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I would never use it in a restaurant setting-too much chance for big problems.  As for home use-that would depend.  If I wasn't going to cook it up and serve that day, I would probably toss it.  Not necessarily because I would be concerned about a foodborne illness, but because I think the quality would start deteriorating quickly, overnight.  But if I was cooking it for myself, that same day, I would probably use it.
Have you tried changing over to tea?  Not as much caffeine but still some and a lot less acidity.  I've recently begun exploring the world of tea and have discovered that I like it more than coffee.  Although you might have the same problem with your husband.  Good tea is expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.
I loved the Cthuken!!!!
Nice photos PP.
Unfortunately, this is what almost every chef is up against on a daily and weekly basis-how to put out the best product possible yet stay within the budgets we have.  It's not enough to be a great cook, an awesome trainer, and mentor, a chef needs to have good business skills.  Without those you will never move beyond a sous chef level, if even that.  While just about every chef I know wishes they had a better food or labor budget, we understand the reality of things and...
Beef and Mushroom Skewers with an Onion Balsamic Glaze     Chunks of Sirloin marinated overnight with olive oil, rosemary and garlic and skewered along with Cremini mushrooms.  Grilled over hardwood charcoal and brushed with an Onion and Balsamic Glaze to finish.   These were grilled in the park, on my little, portable Weber grill.  At home  I also have a full sized Weber charcoal grill, my large gas grill and my Bradley smoker.  My wife used to think I was nuts...
I guess the "best way to braise cabbage" would depend on what you wanted from the final product.  Are you doing red or white cabbage?  The way above is a great, classic way of braising it, but there are others that I've used depending on what I wanted the end product to be.  One of my favorites is sauté some onion, add green cabbage, sauté a few minutes longer then deglaze with hard cider.  When the cabbage is half way done add some diced apple and finish with some cream...
While on a personal level I disagree with all of these items, I also have to question the validity of some of the items on this list.  Cheese fondue?  Really?  While people may not like making it, I don't know of anyone, except those that are lactose intolerant, that doesn't love it.  Garlic?  Come on!!  In my time cooking for people I have a lot more requests for no onion than for no garlic.  And celery?  While most people may not love it, I don't think there are that...
Cerise, were they dipping and frying the whole thing, leaves and all?  Or were they just frying up the stem and bulb.  Never thought of trying that!!!   Micheal, I've eaten Ramps many different ways but probably my favorite was is charred on the grill and simply dressed.
Teamfat, my parents live in Mishawaka, right on the St. Joesph, over on Lincolnway East.
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