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Please provide links to studies supporting this conclusion.  While I have have seen numerous web articles on "alternative" websites, I don't see a lot on medical websites about the dangers of soybean oil. unless you are allergic or it is hydrogenated. Nor do these websites, that I've found, reference any sceintific studies, showing the dangers of soybean oil.
I watched the same episode and was thinking of doing something like this for Thanksgiving, changing it up just a bit.  Think I might do a trial run in the next week or 2 with a really small pumpkin (although even for T-Day I'd do a much, much smaller pumpkin than was done on the show).  I don't have a lot of choices for pumpkin in my area, so I'll just use the standard pie pumpkin.  It shouldn't really make a difference.  I also wouldn't parsteam it or par cook it in any...
I put the maple syrup and black pepper in my cure.
I have to agree with Chefross.  I probably would have gone in just to get things started, and to make sure that the crew knew what they were doing.  It sucks, I know, especially if this "short" day was the only time you were able to take off all week, but until you can trust your lead and sous, you will probably need to, at least, make an appearance every day.  The good news, hopefully, is that it will not last for ever.
If you are looking for a rough guideline about how many hours one would be expected to work with an 8 week time frame prior to opening.  I would expect the first 4 weeks to be part time (15-20 hours per week) while the last 4 weeks would be at least full time (40 hours) per week, plus probably overtime in the last week, at the very least.  But those are only rough estimates based on some work that I have done in the past.   Not sure where you are located, but as Chefross...
Teamfat, you beat me to the punch!!!!  That's what we ate last night and I was going to post pics today, after work!!!!!  Well, great minds think alike!!    I probably still will though.  What didn't you like about your masa "crust"?  I usually add a bit of baking powder to mine to give it a slighly more airy texture as well as adding a bit of cumin and usually a bit of heat in the form of either cayenne or chipotle.
Kinza, not sure why you would think that. When I worked in the hotel I found plenty of uses for my egg slicer.
 That really all depends on what you want from a cookie.  Butter tends to taste better, even against "butter flavored" shortening (is is obviously a subjective thing).  The general concensus is that butter will make for flatter cookies that spread out more, and will end up more crisp, while shortening makes for softer cookies with more height.  These are general statements though, and depending on oven temperature and baking time you can yield a cookie with your desired...
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