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That's too bad because you would be missing out on a lot of great talent. I was just listening to NPR, not long ago-don't remember the show and they were discussing this very issue, and recent studies have pretty much dispelled the old myth that excessive use of foul language correlates to a lack of creativity or a lower intelligence. You can read more about it at this article from Scientific...
I am locking this thread down as the same exact question was also asked in the Food & Cooking Forum.
Unfortunately, with the minimal amount of information that you are able to provide I doubt that anyone will be of much help.  Curry is such a huge, broad spectrum that it would be almost impossible to narrow it down with what you have provided us.  Not only do countries and regions each have their own curry specialties, but many individual families have their own mixes and blends and then when you get into purveyors, they all have their various blends that they market to...
It's really hard to say as I don't know exactly what they are referring to although my guess would be ground ginger, but then the next question would be how big a box.  What I would do, personally, is peel fresh ginger, slice it thinly and toss a couple of slices into each jar along with the peaches-3-5 slices for a very subtle flavor, more for a more pronounced, ginger flavor.  Maybe do a few jars in varying increments (mark them well) so that next year you know which...
MillionKnives is right.  You can't expect a knife to do everything from breaking down a chicken to thinly slicing fish and then expect it to last for weeks without sharpening.  No knife I know can stand up to that.  That's why chefs have a knife roll-different knives for different jobs.  My butchering knives get put to stones on a regular basis while my slicing knives get honed regularly but don't often see a stone, because the work they do doesn't do much damage to the...
It's a little late but how about a corn flan?  Juice some corn kernals and use them in place of about half of your cream in your flan mixture.  Season with just a hint of rosemary to help tie it with the beef.
 I have to admit, I never make Tater Tot casserole, but I have a soft spot for it whenever I see it at a potluck dinner and I will gravitate right towards it!!!!
Personally, I would consider it a form of casserole.
I usually don't mop ribs, but I have on occasion, especially if they are thicker and more meaty.  Babybacks, though, never get mopped.  No need to, IMHO, as they don't take that long anyway.
Just finished making almost 2 gallons of grilled vegetable salsa that I canned and processed the other day.
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