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Remember to season heavily, especially when it comes to larger roasts like that.  I was always taught to double you what you think  you should do and that is a rule I've always lived by when making Prime Rib, and I've made a lot of them.  I use a simple mix of kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, crushed garlic and sometimes rosemary and I load it on.
Lagom, both good ideas.  I especially like the idea of making a gingersnap crust.  If doing that then how about an orange scented cheesecake and a cranberry compote to top it all off?  If you want to experiment how about a Rosemary scented cheesecake (be very careful not to go too strong on the rosemary).  Top that with a compote of dried fruits in a red wine syrup.
While beer certainly has a longer history in that region than wine, Jesus grew up in a time of Roman occupation, and Romans, generally, preferred wine over beer, so chances are there was more wine production going on than beer production.  Although I do like the idea of it being a mistranslation.
The culinary world lost another great one this past weekend when Jean Banchet passed away from cancer.  For those of you not familiar with Chef Banchet, he almost single handedly elevated Chicago from a Steak and potatoes town to the culinary city that it is today when he opened Le Francais, in a suburb of Chicago back in 1973.  In 1980 Bon Appetite magazine named Le Francais "America's Best Restaurant," and many chefs, that went on to greatness spent time working under is...
While POS systems are great (at least until the power goes out or the server goes down) handwritten tickets were used with great success.  The key is (as everyone above has stated) that everyone must use the same short hand and lingo when it comes to the "official" tickets.  Servers can use whatever short hand they want will taking orders but when the ticket is made up for the kitchen it has to be done a very specific way.  That way servers don't have to spend so much time...
Reading what you wrote, I see no reason to believe he is treating you this way because you are a woman.  It sounds like he would act this way whether you are male or female, unless there is more to the story than you told.  To me he just sounds like an inmature control freak.  Unfortunately, you will run into these people (both men and women) regularly in this business and you will have to learn how to deal with them.  Oftentimes these types will work themselves out of the...
I was thinking of a mole sauce.  Heavy on the Pepitas for a nice nutty Fall flavor.  Moles also usually have an element of sweetness to them, often by using raisins and Mexican brown sugar (piloncillo).  Instead, maybe use dried cherries, or even dried cranberries.  Since mole sauces are often paired with chicken I think it would be a natural with the duck.  Just lighten it up a bit so that it doesn't overwhelm the squash.
While I have mixed feelings about Trotter, his food and his restaurant, he was a major driving force in the restaurant industry in the 1990's and early 2000's.  The food world lost a great innovator and helped prove to the world that a "star" chef did not need to lower his standards or open up restaurant after restaurant after restaurant to achieve fame.  For anyone coming up in the food business at this time he was role model and something that many of us aspired to.  HIs...
Too funny!!!!!
I agree that your temperature is too high, but I also think you are using too much oil/butter.  Those edges look almost fried.  I see that on mine sometimes, if I add too much oil to the griddle.  I never pour it on, but use a paper towel to brush it on.  That way I don't get too much oil on there.
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