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This reminded me-a number of years ago my Dad's side of the family decided to create a family cookbook.  While trying to come up with a title one of my Dad's sisters came up with "Egg Noodles and Anglefood Cake."  Coming from a Midwest German family my grandmother always had homemade egg noodles on hand.  The recipe just used egg yolks so her kids (my Dad and Aunts) were always thrilled when Mom made up a batch because that meant there would be leftover egg whites, and not...
Teamfat, I am a huge fan of smoked tomatoes!  They have all sorts of great uses, from sauces to soups to cooking liquid for rice, grits, etc.
Mike, if these really are dry pack then I would let them shine a little more.  I think the smoked paprika is fine, but, personally, I'd skip wrapping them in bacon.  I think it is too much  Save the bacon wrap for not so good scallops.  Personally, I like to get a good, fast sear on them leaving the centers almost raw.  I also think tarter sauce is too heavy.  If you really want some smoke with those scallops how about a smoked tomato coulis?
Is Aramark trying to buy out your contract or has the facility put the business out to bid.  Those are 2 very different scenarios.
I'd love to see that.  Wish I could afford it!!!!
 We haven't been there yet, but plan on making it one of these days, probably in a few years when our daughter is just a bit older.  That doesn't stop us from seeing a lot of what's going on as the planes often fly over Fond du Lac and use the Fond du Lac airport.  In fact, the Fondy airport, for most of the year does not have a manned tower, but during EAA they do and for a brief period of time becomes one of the busiest public airports in the US, in terms of take offs...
@Skyler that is awesome.  Where are you at nowadays.  I've only been here, in Fond du Lac for about 12 years so I'm still a newbie to Wisconsin.
Phatch, I agree that would be way to floral for my taste.  I am okay with lavendar alone, if used sparingly.  Too many times I've had it where it just overpowers everything less, but in moderation, and paired with something with a bit of tartness to it, it can be good..
For thin steaks it doesn't really matter, and in fact it might be best to keep them refrigerated until the last minute to try and keep the centers from overcooking, but for thicker steaks that are to be cooked rare or MR, I always let them come up to room temp before searing them over high, and personally I always prefer steaks cooked on a grill as opposed to in a pan, although I'm not one to ever turn down a well cooked (I almost said well done) steak!!!
If I am making a large batch of croutons I usually bake them but if I am just making a small amount then I "fry" them in a saute pan over medium low heat.  I like the flavor better that way, but not really conducive to large scale production of croutons.
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