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I've been there before, holding down a job just for the money.  It's a miserable experience.  The best I can offer you is to keep looking, while you try to improve your situation.  One question, with all these changes what has happened to your top and bottom line?  If the places have gotten that bad are you losing customers?  If you are losing customers, are you losing more than has been made up in this guy's cost cutting measures?  Where is your profit now, compared to...
Welcome pmd18.  You have come to the right place if you are looking for information on off premise catering, as well as any other food related questions you might have.  As for wanting to spend more time with your family, as you can imagine, this topic comes up with us professional chefs quite often, and how we try to find a good work/life balance.
I, personally, am not a fan of "cooking" apps as I don't like having my electronics in the kitchen where so many things can happen to them.  That being said, a "Spice" app might be cool, but it would have to be a pretty large database.  Not only would you need a good description of each spice (and herb as they should be included also) but you would need numerous recipes for each herb and spice, plus recipes using multiple.  Also something that would be important, in my...
One can never get enough carbon in one's diet!!!
Next time, can I get mine a little crispier, please?  I want to make sure that it is cooked all the way through.
 I couldn't agree more!!!
Not a bad article.  I would have to disagree with just a couple of points.  First of chocolate; now I agree that compared to lots of chocolate in Europe, our massed produced stuff is not that great, but I've eaten a number of British, mass produced chocolate treats, and IMHO that are not good at all.  Secondly, sausages;  the US has lots of awesome sausages.  Maybe the author needs to taste something other than the American "Italian" sausages that I assume he is refering...
@AllanMcPherson I have to admit I have not heard of that one yet.  I will definitely have to check it out.  Although I prefer Bourbon, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting whiskies to try!
 I couldn't agree more, especially when it comes to something as subjective as food.  And no matter what the OP thinks food is a subjective experience.  Yes, we can quantify, and objectify, certain aspects of food, of the dining experience, but as a whole  it's a very subjective thing.  As I stated before, I have nothing against French cuisine at all.  Some of my favorite dishes are French, some of my favorite wines are French, and some of my favorite cheeses are French,...
New Posts  All Forums: