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That's what it sounded like to me too?? I do a pumpkin brulee right now, but I have to say the best oine I've seen in the one at Alinea, a caramel shell filled with atomized vanilla bean.
I'd suggest by looking at your total expenditures without food, and use that as a base. You need to consider so many aspects when planning a menu and pricing it that there truly is no easy answer. I would suggest you get menus from caterers that you consider to be the competition and review their pricing in order to give yourself a ballpark, but look at seasons, ingredient costs, location of party, rental equipment, labor, prep time, and the other 800 variables before...
I've not tried it yet, but I'm going to give this recipe a shot... I know it's savory, not sweet, but thought you might like to see it.
I agree with sharhar. Also, you have to get messy to bread calamari correctly, tossing it in the breading and seperating the pieces. Throughly shaking the excess calamari breading off of the rings and tentacles is a really important step. You want to use something big enough to recycle the breading for the next order (hotel pan works well). Make sure it's throughly breaded and you're using oil that is both hot and clean, and if you still need a breading recipe I'll post...
Sometimes my ego needs a reminder as to why I need to shut up. Calledito mas bonito (I'm much better looking when I'm silent). My Exec is high profile, and that helps the business, so I'm keeping my Chef de Cuisine title, and shutting the **** up about it.
I've been doing this for 23 years and I've made $11/hour for a total of about 100 hours, at various jobs, before I get salaried and drop back to the $8.50/hour range. If you're in this for the money you've got a rude awakening coming up on you like a freight train.
I'm freakin perplexed. You claim to love Bourdain's book, yet you act naive about drug use in kitchens?? My rational for working in kitchens for a long time was that no one does drug testing, if I was stoned, and no one knew I was stoned I won! (Testing is cheating.) I've worked for innumerable chefs that have been using one form of drugs or another (the most common being the bottle), but finally one day you have to grow up, and that point comes for everyone. In...
"Complete Techniques" by Jaques Pepin, the price is reasonable, and the photos are excellent.
I'd strongly suggest you look at the American Culinary Federadation's (ACF) apprenticeship programs. It will cost a lot less than schools, and you'll be working and making money. Many chefs prefer apprentice trained culinarians because they've got to be able to solve real problems in a real kitchen to get certified.
It's the heat that's tenderizing the meat.
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