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I don't disagree that diets that are high in sodium and fat and not healthy, but do you really want our government intruding even further into our lives, dictating what we can and cannot eat?  And unless we outlaw all things bad for us then doesn't just become arbitrary?  I don't see a whole lot, healthwise, that is redeeming about bacon, or pizza or burgers.  So why stop at some things, but allow others?  And who makes that decision for us?  Sorry, but I don't want the...
Manufacturers label their products, so is it really the government's responsibility to "save us from ourselves" by enacting restrictive legislation on things such as sugar, fat content, etc?
Do you really want government intruding into your life that much-telling you how big of a soda to drink?  Personally, I don't want the government that involved in my life, nor is that the duty of the government.  Sure, right now it's trans fats and overly sugared soft drinks, but what happens when they determine that that grande frappucino contains more sugar or caffine than a person needs, or that you can't decide for yourself whether to risk eating that sunny side up...
Because not everyone wants that.  There is a definite taste difference between 2 items like that.  These companies are in business to make money, not police what people put into their bodies.  If it ever got to the point where the full sodium/full fat versions were no longer making money then these companies would probably drop those items.
Looks great!!!
Awesome looking brisket!!!
@Hank awesome looking dish!!! (but it ain't Little Smokies and Kraft Mac & Cheese )
 Cerise, what do you think most PR people (publicists) are going to do? They are going to get you out on social media.  Whether you like social media or not, it is a very important tool in advertising and developing a brand. I used to always carry cards, 2 in fact.  One for the place that I was working at and one for me, personally, as a chef.  There are times when both come in handy-trade shows, sales people, potential hires get the restaurant business card.  Other...
@teamfat Dang that looks good!!!  Guess I know what I'm having for dinner tonight...if I can find the ingredients! 
Sorry, but I just don't see the need for either gelatin or egg in burgers, especially when you have a good fat to lean ratio and you don't over pack them.
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