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In response to your Aloha, I'll give you back a big Howdy!  :P
You will notice please sir that I didn't mention the words authentic or traditional.  Just what allegedly could be used to make it.  :)  
Too much salt in the water, and a touch to much magnesium!  XD
Lucky me, I'm in a place that averages 7-10 degrees hotter than where you are and I'm only 2 hours north of you!  LOL
Oh and I forgot to mention that Nestle's Quick and non dairy creamer and hot water make a pretty decent hot chocolate drink also!  :)
Having spent 9 years in the Army and much of it in the field where we could and did go longer than 8 days without a hot meal which I am sure will not be the case for her, you could do worse than MRE's.  While not always the tastiest things in the world they are nutritious (they can keep a combat soldier going a long time).  Dry staples like rice and beans are good.  Crackers etc for snacks will last quite awhile in dry conditions.  Powdered milk if necessary and I'm...
IMHO if the nuts you are putting in overpower the chocolate flavor then you've either added way to many or your chocolate just isn't chocolate favored enough.  
Does your Country have a problem with salmonella?  and are really fresh eggs not available?  
You're probably going to have to look for powered egg whites or possibly a shelf stable substitute online.  The whites if I understand you correctly are to be beaten raw.
Actually the best thing I know to do is if you want to take a chance on wasting a couple of eggs.  Give it a try!  :P
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