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Brilliant!!!  That is probably how I'd handle her also, but then again, I've never been one to handle things the "proper HR" way!  How is the rest of the staff handling your approach to this place?  Are they happy that someone is tightening the reins and bringing the place up a level or do they resent the new, stricter rules and policies? I had this happen once, early in my career, and I'm not proud to say that I was the person in the wrong.  We had lost our Exec. Chef...
#1 looks like one of the mint family or lemon balm #2 I'm not positive about #3 some variety of thyme #4 some variety of sage #5 I'm not sure about
 Peeling and chopping garlic is a huge pain, but I much prefer the flavor of the fresh stuff over the peeled stuff.  The peeled stuff just seems to lose a lot of nuances of flavor and seems duller in flavor than whole heads.
Manmachine, after a week I doubt there is anyone, active on these boards, that use Jojoba oil for their cutting boards, sorry.  But after doing a bit of research and coming across the same information that @Mike9 did, on WebMD.com I don't know that I would use it for cutting boards.  While it seems to be safe for topical uses it doesn't seem quite so safe when ingested.  While you aren't using to cook with or consume, I personally would still stay away from it.  But that's...
While I couldn't begin to tell you, I am sure that it would greatly depend on where you are located.
@chefwriter Good points and my questions exactly.  Fusion cuisine is at its best when the differing cuisines have a number of flavor profiles, and ingredients, that are the same or similar.  Fusion cuisine often goes wrong when someone tries to force 2 foods, from differing cuisines, together even though the flavors don't really meld.  Some cuisines just have an affinity for each other and it is simple to fuse them.  Others, on the other hand, take a very deft hand-someone...
-Cleaning artichokes -Peeling hard boiled eggs -making crudité (worked a hotel were it seemed every little meeting, banquet, party, etc. had a crudité platter and there were days were I wouldn't do much else other than clean, cut and try up those platters!!!
First time posters always have their first posts held for moderation just to ensure that it is not spam, that you are following the posting guidelines, etc.  Unfortunately, we only have a small number of moderators that can approve those posts and for all of us helping out, here at Chef Talk, is something that we do in our spare time; after work, after the family has been taken care of.  Between us moderators we try to hit the boards as often as possible, but sometimes...
"A Chef's Tale" by Pierre Franey
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