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Wow, guys... This was a very informative thread! Thanks!
I've found most people don't care and won't learn how to maintain any kind of cutlery.. I'll sharpen people's knives, but stopped reprofiling and repairing obvious neglect and damage. Most home owners in US will be just as happy spending $70 every other year on a new set of crap knives from WalMart. I do appreciate your good stewardship of these knives, and am as happy you were able to educate the owners. It appears that both knife and owner are in balance now. You did a...
It always makes the cooks happy when I stay after service to help clean and close. Cooking is about the whole experience, not just what happens from line to window.
Hmm... I just use little spray bottles from the beauty supply store. They're cheap and come in a variety of sizes. You can buy them online in bulk. This is the first link I found to an example: http://www.sallybeauty.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-SA-Site/default/mProduct-Show?pid=MARIAN19 Remember there is a difference between mist and spray: High pressure aerosol is a mist. Pumped liquid is just diffused droplets, much larger.. I have found little need for atomized mist,...
Croissants are why I'm a cook and not a baker. Bakers are more intelligent, civilized versions of cooks.
The without the sear you just have steam poached meat - yuk. Three floors to an outside BBQ would give time for steak to rest ;-) I /HATE/ my house hood fan for same reason you have: not enough smoke capture or evacuation power. Maybe you could open all windows and doors with fan aimed at alarm? I tried 500deg oven pre-heat cast iron sear &cook (no stove top) and it didn't give a good crust. I also tried top-rack bbroil (reverse sear?) With little better results, but...
Sog not dog; pre-cook not per cook. Hate android, hate auyocorrect.
I have/use same cutters chefjeff^above posted. Like the wheel cutter best because it does a good job getting more surface area on the crimp. I like simple wavy wheel cutters too. The fixed-diameter cookie cutter shapes are more for presentation than functionality. I just cut squares on long runs... faster. If meat or hard veg filling: per cook. If cheese, soft filling; or something that will cook in the boil and saute, then raw is fine. Just limit water in Ravi or they...
Black truffle slices or jalapeƱos, but not on same burger.
You opened a can of worms, mate... but yeah - if being a cook was easy, everyone would do it. Your desire for inner-peace doesn't drive you; your impulsive lust for perfection does. When you are not seeing results, you're pissed off. That is the same from Phoenix to Boston to London to Frankfurt to Sardinia to Paris.
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