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Really, Food Network.  A recipe for hot dogs?!  At least the comments were amusing!!
There are a few ways to deal with this issue. 1. You could just accept it as one of those things that tick you off, but if it is creating a steady stream of revenue then you deal.  2. Start taking credit cards when making reservations and charge for the no-shows.  I know you say its not done where you come from, but go ahead, set the trend.  3. Stop accepting reservations, period.  Run a walk-in only business.  4. Set a limit on how large a group you will accept the...
Even Iceberg has jumped dramatically.  In two weeks I've seen it go from $24 a case to $56 a case.
 That's kind of a loaded question that can only be answered with a whole lot of "it depends."  It depends on the trend.  It depends on where in the Midwest you are talking about.  It depends on whether you are talking about rural or urban Midwest. It depends on whether it is a liberal or conservative town or city.  It even depends on the size of the city.  But, in general, today, if it hasn't hit the Midwest in 10 years, it probably won't.  A few decades ago, that wasn't...
In years past, I've had some awesome Sysco reps.  Guys just like you described above.   Guys, I built relationships with, and would actually have a drink with after work occasionally. But, I haven't seen that kind of service out of any sales rep in years, Sysco or otherwise, at least from the Big Boys.  I'm not saying that those kind of sales reps don't exist anymore, but they certainly are becoming much more of the exception rather than the norm, unfortunately.
I've never made Gordita's but make Pupusas on a semi regular basis, which they are kind of similar to, I believe.  While they would work fine for an interesting twist on a burger bun, I'm wondering if an Arepas dough might not  work a bit better.  The flour for Arepas uses the same processed corn as for masa harina, which is what Gorditas and Pupusas use, but it is ground a bit finer and the recipes I've made for Arepas create a dough that, while it still has a nice crust,...
The ground taco shells might add some texture but they could also add some unwanted grease to your buns. Personally, I would try the masa harina first as it will provide the flavor and a slightly courser texture but no grease and nowadays its pretty easy to find.
What, specifically, are you looking for?  What's wrong with the ones you have tried?  I find the best wings are raw, fresh wings, unbreaded.  Fried until crispy and cooked all the way through and tossed in sauce.  There should be plenty of purveyors that can supply with something that simple.
Actually grits are more closely related to masa as the corn for grits also goes through the same process.  I'm not sure what accounts for the difference in taste between the 2 final products though.  I don't know if it is the type of corn, the type of alkaline or the way it is processed.
You may be over Asian, but many people are not and ultimately we are in the business to serve what sells and Asian sells, and it works well with the duck. 
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