was books on tape (on CD) and for the past few years it has been podcasts.  So, I was wondering what everyone's favorite podcasts are, both food related and non food.   I have to admit that I stopped listening to food podcasts awhile ago, although I just...
Where in AK are you?
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