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Prime strip steaks from Costco on the grill with grilled asparagus (topped with cooked down garlic, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic and topped with feta), and with quartered red potatoes with rosemary and garlic in foil on shelf at back of BBQ. All this with a 2012 Sterling reserve cab. Last was espresso and banana pudding. It was definitely a good goodnight with good friends over in our new to us Condo in Seattle area.
Retired people weeknight food. Fried chicken, asparagus sautéed in chicken browning grease, and potato salad. Yum!
Grilled chicken tacos with roasted tomatillo salsa. Nice, easy, and very satisfying with a beer.
Similar in Mexican - garlic is used that way to perfume the oil shrimp is then cooked in for camarones mojo de ajo. Quick easy and oh so delicious.
In psychology there's a thing called a "just noticeable difference". If you make a minor change to something and that changes slightly less than the just noticeable difference, it literally won't be noticed by people. That slight drop in alcohol by makers Mark or other brands may be set up to be just under the just noticeable difference. If it were done that way it wouldn't be noticed in terms of taste. However with truth in lending laws and the actual amount of alcohol...
I'm with you there.
Cold salmon side poached in clam broth with herbed salsa and olives, pickles, etc. This is for a diva group of lady friends DW is hosting this evening. Tip of the hat to Two Hot Tamales for the idea some years ago.
Olive oil poached is incredibly sensual. Pared here at home with English and sugar snap peas and asparagus.
Olive oil poached salmon with veggies.
For example: Cumin + coriander + lime. Great combo and can be used in so many ways. What do you use as a go to?
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