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Staying out of the kitchen mostly, found something else in my drive my drive to create.  Aquaponics, the marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics.  I'm in school for drafting, almost on to a new life.  Thought I'd stop by and say hello, maybe introduce some of you to a new idea you can apply.    
Here's what I meant about school not being worth it.  Go to 11 of 21.   "Although It is unclear from's data here what the respective average salaries are for chefs with culinary degrees, and those without them, the survey does say that, "there’s a mere $300 difference in salary between degree-holders and non-degree-holders."
Get a job as a dishwasher, at a nice place, and watch and listen to what the cooks are doing.  Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. Study food, but understand that book knowledge is different from practical experience.  Expect to be wrong a lot.  Culinary school will never pay for itself, as they are paid to get you to pass tests and graduate, not compensated for what they teach you.  I'd advise the ACF apprenticeship program as a better route to experience and...
Arguing about the origins of a lousy practice is silly.  Food coloring is not an valuable ingredient, as it only disguises what you are actually doing, or fixes an error in preparation.  Either way, it's dishonest.
thanks Kuan
It sounds Indian, with the exception of the Allspice, which is Jamacian. The yougurt sauce is definitely a Rhatia, and poaching meat is a very Indian maneuver to avoid moisture loss, and keep volume. I agree though, lamb is much better browned, then braised, rather than poached. Dan PS Also, if you're going to make rice, buy Basmati, not just white rice, and cook it in too much water, it's much fluffier. If you're going to be really traditional about it, I'd...
Once again, my pre-concieved notions of what constitutes a specific dish from (this time) Italian cuisine, has been breached. It's funny how the older I get, the less I know, up to and including the things I thought I knew. Okay - so Bolognese sauce is supposed to be a light pink color? I'm fine with that, but I wish my father had told me he was utilizing names that sounded authentic for the food we did at my family's restaurant in the 80s, rather than permitting me...
How about curried cantaloupe garnished with thai sweet chili sauce and scallions? I use ginger, toasted curry powder, and court bullion for the soup, and I've had a great deal of success with it. Dan
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