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Just show them the money.  Here in the US, for sit-down restaurants, the average profit margin is somewhere between 1.8-3.5% (of course there are places that do beyond that but this is the average).  Now if you are comping $5000 out of $41,000 that is 12.2%.  Not only have they eaten up all their profit they are losing from 8.7-10.4% every month. (These are very simplified numbers, not taking into account food cost, etc. but it is a good starting point and chances are if...
Vernonporter, while fresh, frozen is pretty much an oxymoron, in terms of pasta it refers to the fact that the pasta is "fresh" not dried pasta that has been frozen (although why  you would need that term as dried pasta doesn't need to be frozen is beyond me).   Let's please keep our conversations civil.  No need for personal attacks.  If you take issue with a post then please handle it appropriately.
One of my first paid cooking jobs ever, I had just started on the line when the kitchen manager comes up to me, gets all serious, puts his arm around me, and says, "If there is one thing that you need to learn to be successful both here, and at any other cooking job you have.  It is probably the most important thing I can instill in you...never....under any circumstance...ever lick the sharp edge of your knife."   Granted, I think he had been putting vodka in his coffee...
Guess, I would still show that I'm the bigger person and finish my shift.  At that point I would notify both the chef and the agency that I would not be setting foot back in that kitchen ever again. By walking out it is much easier for the chef and the crew to view it as more of your problem ("they couldn't handle the stress,"  "they couldn't hang with the big dogs," etc.).  No matter how bad the place was, if you walk out, some of the fallout will come back on you.
 I still use that line a lot!!!!!!  While I usually catch it will ordering, it drives me nuts when my cooks and supervisors don't let me know they have used the last of something.
I have worked a couple of places that instituted such a policy due to theft.  It never lasted very long.  Now, in my current job, working in a jail with inmates in the kitchen, all coolers and dry storage areas are locked all the time.  If an inmate needs something out of one of them then a supervisor has to open it and stand watch.   While it is a PITA to begin with, most people eventually learn to work within the boundaries set, and in fact, it can help make you more...
Welcome Jalapano200!!!!  If it is pastry knowledge that you seek, you will find that we have a number of very experienced pastry people hanging around and always willing to answer questions and discuss all things pastry related.
Welcome cheftraysmith!!!  Glad you found us.  I like to think this site if pretty fun, and that's because we have a great group of regular posters here.  Feel free to jump right in, ask questions, participate in discussions and let us know what you think!!!
Welcome Annesbrook.  You will find us a pretty friendly crowd and always willing to answer any food related questions you have.  Also don't forget to use the search feature.  There are hundreds of great articles and thousands of threads covering just about any topic you can think of that is food related.  The amount of information that can be found here is staggering.  Hope you enjoy your time here, on ChefTalk!!!
Woohoo, if you take a closer look at the picture, on the Bende site, of the back of the package of bacon, I don't think it is sliced.  It may be worth a call to them to verify, because I know we still buy the unsliced bacon at their physical location so I'd be surprised if they wouldn't ship, even if it isn't on the website.
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