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 Still one of my guilty pleasures, although I usually spice it up a bit!
She most certainly is a "chef."  She runs the kitchen.  She does pretty much everything a chef does.  It's not about some degree.  It's not even about how vast someone's experience is.  It's about being the boss of the kitchen.  Of being in charge of that kitchen.  Of handling not only the food aspect the financial aspects the HR aspects and all the other aspects that go with running a kitchen.  That is what being a chef is and by the sounds of it that is exactly what she...
 I'll admit to purchasing these on occasion, but it doesn't really matter which one as by the time I am finished "doctoring" them and adding things they are so far from the original that it doesn't matter.  I really just view them as a starter when I don't have time to make a long cooked sauce from scratch and I don't have any of my homemade stuff around. Tortillas-flour or corn?
It's easy; just start with a ferment of corn, rye, and maybe a bit of wheat, then distill that ferment to about 130 proof and age in new, charred American oak barrels, filter and drink.  I don't see the problem!!!
Since it's cold and rainy and you want something warm how about replacing cole slaw with some sautéed brussel sprouts?  Not traditional but would be yummy!  And I vote for mashed potatoes also!
I generally agree, but I do often find myself drawn to the kitchen.  Like I said, at least with my group of friends and family, we often tend to gather in the kitchen so once there I often find myself with a knife in my hand or behind the stove, but I'm usually being social and have a drink within easy reach so I don't view it as a "hardship."  But I don't feel the need to step in.  There have been plenty of meals where I've sat my butt on the couch and socialized or...
It just kind of comes with the territory.  Get used to it.  I kind of enjoy it.  It's a different kind of cooking and usually ends up being a pretty social thing as most of my friends and family tend to gather in the kitchen anyway.
Recently, I've been drinking a lot of Boulevardiers, a twist on the Negroni, replacing the gin with rye whiskey.  It's 1 part Campari, 1 part sweet vermouth and 1.25 parts of rye.  Not something that I make I night of drinking, but it's a great pre dinner cocktail or way to start off the evening.
 There's a difference, other than in name?  Doesn't matter to me as long as it's rich and creamy and decadent!!!!  None of that instant stuff-ever!!!!!   In general I prefer Stout, although I won't ever say "no" to a Porter if offered! Duck-a breast cooked MR-to Medium with a beautifully rendered, crispy skin or a confit leg?
We used to do this in catering all the time, especially for large, off-site events where we couldn't grill them to order.  We would mark them off then finish them off at the event.  Personally, I wouldn't finish them in the sauce.  I would just finish them in the oven and sauce them after they have come up to temperature.  Shouldn't be a problem.
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