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hi Emily, oh,oh, it's been so long...! I'm sorry the bussiness swallowed me up, no time for internet fun.. anyway my first time was once upon a time, i grew up with gardens. My mom's a witch and practically grows anything so i didn't have much of a choice. I'ts winter now and I'm counting the days till spring. I had a greenhouse built last summer and stuff really stays beter in it. I'm still looking for "weird "vegetables or maybe not current is a beter word. Here in...
Dutch processed was prefered over natural thanks for the vote of confidence but callebaut is Belgium..... :o
you're best chance is to ask the bar tenders of any place that suits you or the hotel guy. They usually know the best places which are mostly the cheapest ones. I think that at this moment the province of galicia is the most excitng place to eat , but Barcelona is also good. Have fun, spain is great !! :bounce:
Sorry butta.... What's EVOO? oive oil? :confused:
Anyone have a good recipe for marinating olives in big batches ( 3 kg ) ?? The olives I have are from spain and the taste is so so. I have some recipes on water and olive oil basis but i can't seem to find the right thing... :( :(
Big juicy paella with lobster and everything with just a spoon or use your fingers...
:bounce: :bounce: Guys you are the best thank you!! :chef:
Once upon a time i had a thanks giving treat : a huge ball of popcorn colored pink . The stuff was glued together by some kind of pink caramel or something. Does anyone have the recipe, I would love to make it for my kids :bounce:
Thanks Emily and sorry it took me so long to answer, the restaurant is really busy at the moment. I looked at the sites but I'm afraid they are too complicated. You have to imagine that they ( the farmers ) have no idea what I'm talking about. So it has to be like : Name : mizuna and then a picture and growing information. Any site is welcome :bounce: :bounce: Inez
Hi gardeners, I have a problem. The dutch governement is trying to get rid of all the farmers ! also since the EU has grown with more then 10 countries, all cheap vegetables come from them too which leaves the farmers with nowhere to go with theire products... I'm trying to save some of them by trying to convince hem to start growing different thing like mizuna or bok-soy and stuff like that. Does anyone have a good link for me with chinese/japanees veggies? I can...
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