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If I am making a large batch of croutons I usually bake them but if I am just making a small amount then I "fry" them in a saute pan over medium low heat.  I like the flavor better that way, but not really conducive to large scale production of croutons.
As said before, you can try bulking up the celery or adding some fennel, but that will change the taste of the stew dramatically.  You could also try herbs such as rosemary or sage, but it's hard to replace the flavor that onion provides to dishes without seriously changing the flavor profile.
Too funny!!!!
If you can't get your hands on shallots I would use onions, but probably about half the amount as shallots a milder and more subtle than onions, but I wouldn't omit them altogether.  I would dice them up very small and do a long, slow sweat on them.  That will start them breaking down and by the time the stew is completed they should be mostly dissolved, at least to the point where you don't notice them.
Like Kuan said, it all depends on the sauce and it's applications.  I find that most restaurants use a few of each; some made each day (i.e. Hollandaise & beurre blanc), some made a la minute (i.e. pan sauces) and some made in larger batches and heated up before service (i.e. many demi based sauces and some cream based sauces).
I've used it in a number of ice creams and custards in the past.  Adding it to iced tea is a new one for me and sounds like a great idea.  I have a wonderful jasmine tea that I use for iced tea and may try adding a bit to that.   Anyone out there with more great savory suggestions?
So I happened to pick up a bottle of Rose Water the other week to play around with.  I'm going to experiment with it in a couple of cocktails and in a few baked things.  Wondering if anyone has some great, off-the-wall ideas for using it.  I've used it in a number of ways in the past but wanted some opinions on some not so traditional ideas to play around with.
@ordo  I LOVE that Scotch Egg Wellington idea!!!  Can't wait to try it out.   @butzy  I have never smoked eggs, but now I'm thinking of maybe smoking them then making spicy pickled eggs from the smoked ones.   This has been my favorite challenge so far.  Lots of great ideas!!!!
A number of years ago we "discovered" Ceylon and fell in love with it's more complex flavor and citrusy undertones.  My wife and I now use it much of our baking, although not all of it.  I find I still prefer cinnamon rolls with the stronger cassia cinnamon and most often prefer that also when using cinnamon in savory dishes.  The Ceylon cinnamon also wins, hands down, when making cinnamon sugar toast!!!
  Crabcake Benedicts with Bacon Hollandaise (because Hollandaise doesn't have enough saturated fat to begin with!!)   Use your favorite crabcake recipe for a base, top with poached eggs.  To make the Hollandaise, dice up a couple slices of bacon and fry until crisp.  Add some of the rendered fat to your clarified butter.  Make your Hollandaise as you normally would, stirring in the crispy bacon just before serving.  This is one to definitely clog your arteries, but...
New Posts  All Forums: