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Is it imperative that you use no oil in the bread? If not, a couple of tablespoons might help with the dryness and cracking.
Was it rillettes of rabbit with marinated mushrooms?   I've been googling and that was the only rabbit dish I could find in connection with Balthazar.
I don't know all the fancy terminology, but I make something like this. I heat a skillet (I use stainless), then throw in a handful of shredded cheese. It can be any kind, but I like Mozzarella or Cheddar best. Then you just let it cook until it's all bubbly and you can lift the edge with a spatula. Now, turn it over and cook the other side until it doesn't stick anymore. Take it out of the pan and eat.   This can also be made with slices of cheese, but it cooks more...
It's a meringue, but a very odd way of making it. You have to beat it for more than half an hour. I actually did burn up a mixer making it - it caught on fire.  
Unless you're making a cake that depends on beaten egg whites for leavening, you don't need to beat the hell out of the eggs. They only need to be beaten enough to emulsify them - even leaving a few streaks of white shouldn't hurt, if they'll be beaten more inside the batter.   If you're using baking powder, try testing it to see if it's any good. Put about half a teaspoon into a cup of very warm water. If it foams up, the baking powder is good. If it doesn't, a new...
Kevin, wrap them like you said, then put the whole shebang into a cooler. A cheapie styrofoam one will work just fine as long as you have a folded towel between the hot food and the styrofoam.
You might laugh at this, but Walmart has some heavy duty aluminum sheet pans that don't warp. I've even broiled on them, and they stayed flat. The price is right, too, under $10 each.
Are you preheating your oven for at least 20 minutes?
I share all of my recipes, except one, but that's only because it's so involved that nobody will go to the trouble of making it. It takes 2 days to make and you risk burning out your mixer.   I have a hobby that involves making copycat recipes for other people. They tell me what they want to duplicate at home and I figure out how to make it. Of course, it has to be something I've tasted (or at least something I can get, so I can try it)
jblade, I totally understand! I have the same problem - 5 kids, ages 16-21, 4 of them boys. They can really go through the groceries, can't they?
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