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Need To Feed:   I came across your blog on here and when I finally sat down and started reading I really enjoyed it.
Yes, either early 90s music or classical
When I am baking I love listening to early 90s music, but when I am only cooking I listen to classical music.
I enjoy watching Guy Fieri. I like how he will actually go into restuarants and try items as well as show how they are made.
Priceless Some of these are making us dispatchers in a better mood.
I have a new one as well that I am trying to work on It is a mixture of some simple recipes that I have made while I am trying to create what I really want to make. It also has some post with different things going on with life. I am hoping to make it more strictly food soon when I get all my new equipement. If you will send me the link to your blog I will be glad to look at it.
I agree completely with #3, 5, 7   Thank you for the laugh.
I have several guns and I always answer the door with a gun if I am not expecting anyone plus I have my husband deputy radio to contact for help if need be.
I love having a slice of three cheese bread with melted mozzarella and smoked gouda.
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