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I have done lots of different types of fermenting, from making beer to making yogurt to making sauerkraut and numerous types of pickles.  One of these days I am going to experiment with sourdough baking.   For making sourkraut I use a dry salting method where I rub salt into into the cabbage.  For this method I use 3 Tbs. of salt for every 5# of cabbage.  I also usually make a bit of brine just in case the cabbage doesn't throw off enough liquid to cover it by at least...
You see that a lfew times in the food world.  2 that always stand out for me is Chai Tea and "I'd like that with au jus."
Yeah, that's nuts.  Are you sure that the the $18,000 doesn't include the bar sales also?  As someone who used to do a lot of catering, our minimums were for food and beverage.
So then they are charging 25.3% for gratuity?  That's nuts!!!  Although the whole thing seems insane.   So let's look at this:  $18,000 minimum for food + minimum of $5,600 in alcohol (400 people@ 2 drinks per person with average price of $7-and that is probably low with this hotel) + 31.3% tax and gratuity + $5,000 room charge   That comes to $23,600 for food and drink + $7387 tax and gratuity + $5,000 room charge = $35,987 or $90 per person at 400 people.
31.3% tax/service charge?  What is the tax in your area?
Unless it is something like creamed spinach I do not like to hold spinach for any serious length of time.  It just gets nasty and starts to look and tasty that the frozen and/or canned stuff my parents tried to make me eat as a kid.  As you said, spinach cooks really fast so I really don't see the need to try and hold it for any major length of time.  That being said, there's no sense in sauteing up 1 order of spinach if you have a couple of orders coming up pretty quick. ...
Guys, you are overthinking this.  This is a classic soft boiled egg (that was then pickled).  Like Cheflayne said, start with boiling water place cold eggs into the water and boil for exactly 6 minutes.  Immediately plunge into an ice bath.
Sorry, I totally missed mustard in your recipe!!!!  I see it now.  Need to stop trying to do 2-3 things at one time!!!
I second using bacon fat.  When I was growing up that was the only way me made popcorn at home.  Yes, it is not the healthiest way to make popcorn, but it didn't need any butter drizzled over top, just a few shakes of salt.  The only reason I don't it this way nowadays is that we don't save our bacon fat like we used to when growing up.  My parents cooked just about everything in bacon fat then.  I'd sleep over at friends' houses and thought their eggs tasted strange...
French Fries, you beat me to the punch with Leeks Vinaigrette, one of my favorite dishes. Although I like to use a little mustard in my vinaigrette when making the dish and garnishing with finely diced tomato and hard boiled egg.
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