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I flavor mine mostly with dill and garlic although I do add red pepper flakes, whole coriander, whole mustard seed and whole peppercorns-not much, just a few sprinkled into each jar.  I don't bother with measuring those unless I'm actually writing a recipe for something.
Earlier this summer it was salad turnips with dill and a medley of carrot and jalapeno sticks.
While I have a fermentation crock I usually just make my deli-style kosher dills right in the jar and haven't had a problem yet.  I put the lids on them but only give them 3/4's of a turn to hold them in place but loose enough for gas to escape.  I have to admit though that for my pickles I do "cheat" a little.  I usually add 1 cup of white vinegar to my brine which is 8 quarts water and 1/2 cup of kosher or canning salt.
This morning I pulled my sauerkraut from my fermentation crock after 7 weeks fermenting.  Jarred it up and put it in the fridge where I will let it sit another 3-4 days before I start using it.  Later this afternoon, I will start a bunch of kosher style pickles fermenting-usually only ferment them for 4-7 days as I like deli style half sours.   So is anyone else pickling using the fermentation method and if so what are you fermenting?
Thanks oldschool.  The Monty Python reference made my day!!!!
Welcome Flavio.  I am excited to hear more about your adventures!!!!
Welcome Nicolette!!
Other options: -teach in culinary school -sales rep for either food or liquor -get a chemistry degree and go into food manufacturing -as said by Chefboy OG, open your own place so you can run it the way you want -"center of the plate" specialist for Sysco, US Foods or other big food company (these are the corporate chef's of these places who do demos, create menus, consult on new restaurants all to get more of your company's product in the doors of places) -there's a...
What kind of crabs?  I don't know about larger crabs, but smaller ones can be kept for a short period of time, live, without a tank.  They usually come sandwiched between layers of wet seaweed and newspaper to keep them moist and alive, but they don't last long like that only a day or 2.
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