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I think it happened with the rise of the "superstar" chef.  Before that, we got into this business out of a love and passion for food and service.  Now, its trendy and, if you believe TV, glamorous.  Newbies, today, care about that stuff, not the food.  I know that is a gross generalization and there are plenty of people who still get into this business because of the love and passion, but it is also attracting many that don't have the love and passion, unlike in the old...
When I roast peppers, either over the stove or on the grill, I always put them in a bowl and wrap them tight with plastic wrap.  This effectively "steams" them, but it is a gentle heat that softens them and cooks them just a bit, making it easier to peel them.  I won't ever put them into the steamer after roasting.  The high pressure and constant movement of the steam would wash away a lot of the flavor that you worked so hard to achieve.
There are plenty of great super heroes out there that would be great, but how about Dr. Otto Octavius (?), aka, Doc Ock.  With those extra appendages he could work both grill and sauté, and help out garde manger at the same time.
I used to work at a place where I gave my 2 large suppliers (Sysco & US Foods) a list of what I needed that week.  Each Rep got a copy and they wrote in their pricing.  They didn't like it but that's what they needed to do to try and keep my business.  I then went through each pricing sheet line by line and ordered from whichever company had the lower price for each item.  It was time consuming, but in the first 2 months, I saw a dramatic drop in my prices and was able to...
I would put them between parchment paper, even if using gloves, just to help them stay together?  My bigger question is "how well do they hold up on your grill?  I'd be more apt to cook these up on the flat top to ensure they don't break up.
Looks awesome Nicko!!!
Turn it into a seafood "sausage"
Don't think that life will get tons better, or the BS will stop by moving out of the chain restaurants.  All places have their fair share of BS, the type of BS just changes.  And since you don't tell us what the BS is we really can't tell you much about whether it will get better or not.
Gumbo is one of those dishes that people have very strong feelings about, me included.  Looking over all these posts there are many that I agree with and a few that I would question, but Gumbo is one of those dishes that people will defend to their death, and every cook seems to have their own version that is the "truly authentic" version.  The one thing that I will say, is that I spent a good amount of time cooking in New Orleans as a young cook, and every chef, sous...
Ordo, you are a man after my own heart!!!!!   I have had a number of cooking idols over the years  Mark Miller, Larry Forgione, Joyce Goldstein, Paula Wolfert, Rick Bayless, and of course the first chef I ever knew, my father.  All of these people, helped shape the cook/chef I am today, along with many others that I trained under over the years. Names that wouldn't mean anything to 99.9% of the people here because they never made it into the limelight, although their...
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