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Chefross, I totally agree with what you say.  It is beautiful food porn, but I too found that many of the recipes had issues with them.
 A number of years ago a pecan farmer from Texas was driving through and stopped at the restaurant where I worked.  It was slow and I ended up talking to the guy for awhile.  After his lunch he ran out to his truck and brought me a 10# bag of pecans.  They were the best, sweetest pecans I ever had.  Kind of spoiled me because now all other pecans are just pale comparisons
Flipflopgirl and Panini, both of your idea require an inspected kitchen (many churches that often make meals are now usually inspected).  What Daniel is suggesting is people doing this from their homes, not a co-op or incubator type thing.
 Then, in essence, you are creating a restaurant that does delivery only.  Sorry, but I don't see anything about this as being a "good idea."  Not trying to be harsh, just honest and realistic.
Any time someone gives you a "thumbs up" (see the little green thumb at the bottom of each person's post) you recieve "reputation."  While reputation doesn't affect your experience here on Chef Talk, others can look at your profile and see your reputation.  It is a way to rank people who contribute the "best" information as ranked by the rest of the community.
Both you and the recipe keep mentioning nuts, but I don't see any nuts listed in the ingredients.
Daniel, have you looked into any of the legal issues that I have mentioned?  Have you talked to a lawyer about what kind of liability issues your site would face if someone got sick?  Have you asked your old boss for your job back?   I'm sorry but the reality, here in the States if that is where you are located, is that what you are suggesting is illegal.  Basically you are asking home cooks to act as a restaurant that does delivery only.  As I stated in my earlier post,...
No nuts?
I second that!  Would you share the recipe?
 That's the great thing about hash, it can be made with almost any ingredients to suit the seasons, your tastes, your whims, or using last night's leftovers.  As long as you keep a few things in mind, like keeping the potatoes or other starch crispy and finding the right ratio. I usually keep mine at about 2:2:1 meat to starch to add ins.  I say starch (as opposed to potatoes, as I often use other root vegetables in place of the potato or in addition to.
New Posts  All Forums: