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Yeah, we give and give and give ... rarely say no to a reasonable request. Just hope it's part of being a good neighbor and citizen, and that people will give us business for doing so. Not a good way to measure it, though.
Hi, I'm evaluating online ordering software. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with any of the providers? Thanks.      
I'm very sorry you have chemo brain. I hope your chemo leads you to full recovery.   Thanks for the advice. I'm really surprised you said balance scale. I was looking at used equipment where we got the mixer. There were several balance scales but I was clueless how to use them. Is there any particular brand/model you'd suggest? Or even features? I've never used one.   I'll have to look for info on scaling up recipes, thanks.  
Hi all,   I've read all the threads I could find and couldn't find an answer to my question. I hope it's not a repeat. This a question for professional bakers.   I run the kitchen at a seasonal business (spring through fall) but I am not a professionally trained chef. One of the most popular items we sell is large homemade cookies - we sell several hundred on fall weekends. After abusing Kitchenaid home mixers (we destroyed two last year) and having to churn out...
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