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Thanks to all for replies, I did talk with client and informed them about pricing issues. After consideration, we both agreed that my services could not be utilized. They opted to do a "TACO BAR". Best thing that comes out of it all, I don't loose out on money, my reputation won't get tarnished, and I still get an invite to wedding. Thanks again to all for GREAT information.
That's the way I'm leaning. Thanks. Is Porteville up past ukiah or Napa area?
I have a friend, who has a daughter ,who wants a quote for a reception dinner. Problem is she only has a budget of about $12.00pp. Guest count is about 150. Can someone,anyone give me suggestions for a menu in this price range. Also note that, I usually am the one cooking, prepping, etc.. but I will actually be at the wedding myself, so I will have to hire extra help. My first thought was to graciously decline offer, I'm use to plates in the $15-25pp.   Help
Wanted to start off by saying "THANK YOU" to the creators of this site, it's AMAZING!!! Next, just wanted to say Hello to you all out there, and I'm looking forward to reading more great comments and advice.
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