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I couldn't agree more.
I can give you a recipe if you require it. Make thin sheets of polenta, layered with grilled vegetables and ricotta and fresh mozz, top with marinara and parmesean. Blam! (that's my new catchphrase, original, huh?)
I use the same procedure for both, as well as the same formula. The only difference is caramel before custard with the flan (or creme caramel) and after for the brulee....
This might be of interest www.livingwithout.com had a customer come in a give me a card with that website's name, and a list of allergies....got a call today asking me to go over what would be feasible for my New Year's Eve menu for gluten allergic clientele...they get my time, I want the business.
If you really want to accomplish something, setting a time limit to it is silly. I worked a couple of 8 hours days last week, I called them my days off.
Here it is... Hot Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo Crust 2.5 CupsOreo Crumbs ½ Cupmelted butter ¼ Cupsugar Batter 4# cream cheese 2.5 cups sugar 2 ozdry malted milk 8 eggs 6yolks 12 ouncesbittersweet chocolate 2 teaspoonvanilla extract Marshmallow topping 1 envelope unflavored gelatin 2 TBSP cold water ½ cup sugar 1 TBSP light corn syrup 1 TBSP water pinch salt 2 egg whites Pinchcream of tartar ¼ tsp vanilla 1.Soften cream cheese at room...
This one intrigues me...I've got some ideas. 1. Oreo crust (straightforward) 2. Chocolate cheesecake with malt added to the batter 3. Marshmallow topping (using meringue - pour on top after cheesecake has been out of the oven for 20 minutes or so) 4. Chocolate shavings on top. I like this idea enough that I'm going to give it a shot. I'll post a preliminary recipe later today, then I'll test and let you know how it comes out. I've got memories of hot chocolate...
Looking at your recipe I'm confused about your yield. If you're getting two cheesecakes per batch, then I'd increase the yolks, flour, and I definitely agree regarding the maple substitution and losing the cream. I use fresh roasted pumpkins for my brulees, and you might consider making that switch, you'll have much better control over the moisture content than you will with any packaged product, and a much more definite pumpkin flavor as well.
Your problem is really incredibly common. I've had som many gluten-free requirements from guests at my restaurant the I decided to go through the whole menu and determine what is and is not gluten free, and then I wrote a menu specific to those needs. I've already got vegan dishes on the menu for both lunch and dinner, so this was just another step in a different direction. My understanding is that soy is questionable, but depends on the manufacturer, but obviously I...
What were you eating? What wines were they (exactly)? Was it a metallic bitter taste? I've got some ideas, but I need more information first.
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