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First off, demand "dry pack" scallops from your vendor.  Dry packed scallops haven't been treated with chemicals to make them creamy white, but who cares if they aren't perfectly white, the flavor is 100 times better and you get a better sear from dry packed scallops.   One of my favorite ways of serving them came during my time at NAVA, in Atlanta where we served them on a bed of smoked tomato grits, with a ginger butter sauce and sautéed spinach.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when I'm still eating my salad and the server comes and serves my entree.  I know that casual restaurants like to burn through tables, but it annoys the hell out of me, and you know, if you send it back, all they are going to do is put under the heat lamp until you are ready for it.  Worse yet, I've had servers try to rush me through my meal by dumping both salads and apps at the same time, and following it up with entrees mere minutes...
Grande, I agree with quite a bit about what you said.  I don't think any of us hear disagree that there are a lot of crappy restaurants and crappy chefs out there.  It's the OP's gross generalization that this is a problem with all American chefs that have got people "itchin' for a fight."  We've had many threads, on here about the crappy places people have worked and we've all lamented the state of our industry, at times.  But this is by no means a problem relegated to...
Never considered Limoncello but it would be interesting.  I've also used whiskey as the cranberries can stand up to it's stronger flavor.
I lived in Atlanta, GA back in the mid 1990's.  They had a great food scene and was a blast for a young, unattached person in their 20's.  Not sure how the food scene is nowadays but I imagine that there is still some serious dining going on, and after NYC, Atlanta will seem cheap.   Also, I know you are talking warm, but you should consider Chicago.  They have an awesome food scene and a lot of great neighborhoods to explore and again, coming from NYC, will see rather...
I am an American chef and I am proud of that fact, so yes, I take offense at your gross over generalization.  I have been involved in the foodservice world since I was 8 years old, when my parents opened up their restaurant.  I am 44 years old now so let's say that I've been in this business, on and off for the better part of 30+.  In that time I have worked in great places and lousy places.  I have met motivated, hard-working talented chefs, and I've met lazy, shoemaker...
I love them in my homemade granola, as well as various baked products, from muffins to cookies.  And of course, as many have stated, they make a great addition to salads.
A friend sent the article to me and I thought it was very true.
I have been using "Cardio Trainer" a free app for Android (not sure if they have one for iphone or not) and I like for biking as it is also a GPS so I can map my rides and save them if I want to re-ride a route.
Glad to see that happening in some areas still.
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