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I have a number of pre-1900 cookbooks in my collection.  In those books there are numerous "recipes" that just list the ingredients, without measurements and then give only the barest of instructions unless it was a recipe that was outside the norm.  They just expected that  those reading the cookbooks were already quite familiar with how to cook.
Congrats Mike!!!
  I do not!!!  But I've been know to get pickled!!!!!
Welcom dnzb!!!  Always glad to meet part of the new generation cooks and chefs!  You'll find a lot of great information here in the forums, and a lot of really smart, really helpful people to bounce questions and ideas off of.  Best of luck on your new adventure.  I hope you keep us all updated to your progress as a pastry chef and to the progress of your new venture.
Welcome Pbenton!!!  Tell us a little more about yourself; what you like to cook, favorite cuisines, etc.  Do you consider yourself a good cook, great cook, or just a beginner?
 Depending on my mood, and the time I have available I will make both styles-stove top mac & cheese or baked mac & cheese.  If I am making baked mac & cheese then I always add a couple of yolks to the mix.
I love mac and cheese in all it's forms!!!  No matter what cheese I'm using there are a few additions that find their way into almost all my mac and cheeses; mustard, hot sauce and/or cayenne, and a hint of nutmeg.  All these ingredients, I find, round out, and boost the flavor.  As for my choice of cheeses, I'll use anything that I have in the house, at the moment, but I have to admit my favorite is to use mozzerella as the base cheese and then just enough blue cheese for...
Like everyone said, check your local laws.  They vary from state to state and sometimes even from municipality to municipality.  Many states now have "cottage laws" that allow people to make certain foods, at home, in unlicensed kitchens, but they are very strict about what you can and cannot make and sell to the public.  Also, one catch to these laws is that they will often state how much money you are allowed to make a year off of these kinds of foods.  I know a few...
 In the late 70's and early 80's my mom got the idea that we should eat healthier.  We weren't going to go "cold turkey" though so she found all these health food recipes for cookies and cake, etc.  That meant that our chocolate chip cookies were now being made with carob chips and all sorts of other "healthy" additions.  The mutiny finally came when she heard that sunflower seeds are even more healthful if you eat the hulls so the next time we got cookies it was carob...
The way I would do, for costing purposes, is use the highest costing sweetener and use that in how I would cost out the cup of coffee.  That way if everyone choose the highest cost item I'm still good and if they choose the lower cost then that is gravy.  I know that doesn't help with your situation, but I agree with Layne, this guy is wasting time on something so insignificant.
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