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Wow! We recently replaced 2 burners. with the first repair, I had the appliance store people do the repair. My husband was able to repair the second burner. Thanks for the great tip.
I have both the enameled Lodge 6 qt. and LC 7.5 qt. dutch oven. I use the Lodge more often because I am fearful to scuff the Le Creuset. IMO, I see no difference in the way they cook.
Gorgeous creations on your website Panini! The first cake in gallery 2 of the bride cakes made me melt!!
Panini, you are talented !!
I think it is amazing! Anyone would be thrilled to get that cake.   I didn't realize who the character looked like until I read the posts.   I love the cake but I would be careful about serving it with tea 
Thank you so much!  I am in the states. The only thing is, I have a gift card from my daughter on Amazon so I was hoping to use it. But I thank you very much!! Does Amazon carry the wavy one?   I bought 1 1/2" pans in 8 and 9 inch for the purpose of layers. But, as I advance, I might well be splitting cakes.   I was originally looking for a 12 inch serrated slicer as recommended by Chef Marcel Desaulniers in his books;  especially for slicing 9 x 13 pan cakes...
He said he filled it half way as instructed in the recipe. Did it have to be filled to the top?  I'm sure you are right...I bet the water wasn't hot enough
I love simply French by Patricia Wells. Whenever I cook from that book, my guests want the recipe
That books looks very interesting
My son tried to make the Waldorf  Pudding.  His pudding never set.   I questioned him about the Bain Marie and he said the instructions were to fill if half way up the baking dish.   I'm sure he did not adequately pre-heat his oven. do you think that might have been the reason it didn't set?
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