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Glad to see you still around!!!
I never measure for my dark roux.  Occasionally, some of the fat will separate out, but if that happens I just skim off any excess.  I have also had dark rouxs get what looks like a broken, grainy texture, but it usually smooths out again and never have add a problem once added to my gumbo, other than having to skim off some fax.  I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as it isn't burnt.  Again, dark rouxs like that are more about flavoring than thickening although...
I assume now that we have that out of our system this is a legitimate question.  If so can you please explain it a little more?  I've never had a dark roux "break" on me when adding it to my liquid.  The important thing to remember about a dark roux is that it is there much more for flavor than for thickening.  By the time you cook your roux so darkly there is very little thickening power left in it.  That is one of the reasons that Gumbo also contains okra or file...
Koukouvagia, A tomato fondue can be slightly different things depending on the chef you work under, but usually, the basic idea is finely diced tomatoes (skin off) that are slow cooked down in butter, until it becomes thick, almost like a paste, but still somewhat chunky.
Usually Thanksgiving, for us, is filled with a lot of tradition and we always cook up the same foods, with really only variations on vegetables and the relish trays, and whether to do sweet potatoes or not (not always necessary at our house since there is always, mashed potatoes, stuffing and homemade egg noodles).  But this year we are going to do the Chicago Thanksgiving parade, and have decided to forgo anything resembling a traditional meal and plan on dining at one of...
I know you said "beyond the typical Eggs Benedict" but I keep thinking of an Italian inspired take on the Benedict with disks of polenta fried to a crispy outside and creamy interior, topped with sautéed spinach, a tomato fondue and poached eggs.
I prefer to slow roast my flour over an open fire made with a mix of apple and alder wood to give my roux a more complex flavor.
Allan, I am just the opposite; I like music playing while prepping up don't like up on the line where it can be a distraction and be a hinderance to the needed communication.   As for what to listen to, I like to change it up, from Metal to Techno, to Bluegrass and occasional country, to classic rock, and even, occasionally Classical and bagpipe music.  I will even tolerate some hispanic music for  period of time.  I like to give everyone a turn at listening to what...
Forgive me if I am wrong, but wouldn't designing a kitchen to accommodate 4 different restaurants be a nightmare.  They could share prep space but what service?  Wouldn't each place need it's own line or risk mass confusion?  What about cooler, freezer and dry storage space.  Are all 4 kitchens self contained or is it 1 large area, sectioned off?
That's funny!!!!
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