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I'm guessing that the recipe that has 10 tsp. of star anise is an error that wasn't caught.  Is this a gelled cranberry sauce, or loose?  If it isn't gelled then start with 1 tsp. of star anise, long with any other spices.  Taste it and add more.  Is this a cooked cranberry sauce or raw?  If it is raw, I might give it an hour or 2 for the flavors to meld and taste it again and adjust from there.  While you could mix the star anise with clove as they do go well together, I...
I would also recommend the beef suet, at least for wintertime.
While I love to experiment, for me part of the joy of Thanksgiving is the tradition of it and that includes the food.  We often change things up at Christmas but for Thanksgiving we always have all the dishes that we usually have.  That being said, we do often find the room for an additional dish or 2, and some of them have become new "traditions."  But there will always be turkey (either roasted or done on the grill), mashed potatoes, stuffing (always a standard bread...
If you can't fire him, due to the bosses, then just shut him down at every turn.  Don't tolerate his crap!  Give him the worst jobs in the kitchen.  If he's on line during service give him the least desirable position.  He will either catch on and straighten up or he'll quit.
Plain oatmeal, or "porridge" is not my thing.  It's got to be loaded with fruits and nuts, along with cinnamon and either brown sugar or maple syrup.  I have done it with chocolate also, but not really a fan of it that way either.
It's been years since I've cooked or eaten Skate. It used to very trendy to serve Skate in high end restaurants but I don't see it around too much anymore.  We always served it simply, with a nod to the traditional-usually gently panfried and served with brown butter, lemon and capers.  While I enjoyed it, it wasn't my favorite fish.
LOL! It's funny because it's true.  I have to admit to doing that while watching some of the cooking competition shows!!!!
Welcome to ChefTalk, Recipe Boy!!  This is a great place to find new recipes, get ideas for new recipes and share your own.  We have a great mix of at-home cooks and professional chefs that all love cooking and love to talk about food, so there are plenty of people to learn from.  I know I learn something new everytime I stop by here, and I've been cooking, professionally, for 25+ years.
Welcome Osama!   As Ishbel said, there are a lot of great pastry photos in the gallery.  You should check them out as we have some very talented people posting their pics there.  There is also a lot of great information in the forums so I hope you check them all out.
TheSilverhead, the recipe that French Fries assumes you are cooking your steak in a pan if you are grilling your steak you won't have the fond on the bottom of the pan to caramelize and deglaze creating your jus with.   If you are grilling then I would just consider brushing the steak with an herb butter at the end and again while resting.  While melting the butter,  infuse it with some roughly chopped garlic, some fresh thyme, and (sorry to disagree with French Fries)...
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