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Also replace your with anyone else and property with and/or properties and you with anyone else and finally If and came would you do with When intruder(s) did you do if any such replacement(s) are desired.   My mom I think she would call 911.   Me I locked a door once when I an intruders intruded in my old apartment and left. He hurt my mom but the He (The intruder) got arrested His (The Intruder that got arrested) friend that also intruded never got arrested...
I would recommend buying a NuWave Oven Pro (search on Google) you will save lots of energy and have VERY+ tasty and healthy foods.  
My name is Jason and I live in North United States of America (N. USA), I am from N. USA and I was born in N. USA I am new here and will help you out.   I recommend going online such as Google, Yahoo etc. and even go to thrift stores, Wal-Mart etc.   Also Dutchoven safety (if it will not be any hazard(s)) where heat resistant gloves when putting food in or out of a dutch oven, if serious burn(s) call either non emergency number or 911 (if in N. USA) or other...
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