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Hi Wade, and welcome to Chef Talk.  Sorry I didn't see your post sooner or I would have given you some advice.  So how did you prepare your salmon and how did it come out?   Hopefully, our slow response has not deterred you from checking out the rest of the forums and the site.  Let us know how your dinner came out!!!
First step Chef Talk, next step the World!!!!!!!!
Napoleon Style Pizza - A French Flatbread that spent some time in Italy and now thinks that it's a Pizza!!!!
 No offense meant, but that was the funniest thing I've read all day!!!!!
 This is taking it to a whole new level!!!
 Kansas City has always been underrated as far as I'm concerned.  From my history with it, I've found that while it might not be quite as diverse as other cities and the food scene is definitely smaller, there are a lot of really good places there, and you're right about the number of chefs that have been receiving awards there recently.  I almost moved there when I left Chicago. 
Keith you will never find the "original" recipe.  Pizza is just another in a very long line of different types of flatbreads that can be found all throughout the world with roots far back into ancient history.  I don't know if you could pinpoint exactly when pizza became pizza.  Even the term authentic or traditional can be problematic.  Authentic/traditional to which region, which city.  Case in point; I can send you to a place that does authentic deep dish pizza, in...
Living up in the wilds of central Wisconsin, I use masa harina (Maseca brand) for tamales, pupusas, and tortillas (when I make them).  I've wanted to try making my own masa, but what a PIA that is-did it once.  When I was in Chicago I used to be able to buy fresh masa, still warm from the grinding, but alas that is no more.  To be honest, while I can tell the difference between using masa harina and fresh masa, the differences are pretty slight, at least to me.
 I agree, its easy to make good pizza, but it is difficult to make great pizza.  That's why the overwhelming majority of pizza places make okay to good pizza, but so few places make great pizza.
 Jimyra,I agree that it can be difficult to wade through a bunch of amateurish reviews, but I do feel that you can get a pretty good, overall view of a place by reading numerous reviews.  Sure there is a lot of crap on Yelp, but there are also a lot of good, insightful reviews. As to your comment about fast food chains with 5 stars I both agree and disagree.  While I personally don't feel that the vast majority of fast food chains deserve a 5 star review, I also believe in...
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