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Looks like summer is coming more than a month earlier this year.  I think you and I are in for a long hot scorching summer.  To think we're about 10 degrees hotter here in the Phoenix are than you are in Tucson.  We're due 3 days of over 90 this week then we do the mighty drop 2 days later to high 60's.  Man this spring is turning out to be something really weird.
Welcome Musik, I think you'll find the knowledge here to be great as well as finding helpful folks that feel as you and I do about being in the kitchen.  There's a ton of information to be had here.   And Nicko that's unfair about the food network.  If it hadn't been for Emeril I would never have learned that cooking can be so interesting and so much fun!  Well, that and the fact that since I became divorced it was either learn to cook properly or spend my life...
Well I have been known to drink a cocktail or 10 depending on the party!  Oh and also depending on whether I have to drive or not.  My days of stupidity are thankfully behind me.  I finally grew up and realized how damn stupid I was being.
Thank you for the information Tas.  I'll give that a try next time we do Sunday dinner and have way to many mashed spuds again!  :)
Question for you:  Would left over mashed potatoes work?  We always seem to end of with quite a bit left after dinner.
Add a bit of Rum and it sounds like you'd have something they'd serve in the islands mon!  :P
I've lived in Arizona for a touch over 50 years so I've never even heard of a Maid-Rite, but I'm sure gonna try one of these recipes to see what I've been missing!
No don't add soy to the kit that you're looking at.  I marinate my Jerky with Soy only.
I stand corrected.  I found the product instructions and they are indeed dry rub seasonings.
The product that you are looking at seems to be a powder that you'll be adding water to, to marinade your Beef.  Seasoning after drying doesn't accomplish much as the seasoning isn't apt to stick to the dried jerky.  I happen to personally just marinade my Jerky in soy sauce and dry it out.
New Posts  All Forums: