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Blackberries for me. In the house were I grew up (out in the country) we had them growing absolutely everywhere. They actually had to be backburned to stop from taking over the creeks and gutters. We'd harvest them and make blackberry jams and pies. And of course, I'd just walk around helping myself to them all day long when they were in season.  
I wasn't even aware you could get gluten free donuts. Care to shar the recipe? My fiance is a celiac and loves donuts and also pizza but they both make her ill..  
Yeah, definitely use a stabilizer. The cream won't keep too long as is.  
Cardamom is probably my favourite spice. You'd probably be fine to make them without it as it's purely for flavour, not texture but you'd be missing out.  
I like to keep the smaller sink well sanitized and use it for washing off vegetables and other foods. The big one on the left I use for dishes.  
You actually get peeved if they introduce themselves?   I can agree with the first one though.
gupsy2727... Your garden is amazing. That's exactly how I hope our new one (just moved house) turns out.
I always prefer mine boiled first. I tried without the first time and even with extra sauce it didn't have that amazing texture you get from the pasta when you boil it.
I would never blanch scalops. I've never heard of anybody doing it either. I don't even like it when people wash oysters. I think one of the best things about seafood is that fresh salty sea taste.    
I pretty much use olive oil for everything. It's a lot healthier and I never seem to get bad results with it.
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