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Do you have ring molds?  We used to do an "unbaked" creme brulee in a pate brisee crust-basically a stove-top thickened custard spooned into baked tart shells and then we would brulee that.
 I realize that, but I just can't narrow it down.  Just about every time I do then I think about other chefs that are just as deserving.  I'd need a whole mountain range!!!! Mt. Rushmore #1RobuchonKellerAdria (not a big fan myself, but he really made chefs look at food a different way)Escoffier Mt. Rushmore #2 (My All-American Version)KellerAlice WatersCharlie TrotterJames Beard (technically not a chef, but did a lot for the American food scene)
 This is why I, personally, haven't participated in this thread.  It's too difficult for me to choose between those that I feel are more historically "important" and those that are important to me.  Then do you choose old school, French chefs, or those that contributed to the US culinary scene?  Then what about all the great Asian chefs, both modern and historical (which I know nothing about).  For me it is just too impossible to narrow it down to 4.
I have used various "consumer" grade immersion blenders in restaurant kitchens for years.  Most have held up quite well-lasting a couple of years.  Granted they didn't see constant use as we also had a robotcoup and/or the large, heavy duty " immersion blenders-you know the ones, the ones that can power a small boat.  But used for their intended purposes, as others have said, they can last quite a long time and are worth the less $100 you spend on them.
 When I first saw this I thought it read Sandra Lee, and my first thought was "Finally, someone suggested someone that is truly worthy of being on the Culinary Mt. Rushmore!!" 
Welcome Soil!!!!  You've definitely found the right place.  There are a lot of people on these boards as passionate about food as you seem to be.  We have a lot of "hobby" gardeners" here but not a lot (few but not a lot) of hard core farmers so it will be interesting to hear your take on some of our discussions.  Feel free to jump right in and join some discussions are start new threads with questions you might have.
The wife and I are feeling a little under the weather today, but it was a bright, warm, sunny day for April, in Wisconsin so I wanted something healthy, satisifying and easy on the stomach so I whipped up this Japanese inspired fish soup (no claims to being authentic in any way.  Made my own Dashi, seasoned it with Mirin and soy sauce. I then poached carrots, daikon, shiitakes, shrimp and tilapia (the only semi firm white fleshed fish I could find at the grocery store...
Let me try and answer all your questions:   Description: should include a brief physical description, what cuisines it is often used in and the name it goes by in those cuisines, a description of the flavor, and what types of food it is often used to accent (chicken, pork, tomato, etc.)   If you want to teach people how to use spices  you are going to have to include some recipes that are good examples of how to use the spice properly.  Without it the whole basis of...
Frankie007, sometimes that is much easier said than done, especially in smaller communities that may not have near the amount of restaurants like a city does.  And if you have a mortage payment or family to consider, it becomes that much more complicated.  Sometimes you are forced to ride out a situation that is not the best, and so you need to look and see if there is any way possible to improve the situation.
As Ross said, precut but keep in pie tins, but cover with damp papertowel to help keep from drying out.  Serve warm, not hot.  I am assuming that you don't have a Combi oven that you can cook on convection with steam.  That would be the best option but I understand that most people won't have that option.
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