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Sounds good, there are a lot of opinions of what to do for seasoning cast iron cookware.  Certainly my way is not the best way but it has worked for me and has had great results.
To capsaicin: the link is http://www.thecampden.com/articles/   Some companies used and still use metal molds to cast their cast iron cookware, I think Le Creuset uses metal molds instead of sand molds.
I have an article on how to season your cast iron cookware.  The steps take about 2 hours and produce a good season.  Good cooking ways to season a piece of cast iron cookware are cooking bacon, fried chicken, baking corn bread, and toasting corn tortillas (I usually do about 40 to 50 at a time because we make our own taquitos out of left over roasts and then freeze them for later use).  Using cast iron cookware for soup or stock will not strip the season from a well...
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